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What are surgery for stomach ulcer

Операция при язве желудка Many patients with stomach ulcer avoid surgery if indicated, and try to be treated with the help of medicine. Unfortunately, this further exacerbates the situation, the patient is deteriorating the functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere, therefore appear accompanying pathology of the digestive system. Many people believe that stomach ulcer treatment drugs is a priority, because nobody wants to lie on the operating table. However, there are situations when the surgery is vital.

Indications for surgical intervention can be absolute or relative. The absolute operation is carried out by hemorrhages, which are very difficult to stop, perforation, pyloric stenosis and penetration. Also, the intervention can be assigned to the patient if the ulcer is not treatable with medication and if a patient is having regular ill health.

In 50% of cases of gastric ulcer patients indicated operation. Types of surgical method of treatment are very different. Some patients require immediate intervention, which may be associated with sudden deterioration of health. Most of the patients assigned to the planned intervention. If therapy gastric ulcers medication does not produce results, and the pathological process began to spread to other organs of the gastrointestinal sphere, then the patient is assigned a planned intervention. Surgery ulcer is assigned a doctor, who picks up the type of surgical manipulation.

Types of operations

  • removal of part of the stomach or a full resection. Ulcerative lesions are surgically removed together with a part of the body. There are several varieties of such interventions;
  • today is very popular vagotomy. The essence of this operation is that the body itself remains intact, and removed the nerve endings that are responsible for the production of gastrin. As a result, ulcers in the stomach heal themselves after some time;
  • endoscopic method of treatment of peptic ulcer disease. The advantages of this operation is that it does not require big incisions of the peritoneum. With this technique making holes where are equipped with special equipment through which the transaction takes place.

Surgery for stomach ulcer can cause some complications, which are also affected by the type of surgical intervention. The emergence effects may occur immediately after the transaction or througha certain period.

Immediately after the punching operation can receive the following consequences:

  • bleeding you want to stop;
  • inflammation of joints;
  • the discrepancy between the joints.

After a certain time after the operation, the patient can receive the following consequences: Операция на желудке

  • trapped in the body of the food quickly enters the intestine. In medicine this complication called dumping syndrome;
  • after partial resection of the stomach may occur resulting bowel syndrome. This phenomenon is the impossibility of moving food through the off part of the blind Department;
  • after removal of the stomach, patients often there is a complication in which the accumulated contents are released into the stomach, which affects the mucous part. So there is gastritis.

Nutrition during rehabilitation

A very important role in the recovery of patients in poslerevoljutsionnyj period is diet. Patients should eat at the regular time, many times a day a little bit. This special health food, the purpose of which is rapid improvement of patient's condition and functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere. In the period after surgery diet of the patient includes dishes of mashed, puréed and liquid consistency. All these dishes should not burden the stomach at the same time enriching the body with all useful substances.

Absorbed food should be warm. You can eat food with protein content of the lungs. You can eat every two hours many times a day in very small doses. After some time the patient menu can be replenished, and the mode change: you can eat after every four hours. A strict diet is cancelled 8 weeks. But in the future the patient should limit your diet, and to observe the principles of healthy eating.

A therapeutic diet

After the intervention, if perforation of ulcer patients should adhere to the principles of the diet, which lasts for several months. Special diet after the surgery will help rapid healing and will contribute to the rapid recovery of the functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere. Is necessary many times a day dose with food should be small. The consistency of the food should be liquid, puree. Food can be boiled or steamed.

Диета после операции The power produced after the intervention when perforated ulcer is built on minimizing the consumption of salt and carbohydrates. On the second day after the intervention the patient can drink weak tea, soups with vegetables. After about a week the patient can eat mashed potatoes. Over time, the menu is filled up by lean meat and fish,cheese. It is possible to eat dairy products.

After a month in the menu of the patient is included stale white bread. Meal excludes meat and fatty fish, pickles, meats, spicy foods, preservatives, coffee, alcoholic drinks, fresh vegetables with fiber content. Food is replenished according to how improving the health status of the patient. In the diet you can add meats, vegetables, dairy products.

Prevention of gastric ulcer

To prevent the occurrence of ulcers, it is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  • to eliminate strong emotions, stress;
  • to observe the mode of absorption of food;
  • treated promptly the pathology of the gastrointestinal sphere;
  • eliminate bad habits: Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • moderately exercise.