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What could be the reason with the disease a stomach ulcer

Причины язвы желудка Gastric ulcer is a pathology of a chronic nature, accompanied by ulcerative lesions. Pathology makes itself felt regular exacerbations in the season of recurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere. The causes of pathology is the systematic nervous stress that impairs the nervous system, which leads to muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. In connection with the violation of functionality, problems with digestion, gastric secret begins to have a negative influence on the mucous membrane of the body, resulting in stomach ulcers.

However, the main factor of ulcer stomach pathology is failure of the gastrointestinal sphere, resulting in gastric mucus be defeated by enzymes of digestion.

The etiology of the ulcer

The causes of the disease are the following:

We have identified that the main factor in the development of stomach ulcers is a pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter. In the result of the activity of the microorganism is suffering the stomach, the cells it affects. Also factor in the occurrence of peptic ulcer disease is excess levels of acidity. The main causes of the pathology of the following: genetic predisposition, congenital anomaly, malnutrition, lack of regime meals, abuse of spicy, spicy, fatty foods, drinking alcohol and Smoking cigarettes, hookah, frequent stress, the effects of drugs.

The causes of the pathology, very much, but the most popular of them are the following:

  • dependence on Smoking and alcohol;
  • the abuse of soda and coffee;
  • infrequent meals;
  • eating dishes suboptimal temperature (food should be warm);
  • regular intake of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • regular mental disorders;
  • frequent use of baking and pastries.

How is the infection?

The bacterium Helicobacter dispatched household way when interacting with the patient. Often ulcerative pathology occurs as a consequence of poor hygiene in the restrooms. When the microorganism enters the stomach, it starts to spawn there and hit the gastrointestinal area. It produce substances break down mucous part of the body, the functionality of the cells, production of mucus, metabolism, causing you can quickly earn the ulcer.

The clinical picture

Gastric ulcer is manifested by the following clinical symptoms: pain in the epigastric part, heartburn, severe nausea accompanied by vomiting. At the time of recurrence of the pathology observed headaches that usually take place half an hour after absorptionfood. Also, the stomach ulcer is accompanied by night pain in the affected areas.

Systematic sharp stomach pain also is a clear sign of stomach ulcers. This symptom usually manifests itself after a meal. Often the pain occur in the morning on an empty stomach, which cease after a meal. Ulcerative pathology threatens the life of the patient that can lead to complications: hemorrhage, perforation. In connection with the appearance of connective tissue, sometimes there is obstruction of food.

Complications pathology

Из-за чего появилась язва? Doctors do not advise patients with stomach ulcers to self-medicate to prevent complications of the disease. Often, when stomach ulcers are caused perforation of the peritoneum. When this complication of disease in patients appears to increase in temperature, very strong pain, sometimes vomiting. It is very important to quickly identify the characteristic symptoms of perforation of gastric ulcers, because this condition leads to peritonitis, which the patient may die. Ulcer perforation requires the indispensable surgical intervention. Ulcer also can affect other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Organ damage leads to serious consequences. If the stomach ulcer hit the liver, then the patient has a yellowness of the skin.

With long-term peptic ulcer disease, some patients it creates scarring ulcers. If you do not make timely treatment of peptic ulcer disease, then the scar becomes rougher. At the time of absorption of food this defect prevents normal digestion. Gastric emptying is much harder and for a longer time. The patient is tormented by vomiting which leads to depletion.

If medication for a stomach ulcer do not help, then you should take a diagnostic study to determine the malignant tumors.


To determine the presence of gastric ulcers in a patient, it is necessary to carry out the following diagnostic measures:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • examination of feces for presence of hidden blood;
  • analysis of acid-forming function of the gastrointestinal tract. The results of the study provide data about the condition of the digestive tract on the basis of lifestyle, consumption of certain medicines, the diet;
  • an x-ray. In the process of conducting research is to find the characteristic symptom of the disease – the presence of a defect in the mucosa of the stomach;
  • endoscopic analysis. This study allows to identify the disease at early stages, and ulcerative lesions;
  • biopsy. In the course of study is determined by evaluation of tissue to identify a more accurate picture of the disease. Helps you quicklyto determine the malignant nature of the formations in the stomach;
  • analysis for the presence of microorganisms Helicobacter in the digestive tract;
  • techniques for identifying the functionality of the upper gastrointestinal scope.

How to treat an ulcer?

Медикаменты при язве желудка It is revealed that the main factor of the appearance of the sores are the pathogen Helicobacter. In this regard, is much easier the treatment of stomach ulcers. Today the ulcer is not life-threatening pathology, and can be treated effectively with the right approach. There are special regimens for gastric ulcers, as a result of which it is possible to forget about the bacteria Helicobacter. Thus, the patient can be completely cured from ulcers, preventing further complications of disease.

Medical schemes ulcer include receiving multiple antibiotics. Course of these drugs is about 10 days. Patients shows the drug, eliminating a major component of gastric secretion, medicaments, creating a special protective film on the mucosal side of the gastrointestinal sphere.

All patients with a diagnosis of gastric ulcer should observe the principles of medical nutrition, minimize nervous tension. During treatment of peptic ulcer pathology, they should avoid bad habits such as Smoking and alcohol abuse.

In General, treatment of peptic ulcer pathology takes approximately two weeks, and then follow maintenance therapy for gastric and absorption of food. In order to determine whether the ulcer healed or not, we need another procedure esophagogastroduodenoscopy.

Surgical treatment of gastric ulcer is shown very rarely. It is only in very poorly healing lesions of the stomach and in advanced cases of pathology. During the surgery for ulcers, mostly the patient is removed the affected part of the stomach.

Preventive measures

Those who suffer from the pathology of the gastrointestinal sphere, you must adhere to the principles of a special diet, minimize alcohol consumption, do not smoke. To unpleasant complications for a stomach ulcer, which is difficult to treat, is a few times a year to visit the doctor the gastroenterologist.

Alternative medicine

Treat ulcers can together with the basic therapy with the help of special recipes that are easily done at home.

  • excellent antibacterial and regenerating effect is characterized by rock oil. The main effect of this means that it will exclude the possibility of malignantformations in the stomach. Use a solution of this medium, spreading into 3 l of water 5 g, three times a day half an hour before meal.
  • birch fungus, rinse under water and leave the boiled water so that he was on the bottom. Let stand for a few hours. Then carefully chop. Make a tincture of water, where the fungus: chopped mushroom pour the same hot water. Let it brew during the day, pour out the water. Dilute the liquid, which turned out to 3 liters and drink three times a day glass;
  • if you treat a stomach ulcer recipes of folk medicine in the home, you have to remember that it is very important frequently and correctly to eat, regardless of your pathology in the acute stage or in remission. Eliminate spicy dishes, pickles, marinades, vegetables and fruits raw, meat and fatty fish, fresh juices, hot spices.

Receiving medication for ulcerative pathology must be combined with a food that does not irritate the lining of the stomach. Prefer mucous soups and porridges, boiled eggs, a dish of lean meats and fish, boiled vegetables, weakly brewed tea.

Recipes of traditional medicine for gastric offer an effective treatment of stomach ulcers cow's milk. This way you can easily prepare at home. Melt on low heat one teaspoon of honey, dilute one Cup of boiled milk, a warm drink this medicine three times a day: morning and afternoon before meals and at night before bedtime. This method will give a great effect: stomach pain will not be disturbed. Clinical symptoms, such as nausea, exhaustion, will also disappear. This tool perfectly stimulates appetite, contributing to enhanced development of gastric secretion. With regular treatment with this simple remedy at home the mucosa of the stomach will be partially regenerated.