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Effective ways of treating stomach ulcers: medications, diet and folk remedies

Лечение язвы желудка Statistics say that today a stomach ulcer suffers almost every tenth inhabitant of our planet. Among them, male population is much more. And this pathology occurs relatively early – in 20 or 30 years. How to treat stomach ulcer, depends on the future condition of the human stomach and its performance. Let us see what are the ways to effectively treat the disease under which she may disappear forever.

What you need to know about the signs of the disease

Symptoms of ulcers are quite characteristic, usually do not wait to consult a doctor for help. Its main symptom is pain. Pain symptoms occur depending on the meal. When the pain occurs immediately after eating or later, on an empty or full stomach depends on the localization of ulcers, as well as the choice of treatment regimen.

Symptoms of ulcers are quite diverse. So, in many cases, the pain can be combined and belching or heartburn, bloating. Characteristically, the symptoms decrease or even disappear if the patient will drink milk.

In addition, symptoms of ulcers are complemented by the overall picture of weight loss and even extreme exhaustion. Peptic ulcer is also combined with a drop in performance.

How to diagnose an ulcer

If you find the symptoms of ulcers, do not need to self-medicate and try to find we know the answer to the question how to cure stomach ulcers. First thing every sick needs to consult a doctor for diagnosis.

The most accurate examination is fibrogastroduodenoscopy. The doctor conducts examination of the gastric mucosa and 12 duodenal ulcer. Inspection is done with an endoscope. The doctor evaluates the symptoms of the disease and compares them with results of diagnostics. In addition, there is a collection of mucous content to study them for the presence of Helicobacter pylori.

Quite informative and radiographic study. It is performed using a radiopaque substance is barium sulfate.

After comparing the diagnostic results doctor select the treatment of ulcers. Usually the core courses of treatment carried out at home.


Лекарства Patients with symptoms of an ulcer in the acute stage, we must remember that the best results will bring the treatment in hospital. To happen fast scarring ulcers, the patient needs bed rest. In addition, it is very important to rest. To achieve all this is possible only in a hospital. In other cases, in the absence of life-threatening conditions, can be treatment at home (outpatient).

The therapy of stomach ulcers is selected depending onthe presence or absence of exacerbations, the presence of Helicobacter pylori. Specialist focuses on certain standards of treatment to peptic ulcer disease was eradicated as quickly as possible.

Medications to treat stomach ulcers

  1. Antisecretory. These drugs are attributed to suppress the production of stomach hydrochloric acid. Thus, aggressive environment of the stomach becomes much smaller. It is drugs such as Ranitidine, Omeprazole, Omez, Cimetidine, Famotidine, and others.
  2. Which contain bis-Muth preparations are necessarily prescribed for the treatment of diseases caused by the activity of Helicobacter pylori. They inhibit the activity of microscopic pests. In addition, these drugs create on the mucosa a film that protects the stomach from destruction by pathogenic factors. The patient can be taken from this group De-Nol, Vikair. By the way, Vikair used to treat this disease, before the discovery of the bacteria Helicobacter.
  3. Antibacterial drugs (antibiotics) are mainly used to suppress the activity of Helicobacter. It is Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin, Amoxiclav, Metronidazole and others. For a specific patient with gastric ulcer is assigned an individual treatment plan.
  4. Prokinetics enhance the activity of the duodenum 12. They are able to eliminate nausea and vomiting, are effectively used for relief of stomach ulcer at home. They can be applied during the early feeling of satiety and fullness. This – Reglan, Motilium.
  5. Antacids are allowed to treat stomach ulcer when it is necessary to stop an attack of heartburn. But it is symptomatic medications, and peptic ulcer disease they are not cured. Their task – to neutralize gastric juice. Among them you can take Almagel, Almagel a, Rennie, and others aluminium phosphate gel.
  6. Gastroprotectia used to accelerate the cicatrization of ulcers, as they cover the defect of the mucosa. Among these preparations can be called a Venter.
  7. Other groups of drugs used for relief of acute symptoms of stomach ulcers. It may include analgesics, Baralgin, antispasmodic drugs, Drotaverine and Actovegin – a tool for better nutrition of the mucous membrane.

Diet for a stomach ulcer

Диета при язве желудка Scheme of diet for ulcer should be as sparing. It should contribute to protect the stomach from harmful factors of food habits. You also need to protect the stomach and from thermal effects is not eat and drink anything too cold and too hot.

The most common pattern of food at a stomach ulcer – a diet number 1. More precisely, is a group of diets, because it is designed for many occasions. Soit can be used effectively to reduce the impact of harmful factors on the stomach for the particular therapeutic occasion.

General nutrition guidelines for gastric following:

  • Fractional power in small portions up to six times a day.
  • Consumption of boiled and pureed products.
  • Limiting the amount of salt and spices. Affected ulcers the stomach does not like anything sour, so is excluded from the menu, and vinegar.
  • Limits the amount of roughage (it contains, for example, in the cabbage).
  • Prohibited fried foods.
  • Prohibited coffee, strong tea.
  • Prohibits all sour berries and fruits.

Patient useful of porridge, vegetables, mashed potatoes, white bread (dried, not fresh).

How to treat an ulcer.

To treat this disease can be combined with folk remedies at home. Assuming that the patient with ulcer of the stomach is to follow a proper way of life and carefully make drugs that can cure this disease forever. Here are some popular recipes for the treatment of stomach ulcers, which can be easily made at home.

  1. Strong antiseptic and healing action has oil stone. It effectively heals erosion of the gastric mucosa, prevents the conversion ulcers malignant disease. A solution of the oil is taken orally. It is necessary to dissolve 5 g of butter in 3 liters of water and drink the resulting solution of one glass three times a day, be half an hour before meals.
  2. A decoction of flax seed is well envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach, eliminating pain and promoting healing of ulcers. To prepare the broth should take a teaspoon of seeds pour a glass of boiled hot water, stirred for 15 minutes. After that, the mixture should drain and squeeze. Will slime you can take a quarter Cup three times a day, before meals.
  3. Excellent results in the treatment of stomach gives a birch mushroom. To prepare the broth at home, it is necessary to wash, soak in boiling water for a few hours. After that, the mushroom is ground, and the water in which it soaked, used for the infusion. One part of the fungus is necessary to fill the five parts of warm water, infuse for two days. The resulting infusion of strain and drink up to three glasses a day.
  4. Ural healers offered a simple remedy for the treatment of ulcers in the home. You need to mix half a Cup of goat's milk with one-third Cup of broth of potatoes. This mixture should be taken on an empty stomach and two hours before eating. If you well tolerated goat's milk, you can drink up to four times a day. Beverage can cure even severe stomach pains.

Remember that this diseaseas ulcers, requires prolonged treatment and careful attention to their health. Patients need to reconsider your lifestyle and eliminate all bad habits. You also need to learn how to overcome stress, physical activity. In this case, the ulcer will not to remind myself.