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How to treat a stomach ulcer folk remedies?

Травы A stomach ulcer is a serious disorder which if untreated, takes a chronic course. Peptic ulcer disease is accompanied by damage to the gastric surfaces. In this case the patient has acute pain in the stomach.

Pathology occurs due to the impact of different factors: an unbalanced diet, the use of drugs in a large dose, sharp spices, alcohol abuse, Smoking. Also very strongly influenced by genetic propensity and the regular stress.

In addition to traditional therapy, medication, stomach ulcers can be treated with folk remedies. Due to the fact that the disease is quite popular, treatment of diseases of folk remedies is widely used. However,it is not necessary to treat the illness yourself, you should contact the doctor to establish a correct diagnosis and to consult with him regarding the treatment of the disease folk remedies. In this article we consider the most effective methods.

The clinical picture

Gastric ulcer patients plagued by the following symptoms: pain in the epigastric part, heartburn, severe nausea accompanied by vomiting. At the time of relapse, patients often suffer from headaches, passing within an hour after eating. Stomach ulcer night pain appears in the affected areas.

Clear symptoms of the pathology is strong, sharp and systematic epigastric pain that occur after a meal. Peptic ulcer disease represents a threat to the patient that may be complicated by strong hemorrhage, then the patient will have the stool black. There may also be obstruction of food that is associated with the appearance of connective tissue because of the frequent recurrence of the sores.

Many doctors do not advise to do a long self-treatment. Patients should minimize consumption of food that increases symptoms of ulcers: soft drinks, strong tea, tomatoes, coffee, alcohol. Smokers should quit this bad habit, which is very important in this pathology. During therapy is contraindicated to take certain drugs, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatories.

Every body is different and each patient has their symptoms, therefore, to establish specific methods of treatment impossible. Peptic ulcer disease is a dangerous disease and if left untreated, it will go into the chronic stage. When the first clinical symptoms, should immediately make an appointment with a doctor to start treating pathology.

Health food

To the issue of food in peptic ulcer disease should be taken very seriously. Remission and relapse of gastric ulcers depends on thethat was used previously. Treat ulcers of the stomach following a special diet. The menu should include food, characterized by antibacterial effects. This folk remedy is honey. Recipes alternative medicine long include is a medicine. The most simple treatment of stomach ulcers honey is to eat it in the morning before food and evening after dinner, with a spoonful of honey is required to dissolve in a glass of water, so the stomach will be removed inflammation. Before you begin to treat the disease honey and other folk remedies, you need to consult with your doctor.

Здоровое питание Also very helpful with stomach ulcer are vegetables such as cabbage. These vegetables contain a substance that destroys microorganisms Helicobacter. It is very important to know that vegetables should be heat treated. The use of certain kind of vegetables should be discussed with the doctor.

Health food for a stomach ulcer involves an exception from the menu of certain foods. Some doctors advise patients to exclude from your daily menu milk. Any spicy food, pickles, smoked products, marinades contribute to the pain of gastric ulcer and affect the already inflamed surface of the body. Fatty foods, alcohol and coffee also contraindicated in ulcers.

Treatment of folk remedies

The most famous recipes:

  • drink 4 servings of cabbage juice daily for two months;
  • use just hot water, drinking every day a glass on an empty stomach. The course of treatment the following: drink 23 day and for the week to take a break, then again to treat ulcer and so two months;
  • very easy to cure stomach ulcers using the yogurt with the oil;
  • effective ulcer are recipes with clay. Dilute the clay with water 1:10. Use the medicine the first day, 10 days rest and so it is possible to treat the ulcer throughout the year;
  • a very positive action are characterized by recipes with Shilajit. You will need 150 ml of decoction of mint, where it is necessary to dissolve 5 grams of Shilajit. Eat a small spoon on an empty stomach for two weeks.

Treatment gastric ulcers with honey

As mentioned above, with the help of honey can cure a lot of pathologies, including stomach ulcers. The following recipes are very effective in the treatment of gastric ulcers folk remedies:

  • take vinilin 100 grams, the same as required of honey, Almagell, and sea buckthorn oil novocaine. All mix thoroughly and eat six times a day for 14 days;
  • just drink honey diluted in warm water;
  • eat honey in the morning before eating two large spoons;
  • take the butter-100 grams, two chickeneggs, 50 grams of cocoa and honey. Eat three big spoons four times a day;
  • take honey 300 grams, the same amount of walnuts and butter. All components mix and eat three times a day for the big spoon to trpezi;
  • 500 ml of honey mix with the juice of two lemons, 500 ml of olive oil, mix and eat.

Treatment of gastric propolis

  • To cure an ulcer, take 10 drops of propolis solution with water three times a day for 20 days;
  • take 60 drops of tincture of propolis and ¼ Cup water. Eat three times a day an hour before meal. At the same time must adhere to the principles of natural nutrition. The full course of treatment is two months;
  • if you are plagued by severe pain in the epigastric part of the stomach ulcer, then prepare 50 ml of novocaine, one small teaspoon of propolis tincture and drink one hour before meals three times a day for two months.

Methods of treatment of sea buckthorn oil

To cure the ulcer, eat a small spoon of sea buckthorn oil three times a day before meal. The full course of therapy is a month. During the first few days the patient may receive heartburn and regurgitation of acidic contents. To prevent these symptoms for a stomach ulcer, add ¼ Cup of the solution with a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well. If you regularly treat ulcers with sea buckthorn oil, unpleasant signs of disease go away. Oil treatment not depend on the level of acidity of gastric secretion.

Treatment of folk remedies: plantain

Виды трав Plantain is known for its positive therapeutic effect for gastric ulcers. There are different recipes using this plant: dry and fresh plantain, the juice of the plant, chewing, etc.

  • plantain tincture can help to cure the ulcer. Brew the plant as regular tea and consume instead of the usual drinks such as coffee each day;
  • plantain has a healing juice. Drink the juice of the plant three times a day before the meal in a large spoon. To be treated for several months. Another recipe: press the 2 l of juice of the plant, take the Golden mustache, 10 joints, chop and pour boiling water. Leave the tincture for a month in a cool place. Mix 30 g of plantain juice and 15 g Golden mustache, eat three times a day before meals;
  • of psyllium make a tincture. This tool perfectly removes pain in the recurrence of peptic ulcer disease. To do this, take one large spoon of seeds and 100 ml of boiling water. Take before eating a large spoonful three times a day;
  • the leaves of the plant. In the morning tear the plantain, wash and eat, while chew, and then drink homemade fresh egg;
  • very effective effect isthe collection of herbs. Take plantain, St. John's wort, celandine, a series of 100 grams. All components of mince. One big spoon medications brew 100 ml of boiling water. Use during the day several glasses means;
  • take plantain, mint, dandelion, St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula, calamus. All components must be equal. Cook as in previous recipe. Taking half an hour before the meal, 0.2 cups.

Very effective action has an aloe plant

  • eat before eating a small piece of aloe leaf. Heal the aloe Vera for three months and then pause for a month;
  • with finely chopped leaves of aloe, mix the honey. Leave to infuse honey with aloe within 10 days. Drink one small spoon of aloe in the morning before meal for two months;
  • take aloe chopped, butter, melted, stir, and eat a large spoonful three times a day before meal.
  • in the morning drink a chicken egg, then eat a spoonful of honey, then a piece of aloe, then sea buckthorn oil. Half an hour later you have Breakfast.