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Menu for peptic ulcer of the stomach

Правильное питание Peptic ulcer is a topical medical issue of the day. Experts regularly conduct research in this area, looking for new effective means of treatment. Treat the pathology is impossible without the observance of special diet food. This issue should be approached with extreme seriousness, because the period of exacerbation or remission depends on food. Diet for gastric ulcer should consist of foods that restore the mucosal lining of the stomach.

Features power

Diet for gastric table 1, a patient must follow doctor's prescription. These medications are struggling not only with microbes, but also those bacteria that are necessary for normal functioning of the stomach and duodenum.

The microorganisms that are the instigators of peptic ulcer disease, affect not only medications, but also the food we eat. Therefore, the diet for gastric ulcers should be enriched with products characterized by a bactericidal action, for example, such as honey. This tool is known for its amazing healing abilities. It is best to eat it in the morning before meals and at night after dinner. Dissolve one teaspoon of honey in a Cup of warm water.

Nutrition for gastric ulcer should consist of vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage. They are characterized by the contents of a very useful substance that fights the microorganisms Helicobacter. A number of studies have shown that daily consumption of these products reduces the amount of pathogens in the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum.

Menu when the disease involves those products which are amenable to heat treatment. The consumption of vegetables ulcer should be agreed with the doctor. For example, at high pH, such vegetables as cabbage will only aggravate the situation, and at low contrast, to improve. In any case, well tolerated and is a very useful juice from the cabbage.

Yogurts are considered to be very useful in gastric ulcer. Bacteria, which are so necessary to the stomach for normal operation are contained in yoghurt and destroy the functionality of harmful microorganisms. Such dairy products promote rapid healing of the affected walls of the stomach and duodenum ulcer.

You need to remove from the menu?

Diet implies the exclusion of certain products. Many doctors don't recommend to drink milk. This product triggers the production of stomach acid. But the standard menu for gastric and duodenal ulcersimplies moderate consumption of milk and need to exclude dairy products.

Contraindications to eat spicy and hot dishes, as they lead to irritation of the surfaces of the stomach. Fatty foods and alcohol and coffee are banned when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers. In order for them to digest, it takes a lot of stomach acid, which is known to cause stomach ulcers.

Diet number 1

Неправильная еда In acute ulcer the patient, specialists prescribe a therapeutic diet that in medicine is called diet number 1. Menu of this diet implies the exclusion of the following products:

  • soda;
  • fruits and vegetables raw;
  • fatty broths;
  • smoked, canned, pickled foods;
  • strongly brewed tea and coffee.

But it is worth considering that diet for gastric ulcers should not be too limited. In order for the gastrointestinal sphere, to function properly, the food should be rich in vitamins and protein. Therefore, the menu can be replenished boiled meat and fish low-fat varieties, boiled eggs, cereals. To get rid of constipation, you can eat bread with bran. A very important mode of meals. There can and should be a little bit much. To exclude the period of exacerbation, the patient must abandon the regime, implying infrequent meals, and spicy dishes, sweets. Food should be warm.

Such a diet is extremely important for patients with gastric ulcer and can lead to normal functionality of the stomach and duodenum.

Treatment drugs

After the aggravation of the ulcer patient requires effective treatment, which is the destruction of the bacterium Helicobacter. This treatment is recognized today as the most positive by a rapid effect, and also reduce exacerbations. Treatment is carried out in two steps using three types of medication. The first is antihistamine and proton pump inhibitors. The next stage was to apply the antibacterial agents to suppress H. pylori infection, after which the third stage uses gastroprotectia.

Treatment at the first stage lasts a week. The doctor prescribes the medication and the dosage. At this stage of therapy in most patients is impossible to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. If the ulcer treatment does not yield results, then next step therapy. In order to speed up recovery, the patient is appointed by other means: vitamins, Almagel and others. Patients often use Almagel in the period of exacerbation of the pathology themselves. But in order that the treatment produced the results required a comprehensiveapproach.

Surgery is an extreme measure ulcer and is used in complicated forms of disease and the patient's serious consequences, for example, when a perforated ulcer. Technicians remove the damaged part of the body. Unpleasant surgery can prevent appropriate and effective treatment and compliance with medical recommendations. After making operations on the stomach the patient must monitor their diet.

Nutrition and treatment for perforated ulcer

Perforated ulcer called a very severe complication of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. When a perforated ulcer can often happen peritonitis. This phenomenon affects the entire body. The symptoms of perforated ulcer:

  • at first, the development of pathology is manifested by pain;
  • the patient's condition improves. If there is peritonitis, increased body temperature, severe gas in your stomach, rapid heartbeat;
  • in the third stage difficult to establish a factor in the development of pathology. During this period, a very important history of illness.

This condition must be differentiated from appendicitis, and many other problems. With the worsening of the perforated ulcer, the patient is shown to be indispensable for rehabilitation. To help eliminate serious complications of a perforated gastric ulcer can effective treatment and a special diet. Menu of the patient at the time of treatment of the following: Здоровое питание

  • the diet should consist of protein food;
  • the menu is chosen so that the mucosal part of the stomach was removed;
  • power must be supplied many times and little by little;
  • the food should be warm;
  • products stimulating the production of gastric secretion, the menu should be excluded;
  • unacceptable overeating. Food should not have the burden of the stomach and duodenum;
  • eating only in a shabby, since solid food has a negative impact on the walls of the body.

Diet and treatment of perforated ulcer are very important factors. In order to restore the body, you can drink milk, as this product has all the useful components for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Menu can be replenished such foods: lean meat, bakery products, boiled eggs, boiled fish. From the menu completely exclude all fatty meats and fish, mushrooms, pickles, hot and spicy meals, canned foods, alcoholic drinks.

After gastric surgery the patient must keep to a strict diet, lasting a few months. Special power resumes gastro-intestinal sphere. All food must be pureed, liquid andsemi-liquid. Food can be boiled or steamed. Nutrition after surgery for a perforated ulcer involves limited consumption of salt, sugar, sweets. On the second day the patient can drink weak tea. Further, the menu gradually filled up with cereals, boiled eggs, soups. Also added carrot soup and soups made with other vegetables. Menu added lean meats, cheese, dairy products in a week after surgery. Based on how it improves the patient's condition after surgery for a perforated ulcer menu it is possible to replenish new meats, vegetables, dairy products.

Recipes alternative medicine

In addition to traditional methods of treatment of gastric ulcers and diet can help recipes of traditional medicine:

  • plantain. This plant must be brewed and consumed instead of tea and other drinks;
  • recipes with potato juice is very helpful for ulcer. Get juice from potatoes. The resulting liquid mix with the water evenly. Eat in the morning before eating;
  • to get rid of the disease, will help simple recipes. On three quarts of sour milk, pour 500 ml. of honey Make mixture and drink in the morning and at night in the form of heat;
  • make cabbage juice. Drink 100 ml several times a day;
  • recipes can be not only useful but also enjoyable. Mix egg white with sugar, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Use the following in the morning before eating.