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Features of pain syndrome at a stomach ulcer and what to do in case of onset of pain

Боли при язве желудка Gastric ulcer is a fairly common disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Pain gastric ulcer – a characteristic symptom that force the patients to take immediate action to remove them. Consider the main features of the pain associated with this disease, their causes, and effective methods for their removal.

Why does ulcer pain occur

As you know, pain is a signal of the body about trouble. When ulcers occur in the stomach, erosion of mucous membrane. The destruction of the mucous membranes and causes painful sensations of varying intensity.

The leading cause of the destruction of the gastric mucosa is a bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This organism survives without the presence of oxygen in the environment. In the course of their life it secretes substances that neutralize hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice. Thus, this organism is adapted to survive in acid environment and in the process destroy the mucosa.

In addition, the symptoms of the ulcers are the result of complex influence of such factors as:

  • eating large amounts of spicy and salty foods;
  • the consumption of too hot or too cold food;
  • violation of diet;
  • regular use of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • stress.

In such conditions, the gastric mucosa is exposed to the ravages of hydrochloric acid. In this case, and there is the characteristic pain.

The nature of pain with the ulcer

Боли при язвенной болезни желудка The most common symptoms of a stomach ulcer is pain in upper abdomen (epigastric region). Often the pain occur at night, forcing the patient to eat something. The only way pain can be reduced or removed.

Ulcer pain symptoms have some rhythm. Primarily they are connected with food intake. There are also periods when the ulcer does not hurt. Characterized by seasonal exacerbation of pain, typically in the spring or autumn.

The duration of exacerbation, during which the symptoms of the stomach and the pain can be from one to three months. After that the symptoms again reduced. The aggravation causes a lot of factors:

  • Stress.
  • Persistent gross errors in the diet. Sometimes it only takes one failure (for example, the lush festive meal) to symptoms of ulcers made themselves felt with new force.
  • Excessive physical load. Only once enough of the heavy lifting to the pain in my stomach intensified, and the patient had to take painkillersfor its relief.
  • Stress.
  • Some drugs. Many doctors warn their patients from uncontrolled use of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) that may irritate the mucosa and cause severe stomach pain.

Characteristics of pain depending on time

There are several varieties of pain depending on the time of their occurrence relative to eating.

  1. The early pain of ulcers arise directly after a meal. As gastric contents outward symptoms decrease. This situation is typical for cases, when the ulcer is localized in the upper part of the stomach. Pain decreases after only two hours after a meal.
  2. Late pain occur as a result of the localization of ulcers in the antrum of the stomach. The time of appearance of pain two hours after a meal or a little later.
  3. Symptoms pain hungry talking about the transition of ulcerative process in the duodenum. The time of their occurrence at night or on an empty stomach, before meal.

All kinds of pain have different characteristics and different degrees of intensity. They may be aching, cutting, stitching, cramping, shooting, verssimo etc Also patients note that the pain may radiate to different parts of the abdomen. All of this suggests that the patient could himself diagnose judging only by the description of pain. Does this only specialist.

The pain of ulcers and other symptoms

Often the pain when the ulcer is accompanied by other symptoms. So, together with pain patients concerned about nausea, vomiting, belching, heartburn. Sometimes vomiting is troubling at the very height of the pain, that is when they become most intense.

When a particularly intense pain and disturbed appetite. Some patients may even develop a fear of eating. This condition requires immediate therapeutic intervention. Usually the treatment results are positive and they are achieved in the hospital environment.

Perforated ulcer

At perforated ulcer the symptoms become particularly vivid manifestation. Characterized by a very rapid flow perforated ulcer, with an increase in clinical signs. Remember that the delay of emergency medical aid for a perforated ulcer equivalent to a death sentence. In this case, the chances of saving it are negligible.

Along with pain, the patient notes the other symptoms: Боли в желудке из-за язвы

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • a quick drop in blood pressure;
  • tension of the abdomen and a sharp increase in pain even with the slightest touch to it;
  • blanching of the skin;
  • increasedpalpitations;
  • cold extremities;
  • thirst;
  • bloating resulted pathogenie gases.

Pain relief ulcer

Patients with ulcers need to know what painkillers can be taken to relieve abdominal pain.

During an acute attack to relieve the pain ways:

  1. Make the Papaverine or Nospanum. Remember that this is not painkillers, and antispasmodics, and patients can dramatically drop blood pressure. In the predisposition to hypotension antispasmodics are accepted with caution.
  2. Sometimes antispasmodic is not enough, so with him prescribed painkillers such as Analgin or a mixture of drugs: no-Spa, Analgin, Dimedrol or Suprastin.

Also, remember that these drugs should be taken only if prescribed by a doctor. When symptoms of an acute abdomen use of such drugs is strictly forbidden: the patient requires emergency hospitalization.

Relieve pain and antacids. All patients with ulcers need to know what antacids should be taken to ensure that sharp attacks of pain ceased. So, ulcer and hyperacidity of the stomach shows the aluminium phosphate gel, Almagel, Maalox, Rennie and Megalak Almagel They are composed of painkillers, so shown when expressed pain syndrome.

Very often taken another "folk" remedy to relieve ulcer pain – soda. Although sodium bicarbonate and contributes to pain and heartburn through the neutralization of hydrochloric acid, however, is a double-edged sword. Formed in this reaction salt contributes to the further destruction of the walls of the stomach and progression of symptoms of gastric disease.

If the pain does not abate as a result of prescription drugs, not need to show initiative and to use other drugs. The only solution in this situation – the immediate hospitalization of the patient. It is also necessary in the case of an abrupt onset of symptoms, fever and downs of the heart.