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Could it be the temperature when the disease gastritis

Температура Many patients with a diagnosis of gastritis are interested in an appointment with the doctor, how to deal with the temperature of gastritis. Antipyretic drugs in patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal sphere is contraindicated, due to the fact that they irritate the mucous of the stomach and lead to aggravation of the pathology.

The reasons for the phenomenon

The temperature increase is not a frequent pathology. This symptom can be at relapse of disease. Temperature in the presence of gastritis may indicate severe inflammation of the stomach.

The temperature increase for gastritis can be caused by the following reasons:

  • the effect of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucosa of the stomach;
  • intoxication associated with the consumption of food;
  • other pathologies, for example, such as, dysentery, etc.

Sometimes the temperature rise can be caused by stomach ulcers that bleed. Thus the patient with vomiting will manifest impurities with the blood. This symptom always indicates recurrence of the disease, so it is important to visit the doctor.

The clinical picture of acute gastritis

The acute form of disease always progresses rapidly and unexpectedly. While there may be other clinical signs. Patients may appear severe pain in the epigastric part. Such an important symptom is a whitish coating on the tongue also indicates the manifestation of gastritis.

After eating, patients may experience heartburn, and severe nausea accompanied by vomiting. Patients tormented by the violation of the digestive system, there is a strong flatulence of the stomach, is also concerned about the weight. Observed belching, halitosis, severe salivation, or severe dryness of the mouth. On palpation of the abdomen, the patients have severe pain. These manifestations are characteristic for the acute course of the disease. It happens that the temperature for gastritis caused by an infection, especially if it is heavily promoted.

The clinical picture of chronic gastritis

In chronic gastritis the temperature is usually not increased. Even if the impact of the following factors, the temperature rise does not occur:

  • failure to comply with the principles of healthy eating;
  • drinking alcohol and Smoking;
  • interaction with aggressive chemicals;
  • a nervous overstrain.

However, if the patient diagnosed with chronic gastritis came the heat, then maybe this phenomenon indicates the presence of comorbidity. This symptom is the increase in temperature, indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. This is a very serious signal that says that you should visit the doctor. In the absence of symptoms,characteristic catarrhal diseases, you should carry out a thorough medical diagnostic examination.

The manifestation of pathology in children

Температура при гастрите у ребенка Symptoms of gastritis in children appears some time after influencer. Characteristically deterioration of health of the kid, he suffers from pain in the epigastric part, nausea and vomiting. If your child has gastritis infectious nature, then there are signs of poisoning, fever, vomit observed mucus and undigested pieces of food, diarrhea, extreme exhaustion.

When you suspect signs of gastritis the baby, you should immediately clean the stomach. This is carried out gastric lavage. All unhealthy food should be completely excluded from a child menu, you should avoid and foods, and other substandard products.

If the gastritis was caused by exposure to chemical agents, it can contribute to severe damage of the mucosa of the stomach. Make the child a stomach wash, if you know exactly what exactly he used. Be sure to call an ambulance. When the temperature of the child, do not try to reduce it by using aspirin, as it causes damage to the lining of the stomach.

It is recommended to drink mineral water without gas content, decoctions of herbs. To eat little one has many times a day a little bit.

Due to the fact that the pathology can be transmitted at the genetic level, the parents should undergo a complete examination of the gastrointestinal sphere.

Gastritis and pregnancy

The acute form of disease usually occurs suddenly. Pregnant women concerned about epigastric pain, severe nausea accompanied by vomiting, is also a weakness, the temperature rises. What the outcome will be when this phenomenon depends on the factor that it was provoked. This state requires immediate professional assistance.

If pregnant of chronic gastritis, in spite of the restrictions in treatment during the period of gestation, it is necessary to treat the pathology. If treatment is not taken, the disease will spread to the other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular pain and other unpleasant signs of disease, have a strong effect psychologically on the expectant mother and her baby. In order for the child to fully obtain all the necessary nutrients, the digestive system of the mother needs to function normally. When you expect the child must first be screened, if necessary, to treat pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and to prevent exacerbations of chronic forms of pathology. With increasing temperature, it is not necessaryto use medicines, as in pregnancy, they are contraindicated. You should consult your doctor regarding the use of alternative medicine techniques.

How to eliminate bad symptom?

Температура при гастрите Drugs to lower temperatures is contraindicated in patients with a diagnosis of gastritis. This is due to the fact that most drugs to reduce fever irritate the lining of the stomach. For example, such a drug, as aspirin is very dangerous in gastritis due to acid. Doctors do not suggest these tools in order to remove heat in gastritis. With this, you can use methods of alternative medicine. However, selection of methods, you need very seriously. For example, tea with lemon, which so well addresses the chills, with increased levels of gastric secretion and will only harm the stomach.

The most effective methods of folk medicine that help to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and to reduce the temperature:

  • a very useful effect characterized cranberry tea. Use it only at reduced level of acidity of the stomach. In order to prepare the tool required a few tablespoons of cranberry grind to a thick consistency, the mixture should be poured with boiling water. Then use the liquid warm;
  • heat the milk, and then add a little honey. It is best to drink it at night;
  • a positive effect has tea with raspberry. Drink it warm;
  • take two large tablespoons of fruit viburnum pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 8 hours. Next, you should obtain from the fruit juice and strain it. Take a third Cup several times a day with honey;
  • tea with lime is very useful. Pour a handful of lime blossom with boiling water and leave to infuse. This tool will help to reduce the temperature.

Remember that you cannot use alternative medicine without first consulting with the doctor. It is not necessary to self-medicate and choose recipes of traditional medicine at their own discretion. This may aggravate the situation, the pathology can only increase.

Every body is individual and when selecting tools, one should pay attention to the pathology, levels of gastric contents, intolerance of certain substances. Play it safe and do not treat the pathology independently, because gastritis although is popular pathology, but rather dangerous without effective treatment, gastritis may be complicated and go in ulcer and even cancer.