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What you need to do with acute gastritis?

Боль в животе при гастрите Gastritis is a pathology in which there are periods of remission and relapse. Exacerbation of chronic gastritis is typical for spring and autumn seasons. At this time, patients begin to Supplement their diet with different foods with a high content of fiber that irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach.


The acute gastritis caused by the following factors:

  • unreasonable adherence to the different diets for weight loss;
  • non-compliance with the regime of meals;
  • effects of nicotine and alcohol on the stomach;
  • nervous disorders and exhaustion;
  • autoimmune failure;
  • other pathologies of the gastrointestinal sphere;
  • helicobacteria;
  • intoxication poor quality food;
  • intestinal infection;
  • overeating.

The clinical picture of the pathology

The symptoms of gastritis usually appear suddenly or slowly.

The main symptoms of acute pathology:

  • discomfort in the epigastrium, gradually changing into pain;
  • headaches, fatigue, tachycardia, fever – all the symptoms of poisoning that occur due to lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach;
  • strong weight loss;
  • aversion to food;
  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting;
  • halitosis;
  • increased salivation;
  • diarrhea or direa;
  • flatulence;
  • the presence of blood in the stool.

If the patient have suspected himself of the above symptoms, he should visit a gastroenterologist. All these symptoms manifested by each individual patient differently. Pain in the stomach at the time of acute gastritis can systematically torturing the patient, or to sometimes occur.

The intensity of pain in the stomach acute gastritis depends on the stage of inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach, and duration of disease. Treatment of gastritis requires customized tactics that will prevent serious complications. With acute gastritis chronic form without the lack of effective treatment, the intensity of the pain in the stomach will increase, they may appear strong attacks.

Обострение гастрита Such clinical symptoms as severe nausea accompanied by vomiting during exacerbation of the disease, depend on the degree of inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach, and also from the individual characteristics of the patient and level of gastric secretion.

These clinical symptoms can indicate the severity of the disease process in erosive lesions of the stomach and bleeding in the stomach. If you suspect internal bleeding, be sureto visit the doctor for appropriate action.
Common symptoms of disorders of the gastrointestinal sphere is clinical evidence of acute gastritis of any form, which may lead to constipation or diarrhoea, rumbling in the stomach, severe gas stomach pain.

The study

When patient exhibits above symptoms, you should always go through a diagnostic study, which consist in the following steps:

  • analysis of blood and urine;
  • the biochemical analysis of blood;
  • examination of stool;
  • fibrogastroduodenoscopy;
  • the implementation of the sensing;
  • identification of microorganisms helicobacteria;
  • histological analysis of the mucosa of the stomach.

In modern medicine, rarely is assigned to the radiography of the stomach. This method is not effective the diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment, it is very difficult.

What to do with the worsening of the pathology?

Exacerbation of gastritis in any case should not be ignored. Some people may not pay attention to obvious signs indicating the presence of the aggravated gastritis, believing that inflammation of the stomach will pass on their own. Everyone should remember that the lack of treatment of gastritis is threatened by the emergence of complications such as an ulcer or even malignancy. Treat the pathology not hard. You must know the signs of gastritis in order to start timely treatment, how long it will last depends on the individual patient.

When you notice the first signs of disease, the first thing you should do is to go to the doctor on reception. The specialist will conduct inspections, assign diagnostic measures.How much diagnosis depends on clinic where you will pass it. According to the research results of the diagnosis to the patient.

Здоровая еда Next, assigned to the combined treatment, which is impossible without the observance of the principles of the diet. Daily menu plays a very important role in the treatment of gastritis, since this pathology affects the mucosa of the stomach. What we eat gets to the inflammation of the stomach, and thus affects the treatment of gastritis. From the menu, you should exclude the following:

  • smoked. During therapy should not eat smoked sausage and other preservatives, as the quality of such food today leaves much to be desired;
  • alcoholic drinks and coffee. These fluids are characterized by an irritating effect on the mucosa. Also should avoid sweet water with gas. To prefer can weakly brewed tea, clean water without gas content. Juices also have a negative effect onstomach especially containing preservatives;
  • tomatoes. Tomatoes and tomatoes have an extremely negative impact on the mucosa of the stomach, therefore they are also excluded from the menu.
  • fried, greasy. This food affects the stomach. Food, which is eaten at the time of treatment, should be easy to prepare meals should be steamed, baked, boiled. Remember that the treatment of inflammation of the stomach involves diet with acute gastritis. Right menu is an integral part of therapy for gastritis.

Very important role plays not only the menu but also the mode of eating. So, it is necessary to eat often and little by little. How long is the therapy, the doctor decides.
With high acidity:

  • can you eat dairy products;
  • drinking mineral water;
  • to drink natural juices and fruit drinks;
  • you need to eat porridge;
  • you can eat the pasta;
  • meat can be eaten lean, cook meals for a couple.

At low pH:

  • can you eat dairy products;
  • very useful porridge;
  • low-fat soups;
  • you can eat wheat bread;
  • you can drink natural juices.

What not to do with the worsening of the pathology? First of all, we need to completely eliminate alcoholic drinks and Smoking, foods to be taken frequently and in little. Typically a menu is assigned the doctor after diagnosis.


Медикаменты при гастрите Medical treatment for gastritis during the exacerbation involves different drugs, the choice of which will depend on the individual patient:

  • upon detection of Helicobacter in the stomach are prescribed antibacterial medications. The dose and course determined by the doctor;
  • in the case of increased acidity of gastric secretion, you should take medicines antacids that protect the lining of the stomach and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. These medications are the most effective compared with other means: they increase the renewal of the mucous membrane of the stomach and are intended to treat the unpleasant sensation of pain. Pain syndrome sometimes lasts a long time;
  • at low pH are assigned special medications that stimulate the production of gastric secretion, drugs to improve the functionality of gastrointestinal tract;
  • to resume the affected mucosa of the stomach as quickly as possible, prescribers, which should be aimed at the fast regeneration of the mucosa;
  • if the pathological process caused by failure of the autoimmune system, can be assigned to hormonal medication.

The recurrence of gastritis withpregnancy

Very often pregnant women suffer from exacerbation of gastritis. Basically, gastritis is invoked because of the strong toxicosis. To aggravate the aggravation can nervous disorders, certain drugs, improper diet, pronounced emotional background. Inflammation of the stomach can be caused by viruses or microorganisms that entered the body.

Due to the fact that many drugs during pregnancy is contraindicated, treatment of gastritis in the period of gestation is a certain difficulty. Women is drawn up strict menus, where the meals should be frequent. Harmful and irritating the lining of the stomach, the food is completely eliminated from the menu. You can eat cereal, light soups, milk, dishes are best steamed. Pharmacological drugs are taken strictly according to the doctor, otherwise the medication will affect the baby.

Treatment at home

Today, there are many methods to treat fever in the home. But these techniques can be used only as a secondary action to the primary therapy. Treat gastritis exclusively among folk remedies is not advisable. Before you can treat inflammation of the stomach at home, be sure to consult a doctor. Medications that are perfectly suited to one patient may harm another.

Recommendations for treatment at home:

  • on an empty stomach, drink a Cup of clean drinking water. Fluid will rid the stomach of mucus that had gathered in the night;
  • everyone who has pathology of the gastrointestinal sphere, should eat in small portions many times a day. It promotes a speedy recovery;
  • food should be the optimum temperature is warm so as not to irritate the stomach;
  • you need to consider the amount of food consumed with fiber. It improves digestion and safely affects the mucosa of the stomach. Gastritis is best to eat vegetables.