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Is it possible to hang from the army with disease gastritis?

Член призывной комиссии Gastritis is a very popular pathology. Young guys who don't follow food and diet, abuse of alcohol, smoke, are most often the victims of chronic gastritis. According to statistics, this pathology is sick, every third young man. So many people wonder, take to the army with gastritis. Not always, the presence of this diagnosis, the patient is not allowed to serve in the army. Each diagnosis is considered individually and requires further study. In this article, we will discuss this issue in more detail.

Is it possible to hang from the army with gastritis?

It often happens that young people start looking for reasons not to go into the army. They analyze the state of their health, remember, what chronic diseases they have. As mentioned above, the most common pathology is gastritis chronic nature of the flow. This pathology is diagnosed almost every third young person. This phenomenon is due to a failure to comply with the principles of healthy eating, the popularity of fast foods, bad habits. All of this unfavorable impact on the gastrointestinal field.

Of course, human health is an individual feature. If the boy is diagnosed with a pathology of a severe form, there is chronic gastritis with regular relapses, the person often need bed rest. In this case, can give temporary reprieve before the patient gets better and pathology will move from the acute stage to remission. The young man may be declared unfit for combat, if he has gastritis in a complex form, for example, erosive gastritis or polypoid. If the pathology is in the early stages of development and appears once for six months, usually after overeating on holidays, then the medical Board can not consider the pathology of the reason for the refusal of military service.

What to do?

In order to have information about their health and know their diagnosis, the young guy needs to go to the doctor and undergo a diagnostic study. If you have complaints of epigastric pain, then he will appoint examination and effective treatment. After the boy gets better, he will be obliged to go into service in the army.

Today the army take even those guys who have severe thinness that speaks to clear signs of dysfunction of the gastrointestinal sphere. Thus, very lean guys will fatten up in the hospital, so they gained weight and were still able to serve in the army.

The young man will be very lucky if he gets to a normal part with the appropriate relationship to the statehealth. In this case, when a new attack of the disease, the guy will send to be treated. It can be concluded that gastritis is not a serious reason for the refusal of service. If the guy is diagnosed with stomach ulcer, then we can say with full confidence that it will not take the service.

To the army with gastritis do not take, for the following reasons:

  • the systematic recurrence of the disease, which occur more often than twice a year;
  • if during the year the patient had been in hospital admission at least two months in total;
  • if the guy is strong and thinness, that is, the index weight is less than 18%;
  • there is a clear problem with the production of gastric secretions and other gastrointestinal areas that were installed during the examination FGDS;
  • if, at the time of the call the guy had a stroke. It is stated the fact of temporary functional disorders of the digestive system, due to the recurrence of the disease or the surgical method. A young man sent to treatment deferred until the next call.

Unfortunately, in the absence of treatment and violating the principles of proper nutrition, gastritis can go in peptic ulcer disease. All the guys who have been diagnosed pathology that must monitor their diet. Should be excluded from the diet all junk food: spicy, smoked, fried, fatty. The food is better to boil or simmer. Useful are slimy porridge and soups. In the period of exacerbations should not eat raw vegetables and fruits, you can eat them boiled or baked. Diet for gastritis should be frequent, you need to eat a little bit. Should get rid of bad habits such as Smoking and drinking alcohol. Will benefit the sport, the army important.

Compliance with the above principles will not allow disease to become chronic. and gastritis in chronic form enters the ulcer. Gastritis and the army – these things are compatible, subject to a healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits and timely treatment of pathologies of the gastrointestinal sphere.