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Coding diseases of gastritis according to the international classification of diseases

Гастрит по МКБ According to statistics, about 80% of people on the planet to some extent suffer from chronic type of gastritis. This disease has its own code in ICD-10 – К29.5. ICD-10 is the document of Russia, which provides information for statistics of cases of recovery, relapse, death. Before the ICD, operated the Sydney classification, on change which came OLGA. In Russia, this classification is not established, so today chronic gastritis, the code of which is indicated by К29.5 in the classification ICD-10.

Chronic gastritis is characterized by mild manifestations, however, quite versatile, due to what is complicated the survey process. Due to the hidden symptoms of the disease, the patient may not visit the doctor for a long period of time. In order to collect maximum information for ICD-10, the disease is called "unspecified". Chronic gastritis may have antral or Bungalow form. Due to the fact that in the study there is no definite separation of the forms of gastritis, it is considered to be one disease.

Causes of gastritis

Today proved that in addition to the effects of junk food, chronic gastritis with code ICD 10 frequently occurs in the presence of gastro-intestinal sphere of the bacterium Helicobacter. This is a very dangerous microorganism causes a variety of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. When patient diagnosed with chronic gastritis classification, ICD-10 should certainly be screened for the presence of Helicobacter. In a healthy stomach it is not and should not be.

Treatment of acute and chronic forms of the disease

Chronic gastritis category ICD 10 is treated in the following way:

  • therapy aimed at the destruction of Helicobacter. If treatment has not given results and helicobacteria left in the body, then the doctor prescribes a different regimen with the addition of other drugs;
  • at normal and elevated acidity prescribed for decreasing the acidity. This will help to eliminate pain and stimulates the process of renewal of the mucous part;
  • at low acidity of gastric juice is prescribed for normalization of digestion processes;
  • also appointed agents for nausea and vomiting.

Acute gastritis should be treated in the following way:

  • to do gastric lavage. The patient is asked to drink water, then it is called a gag reflex. These actions are performed until, until the patient will disappear completely food particles in vomit;
  • the day is fasting, drink is warm tea, mineral water;
  • shown diet that includes cereals, lean meat and fish, soups. The diet lasts for a week;
  • to eliminate nausea andvomiting are assigned special funds, as well as pain killers to eliminate pain;
  • antibiotics are prescribed only in advanced infections that must be treated in the hospital, so you should not self-medicate, as this can be harmful to your health. Acute gastritis, which was triggered by helicobacteria, require therapy similar to chronic gastritis;
  • if acute gastritis is a result of interaction with aggressive substances, hospitalization of the patient in a hospital;
  • allergic acute gastritis involves the observance of the principles of an elimination diet.

Erosive gastritis

Гастрит Often the detection of gastritis is diagnosed erosive type of the disease. The disease poses a threat to the life of the patient, because the condition is accompanied by lesions of the mucosa of the stomach multiple erosions that are very painful and often cause bleeding. In the international classification of diseases ICD-10, this form of pathology has code К29.0. Acute erosive gastritis is the most severe kind of the disease. The disease can be provoked in the process of interaction with toxic substances.

Acute erosive gastritis is treated with the eliminating factor in the development of pathology. If the disease was triggered by the bacterium Helicobacter, then acute erosive form of the disease is treated by applying antibiotic drugs. The treatment is very long and if it break, then the bacterium is rapidly restored in the gastrointestinal field.

The next thing to do to cure acute erosive gastritis is to normalize the concentration of gastric secretion. Mucosa is the part that is affected by erosion, should not be subjected to the aggressive influence of gastric secretion. The patient is assigned antacids and acid blockers. These medications are targeted against a large production of gastric secret, so in order to improve digestion, appointed auxiliary enzymes to enhance the secretory capacity. For relief of stomach pain doctors prescribe painkillers.

At the last stage of treatment consists in the renewal of the mucous membrane of the stomach. By using these funds, the recovery of the inflamed tissue is done very quickly.

Chronic and acute type of pathology it is impossible to treat without observing the principles of proper nutrition. To cure acute erosive gastritis, you should follow the principles of a sparing diet. This excludes smoked products, fried, fatty, spicy foods, sweets, alcohol, coffee. You must avoid food that causes irritation partstomach.

The menu should prevail light soups, cereal, food must be prepared in the form of puree. Dairy products are best excluded due to induce swelling. Useful protein food: boiled fish and boiled eggs. Plays a huge role in diet. You need to eat frequently for a little bit. Food entering the stomach must be chewed well to prevent damage to the surfaces of the body. Chronic and acute nature of the disease implies a complete rejection of Smoking and alcohol.