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The most important of the inflammation of the stomach

Воспаление желудка Inflammation of the stomach or gastritis is observed in many people in the world. Basically, this disease is not characterized by long duration, due to the fact that there is a restoration of mucosa of the stomach, leading the patient to a speedy recovery. Disease klassificeret into two types: acute and chronic form. If inflammation of the stomach occurs in conjunction with concomitant infectious diseases, pathology takes an acute course, in which there is a loss of epithelium of the stomach. Unfortunately, this disease is not always time to conduct research and diagnosis.


Signs of inflammation of the stomach arise in the mucosal part of the stomach, which depends on many reasons:

  • malnutrition, poor food, eating in a hurry;
  • unhealthy teeth;
  • lack of vitamins and protein, resulting in production of gastric secretion is greatly reduced;
  • alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • prolonged use of medicines;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere;
  • symptoms of gastritis occur when the intestinal microflora, the impact of viruses and pathogens.

Manifestations of the disease in the acute form contributes to stress. The disease occurs due to the impact of the shock, surgical intervention, physical damage, burns. Mucosal erosion is accompanied by strong hemorrhage. In severe condition there is damage to the mucosa. The stronger the heaviness in the stomach, the stronger the pathological process.

Chronic gastritis is caused by the lack of treatment of the acute stage of the disease. Infection of different intestinal infections contribute to chronicity. Genetic factor also plays an important role in the occurrence of the disease. This flow pattern appears as a result of work activities in hazardous enterprises, with daily dust absorption, the evaporation of harmful substances. Regular defeat of the gastric mucosa depends on an allergic reaction. If in the gastrointestinal area is a pathological process, pepsin starts to affect the stomach, causing inflammation as the body starts to digest itself.

The clinical picture of acute course of the disease

Symptoms of the acute period of the disease always occur spontaneously and provoked by overeating, bad food, allergic to individual foods, nervous disorders.
Clinical symptoms:

  • pain in the epigastrium;
  • high temperature;
  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • unpleasant belching,accompanied by halitosis;
  • tongue covered with a whitish bloom, in this case there is excessive dryness or strong salivation;
  • vomiting of undigested food, often mixed with blood;
  • flatulence, constipation or diarrhea;
  • severe dizziness and pain of the head;
  • loss of appetite, weakness.

The chronic form of the disease: symptoms

In this period of change of remission with relapses. The structure of the mucous membrane of the stomach is changed, resulting in the impaired production of gastric secretion, as well as disrupted stomach in General. In chronic gastritis often appear related diseases of the digestive system. This disease often leads to anemia. Also the symptoms of inflammation of the stomach occur with other pathologies, which significantly complicates the diagnostic study.

Characterized by such symptoms: Боли в желудке

  • in the upper part of the stomach arise aching pain;
  • observed heaviness in the stomach;
  • in the mouth there is an unpleasant taste;
  • heartburn and belching;
  • the appetite is absent;
  • constipation.

These symptoms are not always and not in all patients. Helicobacteria is one of the factors contributing to the occurrence of inflammation of the stomach. This phenomenon raises the following symptoms:

  • a quick feeling of satiety and loss of appetite;
  • flatulence that occurs after eating, heaviness in the stomach;
  • a strong secretion of saliva;
  • belching and heartburn.

Chronic gastritis is divided into disease in which there is high and low acidity. If the pH level is lowered, the patient is severely sick, arises a strong leg. The patient loses much weight, he has brittle hair and nails, the skin becomes very dry. In the acidity is observed heartburn, severe regurgitation, halitosis.


When inflammation of the stomach and intestines it is necessary to conduct a diagnostic study. When the first symptoms should go to the clinic so the doctor prescribed the right treatment. For this reason, all patients displayed a gastroscopy. To the treatment of the mucosa of the stomach and intestines was productive, should be the examination of the mucosa through the use of diagnostic techniques. The most effective treatment consists of washing the use of a large volume of water. During exacerbations it is allowed to drink only boiled water, mineral water, weak tea, etc. Patients are required to stay in bed and limit yourself to physical exertion.

Treatment with medicines is prescribed. It can be Mezim, festal, and other means that help to relievediscomfort. Inflammation of the stomach and intestines can be used activated carbon, which rids the body of gases and contributes to its renewal. Usually, symptoms appear because of the inability to digestion, and also in case of disturbed metabolism. This situation is shown sparing diet with the use of medicines. Inflammation of the mucous of the stomach and intestine indicates the presence of infection. Лечение воспаления желудка

No need to disinfect the mucosa of the stomach as due to the natural features, it is able to resume yourself. Most importantly, it does not aggravate the process of renewal. Diet in the treatment of disease plays a huge role in the chronic time period. Doctors recommend:

  • to refrain from products that irritate;
  • chew well;
  • eat often, but little by little.

Treatment should be aimed at normalizing the level of acidity of gastric secretion. To clean the stomach and intestines need a comprehensive and through medication prescribed by a specialist.

Features power

As mentioned above, patients should follow a strict diet, without this treatment will not be effective. As a rule, the right diet helps to get rid of the disease. Diet to resume of the stomach and intestines will depend on the characteristics of the disease. Excessive production of gastric secretion, it is necessary to exclude food, characterized by the ability to produce juice, which causes irritation of the mucosa part of the stomach. From the menu excludes vegetables, junk food: mushrooms, fatty meats, fried, smoked, etc.

Diet in the chronic stage of the disease implies the exclusion of all potential irritants. It is recommended to eat food in liquid and paste form. In acute course of the disease to exclude spices, meats, canned products. Diet may include milk soups, boiled meat, fish, boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, weak tea, stewed fruit. When the patient followed the diet, he should consider that it is best to eat often and little. Before bedtime is useful to drink yogurt. If the diet is adhered to all the rules, the body resumes very quickly and you will feel a significant improvement.

When the first symptoms of inflammation of the stomach and intestines, you should visit the doctor. With all the recommendations, really to eliminate the disease, to facilitate its flow and to rule out serious consequences.