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Something to relieve the pain in the stomach disease gastritis?

Медикаменты при гастрите Pain occurring in the epigastric part, repeated several days, indicate the mucosal part of the stomach. Gastritis characterized by very different clinical signs. Often when the pain occurs symptoms such as heaviness in the stomach after intake of food. Patients complain of severe nausea accompanied by vomiting, aversion to food, with increased levels of gastric secretion occurs heartburn, halitosis.

Why is there pain in the development of gastritis?

Why is there pain in gastritis, you never know. As a rule, unpleasant symptoms have a clear relationship with the consumption of fatty and heavy on the stomach meals.
Factors that cause pain in acute gastritis are:

  • regular nervous disorders, depression;
  • severe fatigue at work, resulting in disturbed sleep and natural processes in the body;
  • food substandard products;
  • the abuse of alcohol and Smoking;
  • the bacterium Helicobacter;
  • the mucosal part of the stomach can be caused by autoimmune disorders in the body;
  • unbalanced, infrequent meals.

Why is there pain in chronic gastritis?

The chronic form of disease occurs due to the lack of effective therapy for acute gastritis, but it can also be caused by exposure to adverse factors, for example, a violation of the principles of healthy eating, the prevalence of hot and spicy meals in the diet, insufficient chewing, alcohol abuse.

Factors of pain in chronic gastritis can be:

  • insufficiency of protein;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • long medications;
  • the harmfulness of professional activity;
  • genetic propensity.

The pain in gastritis chronic character sometimes occurs with cholecystitis, colitis, and other pathologies.

Manifested as pain in the presence of gastritis?

Боли при гастрите Gastritis is a popular pathology of the gastrointestinal sphere, in which there is a pathological process of the stomach. This contributes to the failure of the functionality of the entire digestive tract. In chronic gastritis mucosa of the stomach is inflamed constantly. Very often, when this form of disease, there is a decrease in the level of acidity of gastric secretion. Pathology with normal or elevated level of acidity, typically characterized by superficial for. At the same time, symptoms such as belching,feeling of fullness in the stomach after intake of food.

Symptoms of chronic pathology:

  • the mild swelling and heaviness in the stomach after eating;
  • heartburn;
  • aching pain;
  • pain when pressure is applied;
  • halitosis;
  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting.

Chronic gastritis is often manifested by such symptoms as beriberi, in which there is dryness of the skin, bleeding gums, changing the language, could be teeth marks, deformed and so on. Many patients inflamed lips. Often patients anemia occurs, in which display the symptoms. Also suffer from liver and biliary tract. In complicated chronic gastritis, during palpation, often have pain in the lower abdomen.

Symptoms of acute course of pathology:

  • aversion to food;
  • overcrowding in the stomach;
  • nausea and vomiting with chunks of food;
  • dull pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence in the stomach;
  • temperature rise;
  • weakness, headaches;
  • tachycardia;
  • pale skin.

Pain in their manifestations may be mild, moderate and intense. Typically, patients complain that they have a stomach ache, and the pain dull and aching. They can be very long, brief, or occur in bouts. Pain caused by spasms, usually very cold food, alcoholic drinks, spicy dishes, etc. Pain can occur as a result of severe emotional upheaval, after Smoking, in the presence of lesions related bodies.

The localization of the pain

Болевые ощущения при гастрите A very important point in the diagnosis is the localization of sensations. Pain in the presence of gastritis in medicine called pain in the epigastric part. Patients plagued by unpleasant sensations in the left upper abdomen, where the stomach. As a rule, disturbed feeling in the season of exacerbation of gastritis in spring and autumn. These symptoms are torturing the patient throughout the day, but enhanced, usually after eating. The duration of chronic gastritis is about a few days.

It is not necessary to establish the diagnosis and to self-medicate. When you began to be troubled with epigastric pain, you should visit a qualified doctor.

Headaches for gastritis

Gastritis patients can not only hurt the stomach, but also headaches. If pathology symptoms such as constipation, bowel occurs an excessive accumulation of gases that negatively affect the nervous system. In other words,there comes a poisoning of the body, which makes itself known headaches, sleep disturbance, nervousness, severe fatigue.

How to relieve pain in gastritis?

If a stomach ache, it is imperative to take measures to eliminate pain. To relieve the pain can be in the home, usually the treatment is also outpatient. In General, the treatment is around 14 days, and therapy of chronic forms of pathology typically requires a lot of time up to two years. To relieve the unpleasant painful symptoms, prescribe medications enveloping, stimulating digestion and lowering the level of acidity of gastric secretion. To eliminate the infection, antibiotics.

If the stomach got sick at work, then to get rid of pain, should take anti-acid medication. Today these drugs are available in packaged form. If you do not have this medicine, then take a solution of baking soda. In a Cup of water add a small spoonful of baking soda. Great action have antispasmodics, Valerian or chamomile tea. Chamomile has a wonderful calming effect, reduces inflammation in the stomach and eliminates spasms. In pharmacies sell special digestive herbs that also help with constipation and other symptoms. With very strong pain the doctor can prescribe injections with antispasmodics. If after eating you are having pain and heaviness in the stomach effective enzymes However, they were appointed only at the lowered acidity of gastric secretion.

Здоровое питание To relieve symptoms such as belching, heartburn, patients are administered a tool such as aluminium phosphate gel and its analogues. In order to encourage mobility of the digestive tract and prescribed motilium. If the stomach ache in the middle part and the patient requires restoration of the gastric mucosa, then you can be prescribed medication, such as Celeron and others. Sea buckthorn oil – an excellent remedy for the recovery of the mucosa of the stomach.

All patients with chronic gastritis should be regularly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • to comply with the principles of good nutrition;
  • to exclude acute, smoked, fatty, fried foods;
  • to minimize the consumption of coffee, alcohol, soda;
  • do not smoke;
  • all absorbed food should be warm;
  • solid foods should be well chewed;
  • you need to eat frequently for a little bit.

In order to know in more detail what recommended diet for gastritis must be followed, you should contact the doctor to a dietitian. In the absence of pathology or in its ineffectiveness, gastritisgo into a stomach ulcer. This disorder can be very difficult to treat.

Before taking any medication, you should consult with a specialist, as the pathology involves an individual approach of treatment.