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Preventive measures of acute and chronic gastritis

Профилактика гастрита Prevention of gastritis is a complex of actions aimed at preventing the inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach. These actions are in the fight with different varieties and types of gastritis. As you know, gastritis is divided into two basic forms of flow: chronic and acute. This is due to different factors in the development of gastritis.

Basic preventive measures in all forms of gastritis

Both acute and chronic characters of the course of gastritis occur suddenly appear in waves, influenced by external factors. All prevention gastritis should be aimed at preventing or eliminating the interaction of the organism with these factors. Due to the fact that the mucous membrane of the stomach communicates only with air and food, then preventive measures should be as focused on monitoring their quality. All the preventive actions for gastritis can be divided into common and individual. Common prevention to help prevent gastritis are controlled by the state, sanitary-epidemiological station. Employees of these agencies should closely monitor such institutions as restaurants, cafes, canteens and others to monitor quality of consumer products, with the purity of waste water and drinking water quality. It plays a huge role in the elimination of massive contamination of gastritis.

Individual action is the prevention to prevent the pathology lies in respecting every individual's certain principles. First of all, you should pay attention to the features of food products, mode and culture of behavior at the table.

Prevention of gastritis includes the following:

  • balanced menu. It is necessary to exclude from the diet consumption of fast foods, fried, fatty, spicy foods, spices. These products contribute to essential mucosal part of the stomach from further inflammation. The daily menu must necessarily be a liquid food;
  • high-quality food. It is better to eat cooked food. If you are unsure of the product quality, it is better not to use it. When you come to public places, choose the dishes that you have ever had, in appearance they must match a healthy diet. If you doubt the quality of food in school, abstain from it;
  • mode of eating. Very important is the frequency with which the food is taken. Food should be consumed only at designated hours. Due to this the level of acidity of gastric secretion is normal. Such a preventive measure gastritisto prevent its occurrence, even if the stomach is accidentally defective product;
  • the amount of food consumed. It is not necessary to eat large quantities at one time, especially on an empty stomach and at bedtime;
  • culture of food consumption. All food should be well pereselyaetsya in peace, no need to hurry;
  • bad habits. Alcoholic drinks and its counterfeits, especially low-quality alcoholic products, not only lead to the defeat of the mucous membrane of the stomach, but also contribute to burn. Excessive drinking provokes gastritis. Nicotine and exposure to alcohol together will affect the stomach;
  • chemical. The interaction with chemical agents in the workplace, pair, lead to the development of erosive-ulcerous form of gastritis. To prevent the occurrence of gastritis, you should minimize the interaction with chemical substances and use methods of personal protection;
  • preventing purulent form implies appropriate and effective treatment of infectious pathologies. In the implementation process of any medical procedures you need to adhere to the principles of antisepsis.

Prevention of gastritis chronic forms

Активный образ жизни To specific activities to prevent chronic forms of gastritis are:

  • exercise. Lack of physical activity or excessive predominance is having a negative impact on the body as a whole and lead to the development of chronic gastritis. To do sport is useful in moderation. Physical exercises should be done according to the capabilities of a particular person;
  • mental and emotional state. Patients suffering from a chronic form of gastritis should avoid stressful situations and nervous disorders. These phenomena have a negative impact on the functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere, which contributes to the relapse of the pathological process;
  • drugs, affecting the mucosa of the stomach. Should exclude or limit the use of such drugs as aspirin, and antibiotics and nonsteroidal funds. If these medications cannot be replaced, then it should be taken gastroprotective drugs together, these drugs;
  • appropriate therapeutic measures relapse of chronic gastritis. Patients with a diagnosis of chronic gastritis have in the period of exacerbations be administered anti-relapse therapy. In the case of an attack of gastritis, the patient should start treatment sure;
  • should have regular visits with a gastroenterologist. Every patient with a diagnosis of chronic gastritis should have theirprofessional doctor, who assigns to him an effective treatment. With a specialist should be consulted on all questions regarding the gastro-intestinal sphere.

Gastritis in children

Many doctors believe that this disease, like gastritis, is much easier to prevent than to cure. This popular pathology has not touched your children, you should observe all possible preventive actions: Гастрит у ребенка

  • prevention of gastritis in a child is primarily in keeping the sleep mode. In children dose of sleep is 10 hours. Also, the child needs to breathe fresh air, to move, to play games. Contraindicated for a long period of time near the TV or computer;
  • the atmosphere in the family should be in peace and trust. Eliminate stressful situation, do not swear at the child;
  • feeding children under one year should be carried out according to age. Do not let your child eat fast food;
  • diet is very important for children. Set specific hours for eating. Using this principle improves the functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere;
  • at the time of absorption of food the child should not talk, play or rush somewhere. Also, do not watch cartoons while eating. Prevention of gastritis in children lies in the fact that the boy is obliged to eat in peace, he should not be distracted, the food should be well perezhevyvaya;
  • watch out for the health of the baby, treat the emerging issues, fight infection;
  • before each meal wash the hands baby, not washed fruits and vegetables are contraindicated for use. Parents should regularly remind about the actions of personal hygiene, to instill responsibility in children to these actions;
  • should regularly produce a reorganization of the mouth in children. At the onset of caries, parents should be sure to contact your dentist and treat the disease. In order to prevent dental doctor should be visited twice a year;
  • all medications must be used exactly as prescribed doctor;
  • safely on children's health impact of Spa therapy.

To prevent gastritis in a child with chronic forms should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • the portions of food consumed should be small. To eat, the child should be many times a day. It is very important to control the amount of food absorbed has not been too many at one time;
  • eating should not affect the mucous membrane of the stomach, the products must be of high quality. All food should be prepared immediately before use. All junk food should be completely excluded from the menu.It is best boiled, broiled or baked foods;
  • the temperature of the absorbed food must be optimal, i.e., warm;
  • in the daily menu of the child should be varied from cereals porridge, mucous soups, low-fat meat and fish, weakly brewed tea, drinks their fruit.
  • in the early stages of gastritis from a baby it is very important to adhere to the principles of the diet. On how to decrease the symptoms and inflammation in the stomach, the menu expands in order to enrich with essential nutrients.

To acute gastritis in a child has not passed into the chronic stage, there should be appropriate treatment of diseases. For the therapy to be effective, you need to identify a factor in the development of pathology. The treatment is based on ensuring peace in the house, a good atmosphere around the baby. Diet plays a crucial role in the treatment. Drug therapy in children is only possible with the hospitalization of the child in the hospital. The doctor will prescribe the child an effective means to treat gastritis and physical therapy treatments that will help to get rid of pain and accelerate the renewal process of the mucosa of the stomach.