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Why is there severe pain in the stomach and what to do with it

Очень сильная боль Severe pain in the stomach is the urgent alarm that our body has. When sore stomach, pain tolerated by each person differently and carries a different character: cutting, aching, dull, paroxysmal. Whatever way no sick stomach, pain cause discomfort and can't settle for pleasant moments of everyday life. Quite often these feelings entail weakness, nausea and even an increased temperature up to the mark of 37 degrees.

Many of us due to their incompetence in matters of medicine believe that if there is pain in any region of the abdomen, then it is necessarily the whims of the stomach. This is a completely incorrect assumption. After all, if at least one of the organs of the digestive system is inflamed, the pain will permeate the entire abdominal cavity. It so happens that in the stomach we hear echoes of the pain caused by inflammation of the kidneys, adrenal glands, uterus, ovaries and even the lungs. When you have a sore stomach, pain area is projected in the upper abdomen between navel and lower ribs.

The nature of pain

For diagnosis it is necessary to accurately describe to the doctor the signs and symptoms. There are three main types of pain in the abdomen:

  • Early (starts in 40 minutes – 1 hour after eating);
  • Late (after 1-3 hours after a meal);
  • Hungry (starts in 4-5 hours after the last meal or when you feel hunger more than half an hour).

What to do if you are plagued by early pain? Stupid, paroxysmal pain will torment you from 1.5 to 2 hours. Welcome relief will come after the end of the first stage of food processing by the body. Note that you should not delay going to the hospital because this pain can be a signal of ulcer, polyps or inflammation.

Late pain are gradual, incremental. First, the stomach begins to ache, and then you can feel the strong spasms. Are late pain often after a bowel movement. Do not postpone visit to the gastroenterologist! You are showing the symptoms of high acid, pancreatitis, duodenitis, or even cancer.

Hunger pains are often quite strong and aching, bring considerable discomfort. To get rid of this disease will help Cup of black tea, preferably sweetened or any lightweight product. Highly recommended to see a doctor because maybe you have of developing or already leaking ulcer.

Quick and easy assistance

Don't know what to do if stomach ache? If you are sure that the pain in the stomach, before turning to the doctor, you can try to do simple but effective techniques: src="/gastric/images/106-1.jpg" title="First aid" alt="First aid">

  • Apply cold (not ice!) in the area of pain for a while;
  • To provide rest – to lie down or recline;
  • If the pain is hungry – help a small portion of warm soup, and are better grated;
  • Water can drink only non-carbonated, which is room temperature;
  • If the cause is poisoning, you need to take activated charcoal.

These actions should help, but the repetition of the episode of the stomach pain must consult a doctor.

Why is there stomach pain?

To find the right methods of dealing with the problem, you need to find out the reasons why it hurts so much stomach. Before you figure out what kind of pain you feel, you need to be absolutely sure, that hurts you right in the stomach. Properly filed a description of the nature of pain will significantly speed up the work of a doctor.

The most common reasons why you may be stomach ache is an ulcer or gastritis. But there are many other factors affecting the occurrence of pain. Violations are a direct function of the stomach – dyspepsia and indigestion are also often forced to suffer.

Consider other reasons why you may sore stomach:

  1. Consumed food. The quality of the products always affects the state of the stomach. The use of substandard products, or food and beverages with a high temperature leads to irritation or damage of the mucosa and formation of ulcers on the inner layer of the stomach. Many have a strong intolerance to some foods. Their use is fraught with occurrence of pain in the abdomen, bloating, diarrhea, fever from 37 to 38.3°C.
  2. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  3. Frequent stress and prolonged depression, a very strong emotional tension.
  4. Long-term use of antibiotics without the accompanying adoption of protective drugs, alcohol abuse or drug use, Smoking.
  5. Work in a noisy environment, work in a room where high temperature or vibration.

There are diseases in which stomach aches, there are pains of different nature: cutting, aching.

Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer – a chronic, protracted disease characterized by local damage of the gastric mucosa, the appearance of wounded areas. Stomach ulcer causing bacterium Helicobacter pylori.
The mechanism of development of ulcers is very simple: the bacterium gets inside the body, the immune system is not able to overcome it. The first thing is developing gastritis (gastritis very sore stomach), which leads to increased production of gastrin hormone. Gastrin, in turn, provokes the increasing generationgastric juice, which destroys the structure of the mucous membrane, it form ulcers.

If you have frequent pain in the upper abdominal area during meals or after a meal, you experience weakness and suffer from heartburn, you often feel sick and you don't know what to do with this condition, you should go to the hospital. Pain and heartburn can be symptoms of chronic gastric ulcers. You need to pass the examination of the gastrointestinal tract, if the body temperature is around 37-38°C. Often, this disease may not disturb the patient's symptoms persist more than a few years. The aggravation is seasonal. The worst period for my ulcer – spring and autumn, when very sore stomach.

The first thing to do if you suspect a stomach ulcer, do not postpone visit to the gastroenterologist. You must pass all the tests and complete a full course examinations.


The disease that leads to inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Most common in the chronic form. In chronic gastritis pain arises periodically, but to get rid of them for a long time is almost impossible. The danger of gastritis is an increased risk of developing ulcers. The causes of the disease:

  • Entering the body of Helicobacter pylori;
  • Taking certain medications (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen);
  • Some types of allergies;
  • Incorrect, and non-food (lots of spicy and sour food, eating large doses);
  • Cigarette Smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • Frequent consumption of coffee (especially on empty stomach).

During exacerbation of chronic gastritis patient feels weak or strong and sharp pain in the stomach, the body temperature rises and can reach 37,5-38,5°C due to the flow in the body the inflammatory process. It is not necessary to pretend that a little discomfort is not so concerned, and the temperature rises not because of this. Do not delay going to the hospital. Launched gastritis entails a lot of problems from developing ulcers to diseases of other organs of the digestive system.

Take care of yourself and your stomach. Remember, the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – a very long, expensive and unpleasant process. It is better not to do anything stupid and eat right today than to swallow a pill and sit on the fresh diet.