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Stomach aches: what to do for pain?

Боли в желудке Stomach pains are fairly common, so many should know about is a symptom of what diseases they may be. To help yourself, when your stomach aches, you as medicines and other means.

Is it possible to self-medicate?

Reasons why pain in stomach, can be set, so that the measures eliminate discomfort also vary. This is worth remembering before to treat stomach. One is a nagging pain and severe cramps.

Therefore, action must precede the determination of the factors influencing the emergence of unpleasant feelings. If people took the survey and received expert advice, when the pain to cure the stomach, you should only do what the doctor said. In other cases, the occurrence of pain need to wait for diagnosis.

The exceptions are situations in which people took tainted food or incompatible products, which caused indigestion. In this case, if it hurts stomach, can take emergency measures and then consult a doctor.

Measures for pain management

What to do when stomach hurts? To improve the condition in several ways:

  1. Compliance with sparing diet, in which foods consumed only foods that do not create a large burden for the digestive system.
  2. Fasting for ten days (under medical supervision), if the pain was accompanied by vomiting.
  3. Drinking large amounts of water.
  4. The use of honey in quantities of 10 ml in a glass of water half an hour before meals. This remedy helps to alleviate the condition within a few days.


Таблетки Before to drink medicines, it is worth remembering that doing anything without a doctor's prescription and its diagnosis is not recommended. But how to treat the stomach if it hurts? In the presence of gastritis or ulcers are appointed effective medical drugs that normalize the acidity level and also eliminates pathogens.

Stomach pain can usually be cured by the following means:

  1. Maalox;
  2. Methyluracil;
  3. Aluminium phosphate gel;
  4. Drotaverine;
  5. No-Spa.

In the list of the most common, but there are many others that you need to ask the doctor. With their help is the treatment of the stomach without restrictions in certain foods.
But it is worth remembering that the importance of diet and scientific proof, so relying on some medicines are not worth it. To cure your body, it is necessary to abandon the use of products such as

  • Freshbread and pastries;
  • Hot spices;
  • Fried;
  • Alcohol;
  • Tea and coffee;
  • Animal fats;
  • Chocolate.

Cooking should be only a couple. The thus prepared meals will facilitate normalization of stomach and wellbeing.

Pain in chronic colitis

Colitis is a disease characterized by the presence of inflammatory processes in the colon that can cause localized pain and spreading over the abdomen. It may seem that they appear exactly in the stomach. Pathology can spread throughout the body digestion, who fell ill and in its separate parts.

A disease occurs as a result of prolonged eating disorders and can be caused by bacteria or parasites. The intensity of the occurring pain may increase after meals. Many do not pay attention to individual characteristics as the General condition of the body remains normal.

In the case of aggravation of pain in the stomach of a patient placed in a hospital. To cure a disease is assigned diet with fractional power, occurring 6 times per day. In this disease, it is recommended to follow a diet (table number 2 or number 4).


Pain in the stomach can also be a symptom of chronic or acute duodenitis – inflammatory diseases of the duodenum. The reasons for the development of such violation:

  1. In children this may occur due to weakness of hormonal apparatus.
  2. The penetration of the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.
  3. An improper diet.
  4. Development against the background of existing pathology.

Treatment of the stomach are prescribed depending upon the cause: if it was the penetration of bacteria, an antibiotic is prescribed, when violated acidity, you need to drink drugs for its normalization. To protect the mucosa are assigned to enveloping drugs.

What measures are taken when pain

First, you need to observe the condition of his body. If the stomach pain is not very strong and does not require emergency physician, you must refuse food for a few hours. In many cases, the stomach stops hurting as fast as it started. It is necessary to relax, because the extra stress can only increase the discomfort. Also sometimes as facilitates the ice water, helping to calm irritated mucous membranes.

But whatever pain was no light, we should not immediately do a drug popular recipes because many of them are not scientifically justified. If the stomach pain starts to subside, you can tryto use chicken broth. Pondering how to treat the stomach, you can drink the water and try to relax.

Severe pain

When pain in the upper abdomen, and simple things do not help, uses drugs. Before to accept them, must undergo a comprehensive study to know the reasons due to which stomach aches. But there are many situations when a doctor's visit is postponed for a few days and stomach still hurts. What to do in this case? Should:

  1. Follow a diet consisting of light porridge and soups.
  2. Take antacids (to reduce acidity).
  3. To use painkillers.
  4. To avoid dairy products.

Sometimes stomach pain occurs only at night. Such symptoms often indicate the presence of gastritis. In the daytime the pain may disappear, replaced only unpleasant sensations in the stomach. Very uncomfortable night for gastritis is associated with the absence in these hours of food. To alleviate the condition, you can drink some water.

Pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes changes which lead to painful sensations in the stomach. The complexity of treatment is that many drugs cannot be appointed because of their impact on the child. One of the possible causes of discomfort in the stomach is an increase of the uterus, which slightly displaces the internal organs. In addition to this reason, pain may be caused by diseases not associated with pregnancy.

Women in this position can be to use herbal remedies that reduce acidity. But all this can be done only with the permission of the doctor.

How to get rid of discomfort

One of the means is the adoption of potato compote. It is obtained by long boiling this vegetable in the skin until then, until it becomes a mushy state. Uzvar take before meals. This is done for several days, during which the stomach pain should subside.

Also pain helps aloe juice, which should be taken in an amount of 10 ml, before food. To do it from the chopped leaves of this plant. If you have strong stomach, an effective warm olive oil mixed with honey in small amounts. A common remedy for stomach pain is drinking chamomile tea.