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Night pain in the stomach

Ночные боли в желудке Stomach discomfort during sleep are not uncommon. Generally night pain in the stomach due to hunger. But why is there this unpleasant phenomenon?

Features and nature of the problem

The main factor is hunger. Night pain is a primary symptom of ulcers of the duodenum or stomach. Other factors affecting the gastro-intestinal region not accompanied by such problems. Accurate diagnosis and correct treatment can only assign a gastroenterologist. As a rule, the basis of elimination of the disease is not only accepting of a certain group of medicines, but also diet.

What can serve as the most vivid manifestation of the hungry pains at night? The main thing that distinguishes them is time of appearance. Usually discomfort occur 7 hours after taking food. The pain can be different. Doctors are divided on criteria such as:

  • The period of duration;
  • The degree of intensity;
  • The characteristics of the character.

As indicated by the characteristics of the discomfort?

If night causes pains in the stomach due to ulcer pathology, about 30% of patients the pain is expressive, intense, strong. This expression almost fundamentally changes the way a person's life. First and foremost he had to find a comfortable body position. A certain posture allows you to minimize pain and significantly facilitate well-being. However, over time the pain and stomach cramps returned with renewed strength.

As for the features night pain, they, too, are different. The pain is often called:

  • Aching;
  • Pulsating;
  • Shooting;
  • Burning;
  • Twitch.

Ночью болит желудок The data for the gastroenterologist uninformative as to define the pathology is not possible. The fact is that each person has a unique way determines the nature of the discomfort. The sensitivity threshold at each person.

That provokes the problem?

Individual attention night causes pains in the stomach. Why do they arise? Main provocateurs stomach pain at night are:

  • The stimulation of the receptors, which are located in the area of ulcerative pathology;
  • Violation of motor functions of the stomach;
  • A significant increase in the amount of hydrochloric acid and a corresponding increase in acidity of the juice in the stomach;
  • Spastic contractions local character in the area of ulcerative-erosive disease.

To eliminate most of these symptoms by drugfunds. These drugs can effectively block the pain.

The subtleties and nuances of treatment

That implies effective treatment of such diseases? First of all, the professionals try to eliminate the cause of the problem. The correct principles of treatment are based on the fact that in advance to prevent the formation and development of the pathological mechanisms leading to night pain in the stomach.

The basis of deliverance from the hungry pains that occur in the stomach at night, is the restoration of normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and particularly the stomach. As a rule, it is prescribed Metoclopramide. Works fine analog – Reglan.

Other features of the treatment should include the use of painkillers. The most common variant of this category – Analgin.

What else is implied in the right sort of treatment? It is very important prescribing antisecretory category. These funds are focused on a significant reduction in the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Their gastroenterologists prescribed to block the increase in level of acidity. Most effective in this respect, the blockers of the proton pump. Among these funds include:

  • Lansoprazole;
  • Pantoprazole;
  • Omeprazole.

There are other effective drugs.

That will help against anxiety symptom?

Correct night treatment of stomach pain involves the use of antispasmodic drugs. They aim to effectively getting rid of muscle spasms and act locally.

By the way the correct treatment can be attributed to the pathogenetic approach. This item is part of a project urgent help, which involved the use of antibacterial agents. These drugs are effective against nocturnal pains in the stomach, for the reason that it is susceptible Helicobacter pylori – a bacterium that causes many stomach problems.

What else could indicate night pain that occurs in the stomach several hours after a meal? Hunger pains can be an indicator of the location of the ulcer. In most cases, damage to the mucosa is located in the antral part of the stomach or in the duodenum. Gastroenterologists the final diagnosis is established only after conducting fibrogastroduodenoscopy (EGD).

Other features

The EGD method is very effective. Such a study allows the precise and detail to consider ulcerative defect and the extent of its distribution. In addition, it is recommended with this type of survey to conductbiopsy. This analysis will allow to verify the absence of development of cancer pathology.

If the pain is formed closer to the morning hours, it is often a symptom of ulcerative-erosive lesions. It is located in the region of the duodenum. The pain subsides after vomiting or ingestion of glass of milk.

Hunger pains in the stomach occurring at night, are a very serious problem. This disturbing symptom can indicate a variety of diseases. That is why they should not be ignored and immediately refer to a gastroenterologist.