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Sore stomach and back – what are the reasons?

Боль в желудке отдает в спинуEach of us occasionally suffers from pain in the stomach. Too abundant meals, stress can lead to such a condition. Usually in these cases, we know what to do: get some rest, take your medicine, improves the stomach, and it passes. But what if the pain in stomach radiates to the back? Here, the usual holiday will not help, need expert help.

The causes of the problems

Girdle pain in the stomach, which radiates to the back may be a symptom of many diseases. And only the doctor can figure out what is the true cause of your ailments.

To understand what led to the deterioration of health in the stomach, it is necessary to pay attention to all the symptoms. Stomach pain is rarely one. When you call the doctor at home you will need as much detail as possible to describe symptoms of pain encircling. And knowing what's going on with you at the moment, you can help yourself before the arrival of the specialist.


If disturbed the work of this body, girdle pain, radiating to the back, is one of the main symptoms. In addition, there are bitter taste in my mouth. Can be dizziness, dry mouth, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, intestinal spasms and even hearing loss. Under such conditions it is necessary to refer to gastroenterology. It is possible that the girdle pain is a signal of the appearance of gallstones, which remove the operable.

Biliary colic

Often arise against gallstones. To provoke girdle pains can of excessive stress or improper diet. The symptoms of this disease – sharp pain in region of ribs, right side, radiating to the back, shoulder blade and collarbone. In addition, there was an increase in body temperature, pale skin, dark urine, nausea and sometimes vomiting.


A very common disease among fans of fast food. This disease can also cause irregular and monotonous diet with lots of fatty foods. Symptoms of pancreatitis – girdle pain, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting.Боль в желудке

Diseases of the stomach

Most often the cause of sickness, in which simultaneously with the unpleasant sensations in the stomach, there are sharp girdle pains in the back, shoulder or shoulder blade, is the ulcer. If you are concerned about not only girdle pain, but added heartburn, nausea, sour vomiting, you should immediately call an ambulance. Exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease – a disease that can be dangerous to human life.


Girdle pain canto occur in this disease. Gradually, the pain moved to the lower part of the abdomen. Also characteristic of appendicitis nausea and sometimes vomiting, weakness and fever.

Surprisingly, what we take for encircling the stomach pain may be the cause of many diseases, to the stomach is not relevant. Only an expert, after inspection and examination, will be able to say exactly what the cause of your ailments. If you or someone close to you concerned about severe pain in the stomach, turning on his back, immediately call an ambulance. Procrastination can lead to serious consequences, if not fatal.

What to do?

ДиагностикаIt is clear that if there was a strong girdle pain, you are unlikely to suffer or to watch quietly at the suffering of a loved one, while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance. The first thing trying to make people under encircling pain in the stomach is put a heating pad or taking a "magic" pill that will surely eliminate the unpleasant sensations. To not do so categorically, as these actions can lead to the worst consequences. Therefore, all that can be done by girdling pains, is to ensure peace.

Be sure to follow all assignment specialist. Periodic inspection, tests, diet, medications – all these necessary steps as quickly as possible to restore normal health.

You must prescribe tests of blood, urine, feces, possibly, ultrasound and medical specialists. It is necessary first for accurate diagnosis and then to monitor your condition.

How not to get sick?

It is always better to prevent disease than to suffer from girdling pain in the stomach and back and waste time and money on treatment. Therefore, a basic attention to their health will reduce the risk of developing.

  1. Proper nutrition. It is sufficient to exclude from the diet of harmful foods, drink less alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables, switch from fried foods to braised and baked. Avoid overeating, eat small meals every two to three hours in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Less nervous. It is clear that with the pace of modern life there is no escape from the stress and anxiety. Constant disturbances lead to health problems, and this is again the nerves and emotions due to loss of efficiency. And now you are concerned about girdle pain in the stomach.
  3. Long walks will not only help to calm down after a hard day, but also saturate the body with oxygen, which is necessary for proper digestion in the stomach.
  4. Sign up in the pool. First, it is a great way to calm the nerves. And, secondly, swimmingstrengthens the muscles, spine and causes your posture to normal. If you have the correct posture, the less the load is applied on the internal organs, stomach and liver.
  5. Hygiene. Time to wash my hands to handle fruits and vegetables, to maintain cleanliness in the house – all this significantly reduces the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

These simple recommendations will help you reduce the risk of disease. And maybe you will not have to experience for yourself what a strong girdle pain in the stomach and what causes it.