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What if there were pressing pains in region of stomach

Давит в желудкеIn good health man energetic and cheerful. Often the obstacle to this is the pain in the abdomen, particularly in the stomach. If a person presses the stomach, he experiences discomfort. This symptom may indicate some diseases of the digestive system. Stomach heaviness is often experienced by women during pregnancy. You need to understand why there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.


Causes of stomach pain can be very diverse. If everything is in order with the functioning of the body, pressing pain in the stomach will not to disturb him.

Diagnosis of the stomach can not be called simple and fast. The person who complained to the gastroenterologist, will be assigned the following studies:

  • Ultrasound;
  • x-rays;
  • sensing;
  • analysis of gastric juice.

To find out the cause of pain, the doctor will find out the following details:

  • Time discomfort;
  • When a person feels pain (after meals, when swallowing, on an empty stomach);
  • The character of the pain (cutting, aching, dull, spasms);
  • The frequency of use of painkillers);
  • Symptoms that are not associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Causes of pain

To figure out what to do to manage discomfort in the stomach area, you need to find out the cause of the problem. Most often a person feels pain in the stomach in cases of poisoning with poor-quality food or water. Unpleasant sensations in the stomach may occur after eating, especially when food is too spicy, salty or sweet. If a person regularly eats and satisfies hunger with junk food, the likelihood of stomach problems increases several times.

Regular stomach pains occur when stress and fatigue. Discomfort in the abdominal area often experienced after strenuous physical exertion.

Other factors

Hobby Smoking also negatively affects the health of the digestive tract. Ulcers of intestines and stomach, and polyps with a high probability can cause unpleasant pressure in the region of the digestive system. Sometimes compressive pain in the stomach can be a symptom of cancer of the digestive system.

Causes of stomach pain may relate to other organ systems. For example, discomfort in the abdomen observed in viral diseases – flu, pneumonia, and influenza. The reception of potent drugs, especially antibiotics, damage the health of the digestive tract.

Negative psychological state also affects the state of the digestive organs. If a person is constantly nervous, panics and isdepression, it can cause problems with the functioning of the digestive tract.


Tightness is frequently observed in women during pregnancy. The causes of this phenomenon depend on the term. In the first months many women experience morning sickness, which causes discomfort in the stomach. In the last trimester of pregnancy can also be felt clenching pain. This happens due to the active growth of the uterus, which puts pressure on all the abdominal organs. Pregnant women often pressure in the stomach after eating.Давит в желудке при беременности

To reduce discomfort in the digestive organs during pregnancy, should follow some simple rules. Expectant mothers are encouraged to keep a food diary. This approach will help keep track of after a meal pain in the stomach.

Fractional a healthy diet is an excellent prevention pressing pain in the digestive organs. If a woman during pregnancy suffers from heartburn, you should consult with a doctor online and you can free to consult our website). Discomfort can be eliminated with the help of the gentle medicines for heartburn, which the doctor ordered.

During pregnancy all you need to do in order to lead an active lifestyle. After all, with constant sitting or lying down food stagnates in the stomach. Hiking will be a great prevention of heaviness in the stomach. Pregnant women are advised not to get carried away with meals that cause bloating and intestinal colic.

When pregnant you need to consult a doctor

If a woman during pregnancy, in addition to the severity and abdominal pain, there was periodic spasms that lead to its solidification, it is necessary immediately call an ambulance. These symptoms may indicate the beginning of labor.

During pregnancy the stomach can compress and food poisoning. In addition to this symptom, there malaise, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. In this case, immediately consult with your doctor.

Compression of the stomach after a meal

It is believed that the weight and bloating occurs after a large amount of food. However, there are other causes such problems. If a person regularly eats, he will soon get problems with the functioning of the digestive tract.

What not to do after eating is to drink a dish eaten with water or other beverage of choice. The fluid reduces the acidity of gastric juice, and digestion becomes difficult, there is heaviness in the stomach.

If a person regularly eats beside the TV while reading Newspapers, he does not notice how the swallows largepieces of food, then felt a nagging pain in the stomach.

A hearty late dinner is the most common cause of a pressure pain in the abdomen. After lots of evening eating in the morning you may feel nausea and lack of Apatite, which prevents people normally have Breakfast. If it is not possible to take food in the evening, before bed you should eat something light – low-fat cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt.

Treatment pulling pain

First of all you should find out what are the factors that provoke pain, and only after that you can proceed to the treatment of heaviness in the stomach. If the person feels cramps in the abdomen, the doctor prescribes a medication that has a calming effect on the gastric mucosa.Врач

After feasts should take choleretic drug. This rule is true during the Christmas holidays.

A therapeutic diet can also help to deal with the problem. If you eat mashed and steamed food, the digestive system begins to work better. With this diet you can do steam cutlets, vegetable soups, porridge and mashed potatoes. The food coats the stomach wall and prevents the inflammation of its mucosa.


Digestive system requires care too. Almost all of her disease is difficult to treat, so care should be taken to preventive measures to help keep health for many years.

Regular checkups to the doctor will help identify many of the gastrointestinal diseases in their early stage, which increases the likelihood of successful treatment.

Pay special attention to the process of eating. There is a need to regularly and slowly. In the diet should prevail useful for stomach food with minimal fat and sugar. Need to take care of physical activity. Daily recommended to do a light morning gymnastics, Hiking after dinner. If possible, you should avoid stress and fatigue, which cause diseases of the digestive system.