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How to deal with upset stomach in children

Расстройство желудка у ребенка
Indigestion brings a lot of trouble to all people, including children. This state is characterized by pain in the abdomen, exhaustion or a sharp deterioration of health. The gastrointestinal tract of the child is vulnerable to the effects of negative factors:

  • The reception of potent drugs and antibiotics.
  • Allergies;
  • Eat stale food;
  • Infectious diseases.

Many children often suffer from indigestion, so you need to figure out what causes this problem and how to fix it.

Poisoning and infection

In contact with rotavirus infection in the digestive tract of a child has an upset stomach accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the digestive organs. This causes diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and aching pain in the stomach. During rotavirus infection have to do everything to make the child drink as much liquid. Diarrhea and vomiting there is a rapid loss of liquid, especially when it comes to the body of the child.

Little children sometimes forget to wash my hands before eating and after playing with other people's toys. This causes penetration into the organism of pathogenic microbes that depressing impact on the functioning of the stomach. Causes an upset stomach all known E. coli. It is contained in the drinking water, and spoiled food.

What to do?

Most often stomach problems the child having in the summer. At this time, the products are very perishable, and they breed disease-causing microbes (Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella). A great danger to the health of the child represents the raw water, because it may contain Shigella dysenteriae. Therefore, the water that you drink child, you should always boil.

If you get an infection the intestines of the child sharply inflamed, so the kid immediately sick in the stomach. Other signs of disorder of the stomach secrete:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Cutting pains in the intestines;
  • Deterioration in General health and increase in body temperature.

The feces of the sick child becomes liquid and there may occur clots of mucus and blood. This characteristic suggests that the disorder of the stomach and intestines has the infectious nature.

First aid

Первая помощь
The first thing to do with indigestion, is to call an ambulance, often because the symptoms of this disease like appendicitis. Not yet confirmed the diagnosis of "disorder," the child in any case not to do the washingstomach. If you experience pain in the lower abdomen on the right do not give painkillers. Anesthesia interferes with accurate diagnosis, because it may be appendicitis.

If a baby has greatly increased the body temperature and stomach aches, he should give antipyretic. Diarrhea suppositories are not suitable, they should be replaced with a product in the form of syrup or tablets.

Before the ambulance toddler abundantly watered with clean water, sugarless juice or tea. It should also give activated charcoal tablets, the number of which corresponds to the mass of the body of the sick. Also child watered with a weak solution of kitchen salt and sugar. Give you need to drink every ten minutes. Drink give a small amount, because ill have a very sore stomach.

A doctor

In the infectious Department of the hospital primarily will conduct clinical tests of blood, urine and feces of the child. The only way to determine exactly what pathogen caused the disease. If the doctor will determine the infectious nature of the disease, he will prescribe a blood test taken from the vein of the child. Research is necessary to determine the antibody titre to infectious disease. After the diagnosis, the doctor determines what you need to treat a little patient.

Lung disorder

If the child after a time began to feel much better, it will still continue to drink and transfer on a light diet. Diet for indigestion consists of:

  • Baked apples;
  • Bananas;
  • Boiled vegetables;
  • Unsweetened beverages;
  • A biscuit;
  • "Live" yogurt or yoghurt;
  • Viscous rice porridge.

If the kid didn't have, no need to insist. It is likely that in the stomach felt the pain, and the baby is not yet ready to receive food.

If sick babies

Боль в животе у грудничка
Children fed breast milk are frequently subject to indigestion, especially if the nursing mother is not watching their diet. If the baby became restless, legs and running out crying, this may be a sign of stomach problems. The stool becomes liquid and mucous. At least in baby vomit. With pressure in the abdomen, the baby will draw the legs and crying in pain.

If the baby is sick, his mother should contact the doctor. The specialist will tell you how to treat the baby and how to ease the pain in his stomach.

If the baby after repeated vomiting or diarrhea has become pale and weak, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

The children who are on artificial feeding, you need to take a break in the use of the usual mixture, after replacing her milk. If the child receivesadditional food is to stop the introduction of new food.

Gastrointestinal disorders and teething

The children under the age of teething is often accompanied by disorder of the stomach and intestines. If the baby cries from pain in the gums, and his chair became a rich and fluid, this may indicate a new eruption of the milk teeth. Typically the improving standing of the crumbs on the third day after the discovery of these symptoms.

If a baby has sore gums, you can use anaesthetic ointment for the mouth of the child. To ease the pain in the intestines will help to apply a warm diaper and light stroking of the abdomen.

After antibiotics

Infectious diseases children are often prescribed antibiotics, which destroy not only pathogenic organisms, but healthy intestinal flora. This causes diarrhea, pain in the abdomen and loss of appetite. A sick baby is given plenty of water, eliminate from menu, pastry, fatty and dairy foods. With a sharp deterioration in the condition required medical assistance.


Some preventive measures help to protect your baby from stomach problems and pain. They include:

  • Regular washing of hands before meals;
  • Eating well-washed fruits;
  • Refusal of food purchased is not authorized to trade;
  • Rejection of raw milk and water from the tap.

If the kid goes to kindergarten, it is necessary to refuse to visit the institution during the spread of rotavirus infection. Upon detection of symptoms of indigestion in children should immediately consult a pediatrician for free this can be done online on our website.