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Stomach aches during pregnancy: ways to solve the problem

Боли в желудке во время беременностиDuring pregnancy every woman listens to your feelings and carefully monitors the health. If stomach aches during pregnancy, it can not be ignored. The cause of the pain can be poisoning or gastritis. Often stomach aches in the later stages, when the uterus compresses the internal organs of the female. In this case, it can also be felt heartburn.


Stomach pain during pregnancy occurs when the nervous disorders, gastritis, infectious diseases and poisoning. Pain often give into the intercostal region. Sometimes the pain can be so unpleasant that the women who are in late pregnancy, confuses her with contractions. Often the pain occurs in the stomach and in the early stages.

Sometimes but pain in the stomach can present these symptoms:

  • Blood in the stool;
  • The increase in body temperature;
  • Diarrhea and vomiting;
  • Lack of energy and drowsiness.

In this case you should immediately consult a doctor, because the above mentioned symptoms may indicate an infectious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the pregnant woman is assigned adequate treatment, which is often carried out in hospital. Infectious diseases are particularly dangerous for women who are in the early stages of pregnancy. However, correctly prescribed treatment will help to minimize the risks.

Possible problems

During pregnancy some women experience with gastritis – pain in the stomach. This disease can be of different nature. Gastritis is an infectious, nervous or erosive. Stomach may ache during pregnancy due to disorders of the intestine, especially for constipation. Often during pregnancy there is a problem with digestion.

During pregnancy there is not only stomach pain, but the tension in the right side of the abdomen, in this case, you need to immediately call an ambulance, because these symptoms may signal appendicitis. Under the supervision of an experienced physician this problem is fixed without damage to the health of the woman and her unborn child.

During pregnancy, women may experience disorders of the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys, which also can cause pain in the stomach. The first thing is to make the expectant mother is to go to the doctor, who finds out the cause of pain in the stomach and prescribe appropriate treatment.

In the early stages of pregnancy, an expectant mother may feel pain in the stomach caused by morning sickness.

Cutting and drawing pain in region of stomach during pregnancy can be a sign of aggravatedgastric or intestinal ulcers. In addition, women may experience vomiting and weakness. This condition requires immediate treatment by a gastroenterologist.Боли в желудке при беременности


Even the usual food during pregnancy can cause disorder of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by diarrhea and cutting pain in the abdomen. Indigestion during pregnancy occurs when the violation mode power supply, the use of incompatible or substandard products. To protect yourself from this problem during pregnancy need to pay maximum attention to diet. Pregnant women should eat:

  • Low-fat dairy products;
  • Cereals;
  • The fruits and vegetables.

If a woman can't eat fresh fruit because of gastritis, it is possible to make puddings, mousses and jellies.

Constipation is a delicate problem that is familiar to almost all pregnant women. The untimely emptying of the bowel becomes a cause of intoxication and deterioration of metabolism, so in this case, it should be assigned an effective treatment. Exclude from the diet foods rich in starch and sugar and add more fiber – natural "helper" to the intestine.

How to deal with the problem

Treatment of stomach pain in pregnant women differs from that prescribed all other people. In the period of gestation is contraindicated in women powerful drugs, so they are looking for an alternative. Treatment primarily depends on the cause of the pain. If the expectant mother discovered increased acidity of gastric juice, it is possible to drink a decoction of St. John's wort or chamomile. The treatment of insufficient production of gastric juice is performed using the broth of fennel and oregano. You can also make a healing tea of motherwort and lemon balm.

Treatment of heartburn is due to the regular consumption of alkaline mineral water. Can with severe heartburn to eat some raw (not roasted!) pumpkin seeds, walnuts.

The stomach and nervous system

Pregnant women are frequently subjected to stress, which occur in stomach cramps. They provide the expectant mother the discomfort, however, held immediately after the normalization of the psychological state.

If a woman during pregnancy is often faced with a feeling of irritability, nervousness, it needs to tell your doctor about it. Pregnant women can be prescribed sedatives due to which the treatment is carried out such disorders of the nervous system.


Питание при беременностиTo protect yourself from the occurrence of painful sensations in the stomachthe period of gestation will help some preventive measures. From the first weeks of pregnancy, an expectant mother should eat only quality food. It is recommended to eat small portions, especially if you have morning sickness.

If a woman is not prone to swelling, she should drink as much drinking. As drinks like water, weak tea, and juice.

In the period of carrying a child expectant mother should exclude from the menu fried, smoked, fatty foods. During pregnancy many acute appetite for certain foods, including harmful to health. We can not allow excessive consumption of food – health of the future child is more important than the satisfaction of momentary desires which nothing but harm, not bring.


Waiting for the little woman needs to take care of your emotional state. When possible, all you need to do in order to avoid stressful situations, fatigue, and emotions.

The reason for stomach pain may be wearing tight clothes, which compresses the abdomen and disrupts blood circulation. In the period of carrying a baby needs to abandon the narrow trousers, tops, dresses and jackets. Preference is given comfortable and loose clothing made of natural materials.

Pregnancy is not a disease, so the woman is in good health needs to lead an active lifestyle. Walks in the fresh air, swimming, yoga – all this will benefit not only the expectant mother but also her baby. After these sessions speeds up the metabolism and improving digestion, and the likelihood of problems with the stomach is reduced.

If a woman during pregnancy had some health problems, including stomach, it should not self-medicate. First and foremost, an expectant mother accesses leading pregnancy the gynecologist, and the doctor, in turn, will refer the patient to a specialist narrow profile, which will appoint a suitable treatment.