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Burning sensation inside the stomach: how to beat "fire"?

Жжение в желудке
Approximately 80% of the population often suffers from such symptoms as burning in the stomach, which in some cases is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the chest and even the neck, and a burning sensation in the esophagus. In the people this disease called indigestion, from time immemorial, people come up with various ways of dealing with it.

It is worth remembering that burning sensation in the stomach is not a disease. Most often it occurs after a hearty meal, and after eating greasy, spicy or acidic foods. But remember that you do not tackle the root causes of internal discomfort through rejection of individual products. The body signals the danger and asks to be caring for their health. In 5% of cases, the burning sensation causes not a slight temporary anxiety, and terrible pain, which can be eliminated only through prescribed by doctors medicines. So do not ignore stomach pain and burning in the esophagus and stomach.

Why bother heartburn?

This is what happens inside the body when burning sensation in the stomach: the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscle that separates the esophagus and the stomach) is not doing its direct function. As a result, the acid contained in the stomach is in the esophagus, causing disturbance of acid-base balance. Once in the esophagus, the stomach acid irritates the walls of the mucous membrane and leads to pain, burning sensation.

To deal with the manifestation of a disease, you should find out its causes. Most often a burning sensation in the stomach going after the people who lead unhealthy lifestyle. Force yourself to get rid of all harmful habits such as Smoking and frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Do not overuse strong tea and coffee drinks, pastries, spicy seasonings and very fatty foods.

Consider the primary reasons that cause pain in the stomach.

Improper diet

Always remains the primary cause of the disease. Eliminate from the diet soda, ketchup, mustard, salty and hot, spiced food. Fifteen minutes of pleasure from your favorite bold or spicy dishes are not worth hours of agony from abdominal discomfort.

Chronic gastritis or chronic ulcer

The mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus is damaged and irritated by the hydrochloric acid contained in the gastric juice.

Pancreatitis and cholecystitis

Burning sensation in the stomach can cause ingestion of pancreatic juice or bile. Such emissions may occur in diseases of the digestive system, particularly in diseases of the pancreas.

Long-term use of antibiotics

If you are taking antimicrobialdrugs without concomitant use of protective medicines, it may cause burning sensation in the stomach. Engaged in the fight against any infectious disease, you can trigger the occurrence of diseases of the digestive tract.


The most dangerous illness that can cause pain in the stomach, is a malignant tumor. Cancer is accompanied not only by sharp cutting pain, but also vomiting, nausea and disorders.

A long depression and stress

The state of psychological stress leads to disruption of acid-base balance. The process of the formation of gastric juice is broken, and the regeneration of the mucosa is slowing, which leads to erosions and ulcers;

Pregnancy or hormonal changes in women

Heartburn and a burning sensation in the esophagus a woman sustains as a result of the growth of the fetus – the baby puts pressure on the stomach, which leads to the release of gastric acid into the esophagus. Burning in the stomach, most often observed in the last trimester of pregnancy.

How to fix the symptom?

All of the above causes of burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus are difficult to install yourself. You should consult a gastroenterologist. An experienced doctor will quickly determined with the diagnosis and choose the necessary medicines. To diagnose the disease you will need to pass the necessary tests and complete examination, which consists of:

  • Analysis of gastric juice for the acidity and enzyme composition;
  • X-ray examination of the stomach and esophagus;
  • Gastrofibroscopy;
  • Gastroscopic studies;
  • Testing stool for the presence of helminthes.

Do not neglect traditional methods of getting rid of the burning in the esophagus. With a quick and effective way to soothe burning sensation in the stomach and throat is a Cup of boiled water to dilute a teaspoon of baking soda. Water should drink slowly in small SIPS. If you can not stand the taste and smell of baking soda, mix it with milk.

The juice of raw potatoes is often used for getting rid of pain in gastritis and ulcer, also this folk remedy helps to get rid of heartburn. Please note that these funds only for a short time will help to fight abdominal discomfort. The best treatment is finding the cause of the disease, adherence to medical prescription and proper lifestyle.