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What kind of disease can testify cutting pains in the stomach

Режущая боль в желудкеUnpleasant cutting feeling in my stomach torturing many. Often they go into chronic diseases, such as gastritis. If the nature of the pain increases, it means flowing disease is complicated and should be immediately referred to a specialist, who will prescribe treatment.

Why there are unpleasant symptoms?

The main causes of pain:

  • Poor diet,
  • Bad habits
  • Stress,
  • Pregnancy when there is a possibility of displacement of organs by the growing uterus.

Harmful, fatty foods adversely affects the functioning of the whole organism. When eating spicy and fried food there is a great possibility of gastritis. Failure to comply with the routine, overeating and drinking carbonated drinks can also provoke the disease.

Habits such as drinking alcohol and Smoking may become more frequent doctor visits. Because the stomach has its own microflora, the balance of which is easy to spoil such negative factors.

Stressful situation brings great harm to the body. Very often the symptoms of nervous tension affect pain in the abdomen. The way the body reacts to nervous workload to signal a problem. The main reason is that the intestines and stomach associated with the emotional state.

Very often, several reasons affect the appearance of problems, which is stomach. Constant stress, "ate" junk food throughout the day, frequent overeating, Smoking in combination with alcohol sooner or later will have an effect on the stomach.

What diseases can occur?

Disease, which indicate pain:

  • Gastric ulcer,
  • Duodenal ulcer,
  • Cholecystitis,
  • Pancreatitis,
  • Chemical poisoning, which damage the mucosa.

The character of the pain in the abdomen tends to change its intensity. With aching and dull pain in the stomach can be affected by chronic gastritis or the initial stage of the ulcer.

When the diagnosis can be determine the disease and its causes, and its character. The physician will then prescribe treatment and a strict diet. But timely access to a therapist, gastroenterology or oncologist is required if there is abdominal discomfort for quite a long time.Диагностика

When you should and should not be suspect ulcer?

The main symptoms of stomach ulcers include these symptoms:

  • After eating there is pain in the abdomen. Particularly acute is manifested in a couple of hours.
  • Regular cutting and discomfort.
  • Inthe mouth appears sour taste.
  • Vomiting.
  • Frequent heartburn.

Abdominal discomfort if the ulcer occurs a few hours after eating and is accompanied by stabbing pain. This disease is characterized by the fact that the pain in abdomen appears regularly. Often the exacerbations occur in spring and autumn. Accompanied by sour belching and nausea.

Dangerous ulcer because the stomach is so damaged that it formed a hole. This is accompanied by a sharp pain. Stomach contents can enter the abdominal cavity. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous for life. Therefore it is urgent to call an ambulance and to operate on a patient.

Ulcer of the duodenum occurs stabbing and cramping pain. Often the man takes it like a stomach ache. Unpleasant symptoms occur 2 hours after eating and often tormented at night. When eating spicy and acidic food sensations. In addition, pains in the abdomen develop after physical activity, alcohol and big breaks between meals.

Which is why there is an ulcer and how to prevent its occurrence?

To identify disease which affects the stomach, it is necessary to monitor changes in your body. After cutting pains not arise suddenly. First, they are reasonable – that is gastritis. This disease can develop into ulcers, if you ignore its treatment.Боли в желудке

In gastritis there is aching pain in the left upper quadrant that increases after meals. Particularly severe symptoms when drinking acidic and sugary foods. In the stomach felt the spreading and severity. There is an unpleasant taste in the mouth, begin to have trouble with heartburn.

In addition, for gastritis appear heart pain and jumps in blood pressure. The body gets tired quickly, there is irritability, drowsiness and sweating, especially after eating.

If such symptoms are felt in the abdomen, you should consult a specialist who will prescribe medications to reduce the acidity and to restore the mucosa. You also need to watch your diet and diet.

How to diagnose cholecystitis?

Cholecystitis is characterized by the appearance of pain in the right side. During exacerbation of the disease occur stabbing sensations. Manifested after taking fatty foods in large quantity. Main symptoms:

  • Bitter taste in the mouth.
  • An unpleasant feeling in his right side after a meal.
  • Burp.
  • Fever (39-40°C).
  • The weakness of the body.
  • Nausea.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritability.

If you notice these symptoms, you should consult a doctor. Not worth itindependently start treatment, because similar symptoms have other disease – pancreatitis.

Cholecystitis is caused by blockage of the duct stone. The main reasons contributing to the emergence of the disease: jaundice, hepatic colic and itching. Thus darkens the color of urine and feces are discolored.

What is pancreatitis?

Such diseases as pancreatitis, is caused by the inflammation of the pancreas. Exhausting sensation in the upper abdominal region occur after eating sweet and fatty foods, and also manifest when consuming very hot or cold foods. If the disease is run, then pancreatitis develop into chronic and will be accompanied by stinging sensations.

Symptoms if you experience pancreatitis:

  • Pain that manifest in the supine position.
  • The appearance of heaviness in the stomach.
  • The manifestation of unpleasant sensations in the afternoon and evening hours.
  • Excessive salivation.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Increased body temperature (up to 38°C).

To consult a doctor when such symptoms an urgent need. Because this disease is quite dangerous and unpredictable.

How to treat?

After diagnosis of the disease the doctor prescribes drugs. In addition, you need to follow the following measures to eliminate the causes of the disease and prevent its further development:

  • Diet change (eliminate fried, fatty, sour, sweet, spicy food and milk).
  • To comply with the food culture. For this you need to slowly chew the food. It is very important to eat often and in small portions.
  • Exclude to the maximum stress.
  • Give up bad habits (Smoking and alcohol consumption).

Such recommendations will help to get rid of pain, and stomach can be cured. In addition, diet and calm must be observed regularly and not allowed to ignore those rules even during the holidays.

If you experience unpleasant and painful sensations in the abdomen should immediately consult a specialist. You should not self-prescribe yourself treatment, because it can only make the problem worse.