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Why stomach hurts and hurts diarrhea

боли в желудке
When the stomach is in itself unpleasant. But if to unpleasant sensations is added to the diarrhea, then the situation becomes even worse. In this state, it is necessary to have an idea, why is there disease, what to do and how to help themselves, and when you need to immediately consult a doctor.


Probable circumstances that explain the simultaneous presence in a patient of such unpleasant symptoms like stomach pain and diarrhea, may be at least a few. The most common factor in the emergence of stomach pain and diarrhea is food poisoning.

It should be borne in mind that diarrhea by itself is not cause for panic and an indicator of ill health. So sharp reaction of the organism can be seen even on a benign, but unusual food, stress situation, etc. This is a rather unpleasant condition is characterized by the forced necessity of frequent bowel movement. But diarrhea does not carry pain and other pathological consequences. If you don't know what to do with this diarrhea, then consult your doctor, especially if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Acute form of diarrhea is the risk of dehydration;
  • The condition lasts for more than 2 weeks turns into chronic.

If the diarrhea is accompanied by additional symptoms such as pain, temperature, bleeding, this is the basis for a more serious attitude to his condition, including an immediate call to the doctor, and while waiting for the doctor can free to ask in more detail about your issue in our form for a complimentary consultation.


When cancer is almost always a stomach ache and you may experience diarrhea. Also probably another violation of the chair in the form of constipation, as well as these symptoms:

  • The severity;
  • Spasms and burning in the stomach;
  • Visual increase in the size of the abdomen.

With the development of neoplastic processes due to violation of the integrity of the blood vessels can occur gastrointestinal bleeding.

Usually in the early stages these symptoms do not show themselves. Stomach cancer may begin with weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite and inexplicable weight loss. With the development of the tumor causes pain of different localization and intensity. The pain is often encircling and gives back.

Fever and diarrhea

When stomach pain supplements fever, is characterized by the patient's condition more dangerous. This usually indicates an infectious disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

When it comes to adult, the severity of the condition should give solution what to do: stay home and be treated independently orto go to the doctor. Infectious diseases, symptoms of which are fever and diarrhea, immature body of a child carries a much heavier so if you have these symptoms, it is recommended not to delay medical help from professionals.

The specific reasons why at the same time you experience stomach pain, diarrhea and fever, there may be several. Among the most likely:

  • Intestinal infection;
  • Rotavirus;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Appendicitis;
  • Poisoning.

What can be done independently

And fever, diarrhea, and stomach pain, especially pronounced, leading to dehydration. In this condition it is important to drink plenty of water. Do not try to fill at once the maximum amount of liquid, especially if sick. As a reverse reaction stomach can be accompanied by vomiting. Better to have the liquid received in the body gradually, but regularly. It is useful to drink juice, broth hips, calendula, you can make chamomile tea and plain tea with lemon.

Most useful when diarrhea and pain in the stomach (and in severe conditions it becomes necessary!) will ingestion of special solutions to prevent dehydration and its consequences. These drugs diarrhea, as Regidron, Regidron Bio, Oralit, Gastrolit are sold without prescriptions and should be in every home first aid kit.

What is self-medication can harm

Medicines designed to stop diarrhea (Imodium, Loperamide, Diary, etc.), to take as treatment are strictly prohibited. They can't cure, as it is aimed only at eliminating diarrhea. Moreover, make acceptance of antidiarrheal drugs when the infectious nature of the disease it makes no sense in fighting against the pathogen. It only eliminates the symptom, the diarrhea stopped, and with it stopped the output of toxins and other harmful substances. The body tends to cleanse itself, medications for diarrhea only hinder him in this.

To make a meal enforced in this state is wrong. If stomach aches, no appetite, so the body does not need food – it will be enough to replace a full diet of rice water.

When going to the doctor should not be delayed

Everyone has their own criteria of symptoms of diarrhea and stomach pain to disease that requires immediate intervention by a competent medical employees. Different causes stomach pain differently, and pain is experienced differently, due to the fact that the pain threshold in all individual.

A number of States from the point of view of any physician is sufficient grounds to call it. To postpone the adoption of professionalmedical care is impossible in the following cases:

  • In addition to the diarrhea, there is vomiting,
  • The chair is clearly visible blood or blood streaks,
  • Symptoms keep for more than three days,
  • Has elevated temperature around 39°C,
  • Weight loss is,
  • There have been cases of loss of consciousness.

All of these symptoms along with stomach pain can signal a serious diseases and conditions. Therefore, flippant attitude and procrastination can cost health and even lives. Or maybe you just poisoned, the video shows how easy it is to survive the poisoning. But it is recommended, in any case, consult a doctor.