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A particular diet for pain in the stomach: not only limitations!

Диета при болях
Pain is the first sign of any disturbances in the body. Very often people face pain in the abdomen. In addition to medications, to cope with such pain can proper nutrition. Diet for pain in the stomach must in order to preserve the health of this important organ of the digestive system.

Why pain is important to eat right?

Diet for pain in the stomach is extremely important. Diet is the main condition for a speedy recovery of the patient. What you prefer to eat during exacerbations of gastritis, ulcers, depends on General body condition and the intensity of the pain.

If you continue with poor diet, when my stomach hurts, it will worsen the patient's condition. The pain will intensify, forcing to take analgesics, antispasmodics, and other tools to help you manage the condition.

In turn, diet during stomach pain will stimulate it to produce the required amount of juice with normal acid content. Sometimes one only the diet will help a patient to recover, eliminates severe pain in the stomach, which will limit the number of medications you take. In many cases, proper nutrition, when there is pain in the stomach, is not for the patient difficult.

What foods are permitted during exacerbations of pain syndrome

No need to think that the patient can not eat practically nothing. And diet, when my stomach hurts, pretty diverse. Among the foods that are the pain in the stomach, the diet offers:
Правильная еда

  • Day old bread, and stale sponge cake;
  • Nesdobnoe confectionery;
  • Pureed soups (that is, all the vegetables they carefully wiped through a sieve);
  • You can cook the patties for a couple;
  • Resolved milk soups, especially with a well-boiled vermicelli;
  • Non-acidic and low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Beets;
  • Cauliflower;
  • Scrambled, cooked without fat, better baked;
  • Milk pudding;
  • Jam;
  • You can eat jellies, fruit puree, jam, marshmallows and honey;
  • Useful dog rose broth, weak tea or coffee, and cocoa with milk.

For good health and prevention of stomach pain can not eat after six in the evening. Overnight diet is recommended a Cup of yogurt or one Apple. The diet also does not provide a meal after heavy exercise, when a feeling of fatigue. It is recommended that before you eat, get some rest.

What is prohibited during gastric pains

At the same time, some products can not eat, as they can cause severe pain and even poisoning.We all know that, for example, after a heavy festive dinner, there is a strong sense of discomfort with nausea, pain and even vomiting. These symptoms are worse after fatty, smoked, salted, and alcohol.

Patient with gastritis, ulcers must be deleted from your daily diet such meals or eat them in very small amounts.
Неправильная еда

  • Fresh pastries (it can be replaced yesterday);
  • Mushroom and meat broths;
  • Fruits with high acid content;
  • Ice cream;
  • Marinades;
  • Canned;
  • Radish, radish, sorrel, spinach;
  • Any kind of soft drinks and strong coffee;
  • Alcohol.

You need to eat at least three times in a day, you can go on or five meals a day. To avoid toxicity and the emergence of sharp pains in the stomach, it is necessary to ensure that food was fresh. Any food should be thoroughly chewed.

What products are permitted unless you are poisoned

After the poisoning is very important a balanced diet to quickly organize the work of the stomach and intestines. Proper nutrition in its importance is in second place after detoxification activities.

If poisoning is not all products with irritating properties. The first condition diet during poisoning is to drink plenty of liquids. Make sure that the water was only room temperature, as too hot or too cold drink additionally irritating to the stomach and it starts to hurt. The patient also can drink salt compositions – Regidron and the like. Remember that on the first day after poisoning, the patient diet not allowed to eat at all.

Чай при отравлении
Only the second day when the pain in my stomach subsides a bit, you can give a small amount of broth or liquid mashed vegetables. Then diet gradually expanded, but in the early days, when the main signs of poisoning will slightly subside, the patient needs the most sparing diet. It should also be fractional, that is, the person in no case do not overeat.

The symptoms of poisoning and the stomach pain will relieve these foods and drinks:

  • Green tea;
  • Dill tea;
  • Herbal teas – chamomile, dog rose, lime with honey;
  • Porridge, cooked in water;
  • Dining sparkling mineral water.

Remember that in case of any problems with the stomach you cannot ignore the therapeutic power. Diet in many cases, supports digestive system, eliminates pain.