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Why can vomiting on an empty stomach?

Тошнота на голодный желудок In the morning when people haven't eaten, can often be nausea. This condition may indicate the development of many diseases. Consider why puking on an empty stomach how dangerous it is and how to get rid of this condition.

Occurs as a symptom

Nausea – this is when a person feels a painful, unpleasant sensation in the stomach and in the throat. May be preceded by vomiting, often occurs in the morning. Nausea may be constant, to prevent a normal nutrition and thus pose a threat to life.

During the nausea decreases the tone of the stomach is absent or significantly slows its motility. Tone 12 duodenal ulcer, on the contrary, increases. A characteristic phenomenon for nausea – duodenogastric reflux.

During the urge to vomit at the person's closed mouth during inhalation and occurs spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm. During exhalation, there is a reduction of the anterior abdominal wall.

This condition can occur on an empty stomach. Reasons why you may feel sick in the morning, a variety.

Nausea on an empty stomach as a sign of certain diseases

Nausea in the morning accompanied by many diseases. Consider some of them.

  1. Esophagitis – an inflammatory process in the tube of the esophagus. Person sick in the morning and sometimes after meals. There are complaints about the feeling of a lump in the throat and behind the breastbone. Often this condition is worse after eating.
  2. Duodenitis is inflammation of the duodenum 12. The causes of duodenitis is not fully understood. Nausea in the morning – the main complaint of patients with duodenitis. It predisposes to and nervous tension. Unpleasant sensations in the stomach completely disappear, if the person eats a little food.
  3. Gastritis inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The patient concerned about discomfort in the stomach in the morning, especially after the intake of salty, fried and smoked food. Gastritis precedes the development of more serious pathologies, including ulcers. Frequent nausea in the morning, combined with pain.
  4. Inflammation of the pancreas is a condition threatening human life. Nausea in the morning is very intense and ends with a painful vomiting. In the upper part of the abdomen a sharp pain.
  5. Cholecystitis is also accompanied by pain and unpleasant sensations in the stomach. They end up vomiting the contents of the bile. These same symptoms are associated with motility disorders of the biliary tract.
  6. Nausea in the morning may also be accompanied by a hypertensive crisis. This is quite dangerous: patients do not know why they have this condition and mistake it for food poisoning. In such cases, the delay in treatment may applya heart attack, stroke.

During pregnancy

Тошнота на голодный желудок во время беременности Many pregnant women with morning overcomes a painful sensation in the stomach, often insurmountable. In many cases, it ends with vomiting. Such unpleasant feelings can occur in any pregnancy and at any time of the day, significantly worsening the emotional state of women.

Much worse, if the result of such unpleasant symptoms women refuse to eat. This is a huge threat to their health and the health of the unborn child.

Discomfort in the morning continued until about the fourth month of pregnancy. The reasons for this increased level of estrogen in the body. In the fourth month, these symptoms are reduced a bit. If they continue, you should visit your doctor. The same should be done if nausea prevents eating.

During extreme nausea in the morning is recommended pregnant hospital stay. Assigned antiemetic and restorative drugs. While doctors choose most effective treatment methods.

For nausea during pregnancy can come from home care. The most important thing for a smooth pregnancy and avoid nausea in the morning is the control of food intake. Without harm for health is assigned to vitamin B6 and an antihistamine doxylamine. Before taking herbal teas should consult with your physician for appropriateness of their admission.

If sick children

Тошнит ребенка на голодный желудок Nausea on an empty stomach in children is also a symptom of diseases of the digestive tract. Here are some reasons for nausea the child in the morning:

  • Jumps in blood pressure. Children may develop hypertension, accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the stomach.
  • Migraine in children is also accompanied by discomfort and nausea.
  • When a child is sick in the morning and he has no temperature, it can be a symptom of traumatic brain injury.
  • A brain aneurysm, in addition to unpleasant sensations in the stomach, is also accompanied by a sharp headache.
  • Intoxication with poison, viral diseases.
  • Be careful, as nausea in the morning causes an increase in intracranial pressure.
  • Aborted the nervous system and a reduced ability of children to adapt – the main causes in children nausea in the morning.
  • This state is caused by some viral diseases, and meningococcalinfection.

How to get rid of

Different causes of morning sickness have different ways of deliverance.

So, to cope with morning sickness during pregnancy, it is important to always maintain a constant amount of blood sugar. Before you get up in the morning, you can eat anything sweet. Help and product with high protein content. After taking a meal it is recommended to lie down so that nutrients hit the blood.

From hangover and related nausea relieve enterosgel, Alka-Seltzer, mineral water, pickle juice. After the removal of toxins from the body recommended something to eat.

In the case of a combination of morning sickness with a headache it is advisable to contact a neurologist to do an EEG. Why is such a study necessary? It should be everyone, since it contributes to early detection of life-threatening cerebrovascular disorders. For the detection of all causes of gastric discomfort, the patient is also offered to undergo a full diagnostic examination of the body. Only then can be assigned to a highly effective treatment for the entire body.

If you are sick and there is vomiting with blood, bile, if you experience a high fever, yellow eyes, dizziness, you should urgently contact a doctor. All are symptoms of diseases that threaten life.