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Effective drugs for the treatment of ulcers and gastritis

Лекарства Gastritis and stomach ulcers little one only diet for recovery. Modern medicine uses many drugs for the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer, providing a stable therapeutic effect. They are available to everyone. However, they are appointed only by the doctor himself not to ascribe to themselves.

All medication against gastritis and ulcers are appointed only after a thorough diagnostic examination by a physician.

Medication against inflammation of the gastric mucosa

Treatment of gastritis is aimed at the normalization of the allocation of perchloric acid in the stomach. Depending on increased or decreased secretion of acid by the stomach depends on the prescribing doctor. Universal drug for the treatment of gastritis is not, and to invent it is impossible.

At low pH of the stomach the doctors attributed to the gastric juice (natural or artificial). It is necessary to drink during meal, in strictly measured doses. This juice contains the necessary stomach hydrochloric acid and enzymes that help in digestion.

In normal or increased acidity of gastric juice are attributed to antacids. The most common of them – Rennie, Almagell, Vikair, Maalox. Often apply medications that block secretion of hydrochloric acid. The most common representative of this family of drugs – Ranitidine.

Examples of drugs

However, gastritis is not only characterized by heartburn and pain in the stomach. Treatment of gastritis is impossible without many drugs.

  1. Anti-diarrheal prescribed drugs that slow down peristalsis. Among them is Loperamide, Loflatil.
  2. Effective against vomiting, Motilium, Reglan.
  3. One of the symptoms of gastritis is excessive formation of gases. For this purpose appointed Did.
  4. For relief of this common symptom of gastritis, such as pain, usually prescribe antispasmodics. Among them – But-shpa, Papaverine, and Strong. Among the analgesics prescribed Baralgin and others. Some doctors beware from the use of Dipyrone, as it has severe side effects.
  5. To restore digestion prescribed zantac (Pancreatin).
  6. To stop the activity of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, antibiotics are prescribed.
  7. In order to ensure patient rest, resort to the use of sedatives. Among them – Not, Valerian extract, motherwort tincture.
  8. To improve appetite prescribe drugs that contain bitterness.

Medicines against ulcers

The treatment of stomach ulcers depends on the patient's age, General condition, localization of the mucosal injury. Please note: the patient is not able to independently appoint aanti-ulcer drugs. Do not trust the omnipresent television commercials and also follow the advice of friends who "also had an ulcer, but they quickly recovered from such a miraculous medicine." This treatment brings only harm.

An integrated approach

Лекарства The main principle of the antiulcer therapy is a comprehensive approach. Needed are medicines that neutralize the effects of harmful factors that contribute to stomach ulcers.

To achieve the desired therapeutic effect in gastric ulcer, the doctor usually attributed to such groups of medicines.

  1. Antibacterial medications. They cannot be ignored because their action is directed against harmful bacteria Helicobacter pylori. And in fact it is one of the pathogenic factors contributing to the development of stomach ulcers. Among them, De-Nol, Metronidazole and other drugs from the group of antibiotics. Selection of any antibiotic is strictly individually.
  2. Blockers and inhibitors of the receptors responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid. Is – Ranitidine, Omeprazole (Omez), Nexium, Rabeprazol and others.
  3. Antacids decrease the acidity of gastric juice. Their distinctive feature – fast action. This is the aluminium phosphate gel, Almagel, Maalox and others.
  4. Prokinetics. They accelerate the process of removing food, eliminate nausea and vomiting. To do this, the therapist assigns Reglan, Motilium.
  5. One of the symptoms of ulcers is pain. To relieve pain, prescribe antispasmodics – Papaverine, Nospanum, and others.

Why not to self-medicate

In any case, treatment of digestive diseases should only take place under careful supervision of a physician. Because only he will prescribe the right medicine and can, if necessary, adjust the treatment program.

To appoint a drug is unacceptable. After all, few who carefully reads the instructions to the drug before you start to use it. But the instructions include all the details about it: action, method of administration, possible side effects. It is on them not paying attention a lot of patients who have decided to pursue an independent treatment.

Uncontrollably especially harmful to take antibiotics, sulfonamide drugs, which include poisons. Instead of good they can bring great harm. The elderly, pregnant, children, self-medication, especially strictly prohibited.