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What to do at home if stomach ache

Боль в желудкеStomach pain appears in different pathological States. Many of them are not treated at home. However, in some cases it is possible to carry out effective treatment of the stomach folk remedies, consult your physician. Consider what traditional therapy will help to quickly get rid of stomach pain.

What leads to pain in the abdomen

On our well-being, health is influenced by the quantity and quality of consumed food. We often don't think about the composition of what you eat, consumption of processed food and fast food. In many cases this is done in favor of omnipresent advertising. We quickly had a snack and on the go bars, pie, soup of semi-finished products, etc.

All this affects the state of our stomach. It lends itself to all sorts of diseases. And, if you treat the main symptoms of gastritis, in particular, pain, can be the correct treatment for a few weeks, the ulcer requires long-term approach and often only "heals".

Treatment of food poisoning at home

Treatment of severe poisoning, chemical poisons is carried out only in a hospital. However, at home you can cure food poisoning that can cause pain in the stomach and nausea. It is necessary to begin therapeutic activities to the least possible amount of toxin already absorbed into the bloodstream.

The first thing the victim should do, is to empty the stomach. This can be done by drinking plenty of water with the addition of potassium permanganate or soda. This procedure is done up until vomit is clear.

If the urge to vomit no, it means that the toxin has left the stomach and passed into the intestines. Some are trying to stop diarrhea with the advertised funds. This can not be done: diarrhea assists in the removal of poisons from the body.

In the hospital hospitalityat in such cases:

  • poisoning in a child of three years;
  • poisoning in the elderly and pregnant women;
  • poisoning by mushrooms, plants and chemicals;
  • when the poisoning is accompanied by stomach pain;
  • too often, diarrhea, and blood in the stool;
  • increasing weakness;
  • high temperature.

Treatment of gastritis at home

ГастритAlmost everyone can help himself in case of gastritis. In most cases, the treatment of this disease in the home is associated with diet and ingestion of decoctions of medicinal herbs.

An acute attack of pain can be removed with the help of medications. This should be done under medical supervision. In the absence of exacerbations cure gastritis can be home.

In the firstall need to pay attention to a balanced diet. It should promote the fastest possible recovery of the gastric mucosa. It is strongly recommended to eliminate from the diet foods such:

  • fried foods;
  • all meats, pickles and marinades;
  • carbonated water;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • juices that are sold in packages;
  • semi-finished products, sausages;
  • baking;
  • canned foods;
  • dishes with flavors and preservatives.

This is a simple recommendation. If you feel stomach aches, means increased irritation. It is necessary to adjust the diet, eliminating too cold and hot dishes. In the early days you need only liquid cereal, pureed foods, do not injure the mucosa. Completely eliminated fatty and rich broth and fatty meat.

Very healthy juices

If it's a stomach with low acidity, you can drink pineapple, raspberry, cherry juice. Pain of the stomach with high acidity, you can remove the carrot, cabbage, Apple juice with the addition of in the juice of aloe.

If your stomach hurts you can try an effective remedy at home – a decoction of flax seed. It is well envelops the mucous membranes, which helps to relieve the pain. Moreover, this infusion well corrigiruet the acidity of gastric juice.

Gastritis is good to drink:

  • a decoction of licorice root,
  • water with honey,
  • a decoction of sea buckthorn berries.

Folk remedies for the treatment of gastritis a lot and each of them shows its effectiveness. However, before treatment at home, consult a physician.

If you have an ulcer

Язва желудкаAn ulcer is a constant discomfort and pain. There are many folk remedies, which, if not capable of curing an ulcer stomach or 12-duodenum, you can help to relieve pain, heartburn and discomfort.

To treat this disease you must immediately after its occurrence. This is due to the fact that it can grow into cancer disease. The ulcer is very sick, and this stomach pain enhance alcohol, Smoking, nervous stress.

Recipes for stomach ulcer treatment many. You can make herbal teas, infusions from herbs and foods for relieving pain and treating ulcers.

Recipes ulcer

Here are some folk remedies which you can use to treat the ulcer.

  1. If you have a sore stomach, useful for six weeks to drink fresh cabbage juice. Every time you need to make one glass of juice, eat 4 times a day a glass.
  2. Also helps a glass of hot water on an empty stomach. Treat ulcers in this way must be very long – up to six months.
  3. Kefir butter is a simple,inexpensive and very effective treatment for ulcers.
  4. Helps with stomach ulcers common clay. It should be diluted with water (one part clay to 10 parts water). Such a solution is drunk for three weeks, and then it is necessary to make a break for 10 days. The treatment course – one year.
  5. Shilajit is a highly effective medication in order to treat stomach ulcers. Ulcer medication is simple: take 150 grams of mint and dissolve in 5 g of Shilajit. It take a tablespoon morning and night. Treat ulcers in this way have up to 15 days.

The treatment with honey

Treatment of gastric ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer with honey as effectively. There are many recipes to help get rid of stomach ulcers using delicious drinks with honey. Here are some of them:

  • The simplest remedy for ulcers – water with honey. This drink is taking the night.
  • Honey can be taken on an empty stomach, a tablespoon. This is an excellent and delicious relief.
  • At home you can make a mixture of butter, cocoa powder and two eggs with honey (50 g). It take three tablespoons of 4 times a day.
  • Mix the juice of two lemons with honey (500 g). To this mixture add as much olive oil. It is necessary to take one tablespoon three times a day.
  • Is mixed 6 grams of orange peel, licorice root, 100 g of water with honey (honey is about 60 g). Per day need to eat the entire portion, three times. The treatment course is one month.
  • Treatment with honey is another way: drink a glass of water, after 2 minutes to eat a tablespoon of honey, and then, using the same time – tablespoon of butter. The course of treatment 10 days, then the same number of days break. So to treat the ulcer needed to complete pain relief in the stomach.

This treatment is an excellent way of eliminating stomach pain and scarring ulcers.

Treatment agave

АлоэStomach ulcers can be treated with agave (aloe). This plant also goes well honey.

About the healing properties of aloe Vera are known since ancient times. Aloe has excellent regenerative properties:

  • heals the mucous epithelium;
  • helps to eliminate pain;
  • normalizes the amount of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.

To treat an ulcer, you have to take 250 grams of aloe, mix it with honey (250 g). The aloe leaves must be crushed. To the mixture was added butter, vodka. This mixture is brought to a boil. Aloe take a tablespoon three times a day.

Treatment aloe is an effective way to get rid of the ulcers that cause pain.

What not to do at home for pain in the stomach

If you have a stomach ache, with fever, you feel chills, increasing weakness, it is impossible to self-medicate. These can be signsabdominal emergency that threatens the life of the patient.

Acute abdomen is strictly prohibited:

  • give the patient laxatives, painkillers;
  • to wash out the stomach;
  • giving enemas, hot water bottles;
  • give food, drink;
  • to give the alcohol.

In this state it is necessary to call an ambulance. Before the ambulance to put on the stomach cold. The patient needs to rest, recumbency. Sometimes he tries to ease the pain in the stomach the fetal position, that is, on the side, with toned legs and bent down the neck.

Proper treatment for stomach pain – the key to successful recovery.