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Causes and treatment of gastritis in pregnant women

Gastritis during pregnancy – inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the stomach that directly contacts the food and performs the main digestive function (secretion of enzymes and hydrochloric acid, mucus). Due to indigestion and pain the patient with gastritis gets anxiety and depression, problems with a chair and a metabolism.
Беременность и гастрит

Causes and types of gastritis in pregnancy

The nature and course distinguish acute and chronic gastritis. The first option or type a occurs in 1% of cases the aggressive action on the mucous infectious (food poisoning), chemical (vinegar, organic solvents), thermal (boiling water) agents. Allergies and metabolic disorders, diseases of the liver and pancreas can cause acute gastritis. Symptoms appear some time after exposure to the damaging factor, worse after eating and subside on an empty stomach. Pain in the epigastric region, salivation, nausea and vomiting, violation chairs, grayish skin and sweating are the principal manifestations.

Gastritis chronic or caused by a violation coordinated work of the digestive system, poor diet (snacks, muffins, spicy, fatty, fried), stress and H. pylori. Alcohol and Smoking irritate and worsen blood circulation, exacerbating the disease. Chronic inflammation is manifested by irregularity and digestion, pain after eating, weakness and anxiety, poor sleep, lability of arterial pressure, low-grade fever, coated tongue and unpleasant breath.

Gastritis in pregnancy usually develops on the background of existing disease (three out of four women experience a worsening of the gastritis during pregnancy) and is accompanied by vomiting and discomfort. Vomiting of pregnancy (toxicosis option) on the background of gastritis might take several weeks! Growing swelling on the stomach of the fetus and hormonal changes contribute to the disease.

The acidity of gastric juice in gastritis is different: high (symptoms reminiscent of heartburn, occurs frequently diarrhea, the main manifestation is pain and belching rotten, heaviness, constipation). In contrast to the banal gastritis requires more serious and comprehensive treatment.


In chronic gastritis aggravation is so typical that the diagnosis is clear on 90%. For visualization of the mucosa, specifying the type of acidity and the detection of H. pylori is endoscopy EGD with pH-scopy and smears-prints. It's not dangerous, but requires the permission of the obstetrician-gynecologist, in order getdiagnostic is ultrasound. Generally it is better to diagnose and treat gastritis before her pregnancy, but if the diseaseemerged in the course of carrying baby, it needs to be kept under control!


The primary therapy of non-pregnant patients – elimination (eradication) of H. pylori and reduction of acidity (antisecretory drugs). During pregnancy both groups is contraindicated, therefore, remain:

  • Antacids – tools that operate only in the stomach, without systemic absorption

Antacids bind and neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. There are suspension based on magnesium and aluminum (Maalox, Almagel, aluminium phosphate gel) is applied no longer than 3 days due to the ingestion of aluminium in the blood, can cause constipation. Safer nonabsorbable drugs hydrotalcite (aluminum and magnesium in one big molecule) – Rotated or Renny on the basis of calcium and magnesium.

Salt of alginic acid (gaviscon) also reduce acidity, not absorbed and protect the gastric mucosa, which is especially important during pregnancy. The same effect have milk and dairy products, and they along with honey can treat gastritis is completely safe.

Cannot be used to reduce the acidity of soda: it has the effect only for a time, causing gas and bloating, plus a change in pH of blood!

  • Enveloping and binding

Bismuth salts having pronounced a protective, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect in cases of gastritis in pregnant women is contraindicated. Arsenal remain alginates – compounds of alginic acid forming in the stomach with a protective gel. Syrup and gaviscon chewable tablets are taken after meals and at bedtime, the tablets must be chewed and not swallowed whole.

  • Herbal medicine

Гастрит и беременность
Collection at high pH contains: St. John's wort, mint, chamomile, seeds of oats and flax, the roots of calamus and Valerian, yarrow, motherwort, knotweed, bloodroot, celandine. Relieves pain, soothes and envelops. 2-3 tablespoons collection pour half a liter of boiling water (time 30 minutes), strain and drink half a Cup after meals.

Collection with reduced acidity: bitterness (wormwood, yarrow), plantain leaves, spices (thyme, mint, cumin, oregano, fennel), parsley, parsnips, trifolii, St. John's wort. Stimulates secretion and digestion.

If you do not want to spend time fussing with teas, will help Iberogast – herbal remedies for gastritis and disorders of intestinal motility. Is taken after consultation with your doctor pregnant!

  • Antispasmodics

Drotaverine (no-Spa) papaverine tablets safe and relieves spasms in pregnant with gastritis and other problems.

  • Enzymes

At low pH the best effect in Panzinorm, Atsidin-pepsin (containing pepsin) atany disturbance of the digestion before a meal it is recommended to take Pancreatin (CREON, Mezim, Mangrol, Gastronorm), without the addition of bile (Festal, Digestal, Normanton, Enzistal, Forestal). To treat digestive disorders enzymes can be a long time, contraindication acute pancreatitis.

  • Antiemetic

Metoclopramide (Reglan, Reglan)appointed for a short time in the II and III trimester when uncontrollable vomiting by agreement with the doctor.Минеральная вода


Very important during pregnancy is the exacerbation of a gastritis diet, frequent fractional food gentle. You can not go hungry and to overeat, to indulge in carbonated beverages (irritate), caffeine, spices, fatty and fried foods (stimulate acid secretion). Allowed low-fat dairy products, mucous soups and broths (rice porridge), steamed or boiled white meats and fish, cereal, day old bread, sour fruit.

We should also say how important it is to treat gastritis mineral water. High acidity is neutralized with water Borjomi, Jermuk, Smirnovskaya and Slavyanovskaya – a glass and a half or two hours after a meal. With reduced acidity gives the effect of drinking on an empty stomach a glass of Kislovodsk, Arzni, Mirgorod.

Proper treatment of gastritis by pregnant women is conducting a gastroenterologist in conjunction with the obstetrician, so as not to harm the mother and the baby.