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The symptoms of gastritis with low acidity

Гастрит с пониженной кислотностьюThe modern pace of life affects health. If you recall the adage "We are what we eat" and we add here as we eat it, the picture is not too attractive.

Symptoms such as stomach pain, belching and heartburn is familiar to many. Nowadays up to 50% of the adult population suffer from chronic gastritis in one form or another. This disease is the most common pathology of the internal organs. And 85% is found among the diseases of the stomach.


Classification by the level of acid secretion and changes in the mucous membrane:

  1. Neuroticeski (type);
  2. Atrophic (type A);

There are special forms that this material be considered makes no sense.

The normal pH in the stomach varies. Thus, the value 4,0-6,0 characteristic of top departments. From 3.0 and below for the bottom.

Often occurring gastritis with low acidity refers to the type A.


Most often chronic hypoacetylation is a hereditary condition and for hyperacid gastritis has very little to do. This is confirmed by family cases and attachment hypoacid conditions to chronic diseases with a genetic predisposition.
Хеликобактер Пилори

Often blood reveals antibodies to the glandular cells, which leads to manifestations of "flabby stomach".

Condition, causing develop chronic atrophic gastritis can be divided into prospective (autoantibodies to the cells of the mucosa, H. pylory, and some viral infections), internal (diabetes, goiter, obesity) and external (diet, alcohol, Smoking).

Chronic Helicobacter pylori infection triggers chronic atrophic gastritis as prolonged inflammation, leads to a change of the mucous membrane, or superficial treatment. Because therapy for gastritis type b is directed to the inhibition of the secretory function of cells.


For a long period of time, the disease may be asymptomatic. It is often the first symptoms is secondary diseases (anemia, digestive disorders).

The first develops due to malabsorption of iron from food and reduce the synthesis of vitamin b12, and the second – poor digestion (burp rotten, heaviness, pain).

These symptoms accompany the degeneration of the cells of the stomach wall. So, normal parietal cells responsible for the synthesis of acid can die or change into the goblet. The result is visually the gastric folds are smoothed out, changes the pH of gastric juice and its composition. This is atrophic gastritis.

Morespecific terms – dysplasia (changes in the normal arrangement of cells) and metaplasia (degeneration of the cells themselves). Both these conditions are referred to precancerous diseases.


Traditional inspection and survey will make a competent physician to suspect chronic gastritis with low acidity. Its symptoms allow it to do without much difficulty.

To confirm the diagnosis are called instrumental and laboratory methods.
Как выглядит процедура эндоскопии
Laboratory you can explore the levels of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in gastric juice. The terms hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria represent a decreased content of HCl and its absence, respectively. If the acid is, but it is dairy, it is the symptoms of malignant metaplasia and requires careful study.

Most information is provided by the gastroscopy. With the help of this device, the endoscopist can look right down into the stomach and to visually assess atrophic changes in the mucosa (the state of the circulation, the severity of the folds, the presence of areas of dysplasia and metaplasia).

Specific analysis confirming the gastritis type A is the detection of antibodies to the cells of stomach secreting acid, and the castle's internal factor (proteins of the blood).


It is logical that the treatment should be consistent and systematic. The disease has long been known, therefore, people's experience also use.

The first step is the organization of a relaxed lifestyle. Diet for gastritis with low acidity is required. The patient is recommended:

  1. Meals according to the principle – better fewer, but longer (up to 6 p/d);
  2. To abandon the roaming products (fresh bread, milk...) and annoying (hot, spicy, fried food);
  3. Pay more attention to products, coating properties (cereals except barley) and source of b vitamins (liver, lean meat);

Drug treatment of gastritis with low acidity is composed of several groups of drugs:

  • Substitution of the gastric juice, in fact hydrochloric acid, enzymes);
  • Prokinetics (dominon);
  • Antispasmodics (drotaverine);
  • Anti-inflammatory (sucralfate);
  • Bitter (dandelion, wormwood, calamus – has long been used by traditional healers);

Stimulation of secretion can be effective if it is reduced slightly. Replacement therapy is not as potent efficacy as we would like. Enzyme means you should not be treated unless proven reduction of pancreatic function! Autoimmune background shows the b vitamins.

National guidelines are cabbage juice and honey in a dilution of 1/3,cranberries, a decoction of plantain and rose hips. Here are only the treatment of the main means of traditional kits. This list funds not limited, it is quite wide.

But traditional medicine still achieved some success and experience of the doctor plus a careful diet for gastritis with low acidity allows for a long time to forget about this disease. By the way on our site you can free to consult a doctor.


Specific preventive measures designed to prevent atrophic gastritis, have not been developed. Alternatively, it is suggested to pay attention to diet and lifestyle.

You also cannot push under the rug the symptoms of hyperacidity States. There will be nausea on an empty stomach, heartburn, pain on an empty stomach. The similarity with gastritis only in dyspepsia. But, as mentioned earlier, remedies for heartburn is also uncontrolled abuse is impossible. Need to be treated by a doctor.