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All about patchy atrophic gastritis

SOS - гастритFocal atrophic gastritis is the inflammation of the mucosa and glands of the stomach, accompanied by a decrease in normally functioning cells. The pathology is characterized by a change in gastric cells, their rapid destruction with further progression of atrophy and the cessation of performance of its functions. Disease symptoms are characterized by a significant reduction of the mucosal component of gastric juice decreased production and poor absorption of necessary substances.

Epidemiology atrophic gastritis

Medicine today can not figure out fully the causes of this disease, however, the most basic factors are inflammation and gastrointestinal disease, changes associated with age:

  • The immune system produces protective cells to its stomach cells. In the process they are dying off, reduced the process of producing the hydrochloric acid;
  • Rapid reproduction of microorganisms in the stomach, resulting in destruction of the mucosal part. Bacteria are present in a healthy stomach, however, owing to many factors: weakened immunity, poor nutrition, is a pathological process;
  • Other pathologies of the digestive tract: cholecystitis, pancreatitis, etc.;
  • The abuse of alcohol;
  • Medication acceptance of which is not controlled by a doctor;
  • Poisonings, infectious diseases;
  • Genetic propensity.

Focal atrophic gastritis is the most life-threatening pathology, which can lead to malignant formations. Among persons over 50 years, this disease is diagnosed most often.

The clinical picture

The symptoms vary by stage of the pathological process. Pathology klassificeret of expressions on a bright and moderately expressed, and atrophic-hyperplastic. Gradually seen the death of tissue of the stomach. When the inflammatory process reaches the intensity sharply decreases production of the main enzymes required for proper digestion.

The symptoms of the disease:Гастрит очаговый

  • A feeling of heaviness of the stomach;
  • Rare dull pain in the abdomen;
  • Symptoms such as belching, bitter taste, dryness in the mouth and rotten taste often observed;
  • Reducing appetite helps reduce body mass, which leads to a depletion of the body;
  • Diarrhea and constipation;
  • Symptoms of iron deficiency and B12: weakness, fatigue, pale skin, brittle nails and hair during physical exertion is a strong shortness of breath;
  • Tongue covered with thick white bloom;
  • In connection with shortage of vitamin A suffer vision;
  • Lack of vitamin C contributes tobleeding of the gums.

The types of atrophic gastritis and symptoms

Subatrophic form. Is characterized by the occurrence of intermittent parts, installed the mucosal component and glands. Atrophied epithelial cells are replaced, so the disease is manifested by a decrease in production of hydrochloric acid, low acidity, thinning of the mucosa part.This state is the initial stage of the withering away of the authority. Autoimmune process contributes to the defeat of their own cells.

Focal superficial gastritis lesion is accompanied by intense inflammatory cicatricial nature in which there is damage to the antral (pyloric) Department. In the process the deformation and narrowing of the esophagus.

Focal antral gastritis is allocated epigastric pain, increased production of gastric juice, dyspeptic phenomena.

Kind multifocal atrophic gastritis is accompanied by damage to all departments of the stomach. The chronic nature of the disease is considered to be the initial process of malignancy.

Therapy of focal atrophic gastritis

When the first symptoms of the disease, should immediately visit a doctor for right diagnosis and appropriate therapy.

Treatment with medication involves the intake of various drugs. This reducing agents, decoctions of herbs, the use of gastric juice. In some cases, the treatment of this disease lies in the use of more powerful medicines: motilium, Buscopan, etc. Drugs are appointed individually by the specialist for each patient.

When setting the diagnosis, treatment is prescribed according to the clinical manifestations. If factor in the development of pathology are microorganisms, then shows the treatment with antibiotics. Doctors prescribe the means to increase the functionality and protection of the stomach. Therapy pathology is impossible without adherence to a special diet and therapeutic exercises. If antibiotics do not have a positive effect, then the patient needed surgery.

The treatment of the disease includes the use of magnesium mineral water to ensure effective operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Water has no contraindications and is compatible with other drugs.

Focal atrophic gastritis can not be treated independently, without a qualified doctor, as the disease becomes chronic with serious consequences.

Treatment and prevention of the disease includes not only the correct assignment drugs, but the eliminationreasons that contributed to the disease, especially related to occupation.

Complications and prognosis of atrophic gastritis

The disease is characterized by a high probability of degeneration of a disease in a malignant form. Especially dangerous gastritis with low acidity. Of course, with the withering away of the mucosa creates a safe environment for the negative effects of carcinogens and significantly reduced the antitumor protection of the organism.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of the disease is very important, because it reduces the risk of cancer. Chronic gastritis is the beginning of atrophy, so the main time to discover this process. It is best to use for this is not painful, simple and informative diagnostic technique.