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Symptoms and treatment of catarrhal gastritis

Discomfort in the stomach, pain and other troubles is the result of a poor diet, stress and other factors. From these feelings it is possible to get rid of, but first you need to know what the problem is. Because many drugs and techniques to relieve symptoms but not treat the cause.
Боли в желудке из-за гастрита

The nature of the illness and the types

So, catarrhal gastritis is the result of poor lifestyle, acquisitions, fatty, spicy foods, malnutrition. It is characterized by inflammatory processes occurring in the mucosa of the stomach.

Doctors also distinguish focal catarrhal gastritis – this means that the inflammatory process localized in a certain area of the mucosa. After the conducted research, the physician determines the nature and scope of damage. For example, atrophic and superficial gastritis of the antrum. This is the most frequent disease, which often ends by the appearance of peptic ulcer.

The cause of the disease lies in the wrong diet, which causes inflammation and characteristic symptoms. The most common causes of gastritis are:

  • Overeating;
  • The use of stale or poor quality food;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Stress and other factors.

Gastritis is not just a violation of the integrity of the epithelium lining the surface of the stomach, but the body's response to the need for healing the damage. That is, stress or spicy foods cause irritation of the epithelium. Most often, doctors diagnose gastritis of the antrum. Here are the largest number of Helicobacterpylori. Therefore, the gastritis of the antrum is often accompanied by the development of peptic ulcers. Chronic ulcer of this region supported a large number of bacteria and infections.

Based on the fact that damage can be of different nature, the doctors there are the following types of catarrhal gastritis:

  1. Sharp. Catarrhal gastritis (antral or another Department) may be called a one-time inflammation that fails to remove drugs. Irritants can be bacteria or fungi, spicy food, alcohol or stressful situation.
  2. Chronic gastritis (antrum or other Department of a stomach) is a consequence of the acute form of catarrhal gastritis, with symptoms for broad and deep damage to the epithelium of the stomach, with signs of recovery.

The symptoms of catarrhal gastritis

People with a predisposition to irritation of the epithelium of the stomach in 4-6 hours after absorption of the food aggressive can feel the firstthe unpleasant symptoms.

First there is a feeling of pain in the stomach and pancreas. Further, there can be a heartburn. This unpleasant feeling caused by acid from the stomach into the esophagus. In this period the mucous membrane of the stomach ceases to perform its functions and to grind food. People began to feel nausea, in rare cases, vomiting. These symptoms are a desire of the body to get rid of annoying aggressive food. Another unpleasant, but prominent symptom of gastritis is a burp. It can be with a sour taste, which suggests that in the oral cavity gets a small amount of mass from the stomach. Also during an acute attack of gastritis may receive temperature, intoxication, diarrhea and other symptoms.

As a result, you may experience sleep disturbance, appetite. Chronic antral gastritis or another Department of the stomach can affect the bowel. Therefore, some patients complain of constipation and difficulty in the process of bowel movement. Common flatulence. This and other symptoms can be resolved by turning to the doctor, and with diet.

Special attention requires the fact that during an attack of gastritis can occur arrhythmia and pain in the region of the heart, drowsiness and lethargy. They need to tell the doctor.

Therefore, symptoms of gastritis appear almost immediately after contact with the irritating factor to the mucous membrane of the stomach. If You know that can be an attack, it will refrain from consuming spicy or fatty foods, try to reduce the impact of stressful situations to a minimum on Your body. And then consult your doctor. By the way we have on the website is a form where you can have a free consultation online.

Treatment of gastritis

The direction and scheme of treatment is determined by the doctor after survey and identify foci of inflammation. In chronic gastritis the patient is able to remove unpleasant feelings, and turning to the doctor to adjust the course of treatment.

Treatment of gastritis begins with the inspection of gastroenterology. The specialist will prescribe medication and prescribed diet. In this case often fall under the ban all sharp, smoked and fried foods, alcohol, carbonated and sweet drinks, sour drinks.

In severe course of the disease, in acute pain patients hospitalitynet. In order to minimize the impact of aggressive environment on the epithelium of the stomach doctors lavage is performed, and then the drugs are administered and put an accurate diagnosis. Because pain syndrome can accompany other diseasesof the digestive system.

Treatment of gastritis at home and in hospital is almost the same with some exceptions. In the first place – diet.

Meals should be frequent and fractional. In this case, you need to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. This will relieve the digestive system and allow to recover the epithelium of the stomach.

Especially useful are liquid enveloping dishes. Mashed potatoes, soups, porridges, sour-milk products with minimum fat content. It is impossible to imagine a diet without baked apples and bananas. So important for our body protein can be consumed with low-fat meats and fish, eggs. The bread should be in the form of crackers and only from wheat flour.

Special attention is paid to the technology of cooking is also treatment of gastritis. Everything must be boiled, also allowed the kiln vegetables "in uniform" and fruit. Today it is possible to prepare healthy and tasty meals for a couple. Thanks to modern household appliances every housewife will be able to quickly prepare a delicious dish and keep the food all the nutrients and vitamins. Crock pots, steamers and many other devices have the ability without the fat and hot spices to create a unique and bright taste of the food. Blenders and mixers give you the opportunity to blend the soup vegetables. Moderately salted and beautifully served these dishes can easily be replaced by fast food and other trappings of modern restaurants.

Treatment antral (catarrhal) gastritis is impossible without a hearty drink. Weak tea, low fat milk, the pudding will help to adjust the stomach and to relieve him of his job during the recovery period. Drinks and light meals should not be sour, very hot. Everything should have a temperature of not more than 40 degrees or room temperature. Special attention should be paid to drinking alkaline mineral waters. Before you purchase a bottle, check with your doctor.

Treatment of gastritis is accompanied with medication that will help to normalize the stomach. Rules of admission lurid doctor. Typically, this standard treatment regimen. However, there may be individual characteristics that are worth to tell the doctor. For example, patients experience nausea, and in some cases open vomiting. To remove symptoms and to undergo a scheduled treatment, the doctor will prescribe additional medicines.

Thus catarrhal gastritis is a disease that can be cured and live a full life. A healthy and proper diet, proper rest contribute to full recovery.

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