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Treatments and causes antral gastritis

ЖелудокThe most common disease in the world every year thousands of people, is a disease of the stomach — gastritis. Antral gastritis — one of the varieties of chronic gastritis develops due to the activities of bacteria Helicobacterpylori (from the Latin — helical shaped gram-negative bacteria) in the lining of the stomach and is accompanied by high acidity of gastric contents. It got this name because of the localization of the primary lesion in the antrum of the stomach.

Form of antral gastritis

  1. Antral superficial gastritis. It is also called catarrhal or simple. The disease is hardly noticeable and only affects the upper layers of the mucous membrane of the stomach. The patient may feel discomfort after eating in the epigastric region. In acute pain for an accurate diagnosis of superficial gastritis, it is imperative to consult the gastroenterologist and take some tests. As the mucosa recovers pretty quick, superficial gastritis lasts an average of not more than five days.
  2. Antral erosive gastritis is difficult to treat, characterized by the appearance of scars and lose glands. Approximately 85% of patients can sometimes be infected by bacteria that cause the appearance of ulcers of various shapes and sizes. The installation diagnosis is carried out using x-ray examination or biopsy.

Symptoms and causes of superficial and erosive gastritis

Frequent development of superficial gastritis contribute to poor diet, stress, lack of vitamins, regular consumption of fatty, salty, spicy; overeating at night and abuse of such beverages as coffee, tea and alcohol, Smoking, bacterial infection.

Боли в желудке из-за гастритаCommon features of superficial and erosive gastritis are weakness, irritability, low blood pressure, arrhythmia, tongue coated bloom, gray-white, pale skin. Local signs of gastritis refers to gastric and intestinal dispersion, namely loss of appetite, spasmodic pain in the epigastric area of the upper abdomen, increased acidity, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, unstable stool, bloating, feeling of heaviness.

Antral superficial gastritis, is the easier initial stage of the disease, which is easily treatable. With erosive gastritis (chronic) there are severe pain, its symptoms are similar to peptic ulcer disease. Occurs atrophy of the glands responsible for the formation of mucus, which protects against the acids of the stomach wall.

Atrophic antral gastritis leads tothe lack of slime and begins to affect other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The pain begins to manifest in about half an hour after a meal and accompanied by an acidic taste in the mouth and belching. The disease can aggravate fried, spicy dishes, various meats, acidic fruits (citrus, grapes, plums, cherries, apples, etc.).

In acute and advanced forms of superficial gastritis, may further the development of peptic ulcer and the appearance of gastric bleeding. Antral gastritis without timely and appropriate treatment flows into the deeper form of the disease, causing significant changes in the stomach and digestive tract.

Antral gastritis — treatment and prevention

To determine the exact form and cause of the disease will help endoscopic and laboratory tests. In accordance with these examination, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment. Therapy primarily involves the destruction of the pathogen — bacteria “Helicobacterpylori”.

In the first stage of treatment prescribed complex antibacterial therapy. Antibiotics should be taken in conjunction with drugs that will help to reduce acidity and regulate the secretion of gastric glands. To reduce pain and relieve spasms should take antispasmodic drugs. Also necessary medicines for facilitating digestion.

The second stage involves the adoption of tools that contribute to the restoration of the gastric mucosa and the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment complement a variety of vitamin complexes. Starting from 2-3 day of the disease, after fasting, prescribed diet therapy.

The duration of treatment is not less than two weeks, and in the chronic form it may take up to two months.

You can resort to the national auxiliary methods of prevention and treatment of:

  • For protection of the mucous membrane of the stomach – a decoction of flax seeds;
  • The hips – to strengthen the immune system;
  • Warm infusion of chamomile or lime ½ Cup, three times a day;
  • Aloe leaf juice (one teaspoon half an hour before meals);
  • Increasing the acidity relieve pain juice of potatoes.

Diet and proper nutrition

Правильная едаA significant role in the treatment of antral gastritis plays a sparing diet and proper nutrition. During the day, it is recommended that five to six meals in small portions. According to the diet, for the first time food should be in liquid or mushy form (soups made from barley, semolina, rice), lean meat and fish, cereal with milk,low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, stale wheat bread, honey.

During the diet from the diet should exclude all irritating food: sturdy mushroom, meat and fish broths; canned and smoked meats; fresh fruits and vegetables; coffee and chocolate. Observing this diet, you must remember that foods must be fresh, boiled or steamed. When cooking using the heat treatment, preventing the formation of crust. For inflamed mucosa of threat like hot drinks and meals, and cold. For each person, the diet is made individually taking into account the nature of the disease.

After the acute period of the disease is possible the transition to a healthy diet, except for fatty foods and products that cause fermentation processes. Even for cleaning the body resort to two, three-day drinking diet. Be healthy!