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The gatekeeper and kardiya stomach, diseases caused by their deficiency

Привратник желудкаIn medicine gatekeeper's called the last gastric division that separates the organ from the duodenum. Answers pylori in the regulation of transportation processes in subsequent portions of the digestive system half digested food (chyme).

The transition of the pylorus into the small intestine has a special circular muscle, which is otherwise called the sphincter. Due to insufficiency, spasm or stenosis of the sphincter, as well as the presence of polyps may occur serious failures in the functioning of the digestive tract. In the event of such pathologies treatment of the stomach is imperative. There is another sphincter when the transition of the esophagus into the stomach. It's called kardiya.

How is the work of the pylorus and cardia?

The sphincter of the stomach is a muscular organ. The role of the cardia – do not allow food from the stomach back into the esophagus. The role of gatekeeper to control the number of processed stomach acid food passing into the duodenum.

When the voltage of the pylorus lumen significantly narrowed. His calm, on the contrary, leads to the expansion of the lumen, thus passing food from the stomach into the intestine.

If the exchange and regulation of substances have been violated, if the daily diet is made correctly, there is a high likelihood of developing a variety of problems of the pylorus, which will require treatment:

  • Tumors with benign (polyps);
  • Spasms;
  • The narrowing of the lumen (stenosis);
  • Failure.

Deficiency: causes and symptoms

Such as as insufficiency of the pylorus, of course, is a pathology in which failures occur in motor function, accompanied by incomplete closure of the sphincter. This process is manifested in accelerated gastric emptying.

To correct this condition of the stomach may be due to:

  • Features of the stomach;
  • Decrease in muscle tone of the stomach, which most often occurs in the elderly;
  • Aggravation in the digestive system inflammation.

Complete closure of the pylorus of the stomach is impossible to achieve, but proper treatment can significantly ease symptoms of the disease.

How to manifest insufficiency of the cardia?

ЖелудокThe stomach in healthy people has an acidic environment, and the esophagus is alkaline or neutral. If any failure occurs, this balance is disturbed, leading to the development of various diseases.

In most cases, these abnormalities arise due to insufficiency of the cardia, in which a check valve designed toseparation of the esophagus and stomach, closes completely.

Often getting into the gullet of substances such as caustic enzymes and gastric juice that contribute to the process of assimilation of food leads to damaged epithelial tissue. As a result, appear ulceration and burns.

This pathology is accompanied by the following symptoms, the treatment of which is mandatory:

  • Excessive and frequent belching;
  • The appearance of heartburn;
  • The feeling of heaviness and gurgling in the abdomen;
  • Spilled pain in the hypochondrium region, hot in the esophagus;
  • Nausea, which often ends with vomiting.

Moreover, disruption of the cardia of the stomach can cause increased formation of gas.

Insufficiency of the cardia arises not as independent disease, and concomitant abnormalities in the result of the development of the following diseases:

  • Hiatal hernia;
  • Reflux-gastritis;
  • Unnecessary weight that was caused by the wrong diet (overly bulky portions, eating before bedtime, etc.)

How to deal with failure right?

Pay no attention to the pathological process, as the failure of the cardia or the pylorus of the stomach, is absolutely impossible. Delayed treatment of the stomach can result in the development of diseases of oncological nature, which is due to degeneration of epithelial tissue.

Therapy in this case will look as follows:

  • In case of insufficiency of the cardia of the stomach drug treatment should include administration of drugs with antiemetic effect carplan, reglan, metoclopramide, etc. by such means it is possible to tone the esophageal muscle ring.
  • If we are talking about strong bouts of heartburn, relieve their permit gastrozepin, smectite and gel.

However, one should not hope for a full recovery after the first week of supplementation, since they focus only on symptoms. The cause of the disease remains unaddressed.

Diet and regime

Требования к питаниюTo slow negative processes in the digestive system should pay attention to the proper organization of the daily diet. It is not only concerning the diet products, but also about how to use them. There is small portions, but often. Eating lying down is strictly prohibited. This also applies to sleep immediately after a meal.

People who have problems with the functioning of the cardia, doctors recommend to sleep so that her head was on a high pillow. Due to this stomach acid will not spontaneously penetrate into the esophagus, causing thethe most unpleasant sensations. Also it is not recommended to wear clothes with a tight waistband which can exert pressure on the abdomen, causing more discomfort.

If the treatment was properly administered, the disease of the cardia, the patient will be able to forget very quickly. However, if the insufficiency of the pylorus or cardia has already occurred, then after the fix it will need to carefully monitor their health, to eliminate the possibility of recurrence.