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Symptoms, stages and treatment of gastroptosis – prolapse of the stomach

Опущение желудкаGastroplus is a disease, which is a prolapse of the stomach. It is defined by an imaginary line connecting the crests of the iliac bones and pelvis. Photo taken by experts show that when bathygastry is lowered the lower part of the stomach, and he becomes upright in the abdominal cavity.

As statistics show, gastropods can be found in people whose age is from 15 to 50 years. Women have a prolapse of the stomach often. This phenomenon is associated with thinness, using diet, childbirth, as well as stretching of the muscles, in ligaments. Men gastropod begins to develop as a result of lifting heavy loads and excessive loads.


There are two types of prolapse, which has its own specific features and symptoms:

  • Innate. Associated with structural features of the body – light weight, too narrow chest, asthenic type of build, long fingers and limbs. Far gastric divisions are omitted because of the location in the large intestine elongated mesentery, which is connected with the digestive apparatus. This kind of gastroptosis stomach has practically invisible symptoms, so diagnosis can be established exclusively by a qualified technician.
  • Purchased. Is associated with the weakening of the tone of the abdominal muscles due to stretching of stomach ligaments. Causes of acquired gastroptosis stomach becomes too sharp decline in body weight, multiple births, inadequate amounts in the body and protein deficiency. In the case of severe stage, gastropod may be accompanied by the omission not only of the stomach but all located in the abdominal cavity organs. In this state the symptoms of gastroptosia (prolapse) of the stomach will be more pronounced.

Symptoms of the disease and its stage of development

With regard to the clinical picture of gastroptosis, the omission of the stomach may have three degrees, depending on the curvature of the location on:

  • Disease 1st degree: small curvature of the stomach is located above an imaginary line no more than 3 cm.
  • Prolapse 2nd degree) involves the upper body with an imaginary line.
  • Gastropod 3rd degree – prolapse of the organ was below the imaginary line.

In most cases the omission has no characteristic symptoms, especially if the disease is mild and moderate. Data stage gastroptosis stomach can be accompanied by a poor appetite and the appearance of heaviness after a meal. At the last stage of gastroptosis of the stomach sometimes causes a sharp pain in the abdomen, which takes place after lying down.

How to diagnose the disease?

Since the omission of the stomach notaccompany symptoms, for correct diagnosis will need to research:Пальпация

  1. Visual examination of the patient in the supine position and standing.
  2. The identification of symptoms of gastroptosia complained of by the patient, medical history.
  3. To identify the extent of the disease, the doctor will perform a palpation of the abdomen.
  4. Radiography, which is accompanied by the introduction of a contrast substance to determine the degree of ptosis.
  5. An abdominal ultrasound.
  6. Endoscopic examination of the digestive system, which utilizes a special optical device.

How is the treatment?

As soon as symptoms of stomach gastroptosis will be determined, and an accurate diagnosis, a doctor-a gastroenterologist will be able to make complex treatment. In most cases, we are talking about conservative methods, so surgical intervention is not required (with the exception of individual cases).

Treated prolapse (gastroplus) of the stomach according to the following scheme.


Diet means eating easily digestible foods. Eating when bathygastry stomach should be frequent, but the disposable quantity is small. Immediately after a meal for 30-60 minutes, you need to take the prone position. If the disease is accompanied by loss of appetite, it is possible to include in the diet products with choleretic effect. If you experience constipation, it is recommended to complement the menu fiber, and laxative food.

Physical activity

The most effective components, allowing to cure gastropods are physical therapy and exercise. Correct set of loads will give the opportunity to normalize muscle tone, to raise the stomach and to exclude the possibility of re-prolapse. However, it is worth considering that such treatment should not be excessive – should avoid too sudden movements and heavy loads. Exercise work best in the quiet rhythm, taking lying position.


For the relief of pain when bathygastry stomach assigned manual massage or hydromassage abdominal cavity.Диагностика


As a medication treatment used antispasmodic drugs, relieving pain. To reduce vegetative factors, the doctor prescribes a sedative, able to relieve stress. To have a restorative effect when bathygastry stomach is able anabolic steroids, and drugs strychnine and arsenic.


In the surgical treatment of gastric gastroptosis included the strengthening of ligaments, and holding the body inof the abdominal cavity. Also thanks to the surgical intervention has the ability to raise the stomach to the diaphragm. But it is worth noting that this kind of manipulation are the last measures that are used by doctors trying to cure gastropod. This is due to the high probability of the recurrence of the disease.

Traditional medicine

Equally effective is the treatment of gastroptosis folk remedies that should be performed under strict supervision of a specialist. Among those tools:

  • Application of clay;
  • Resorption mouth of sunflower oil;
  • Ingestion of decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants (cinquefoil, elecampane, chicory).

To use folk remedies for the treatment of ptosis of the stomach only with a doctor's permission and only at the first stage of the disease.

Basic preventive measures

To prevent prolapse (gastropod), you should take the following preventative measures to strengthen all systems in the body:Нет алкоголю

  • Regular and correct exercise;
  • Optimal daily diet;
  • Maintaining a healthy life in General.

If we are talking about women who plan to have children, they should strictly follow the prescribed recommendations, in prenatal period and after birth of the baby. This will make the muscles of the corset more sturdy.

Men should avoid lifting excessive weights, and sudden movements, especially if problems with the functioning of the digestive system are already available. No less dangerous in terms of provoking gastroptosia be bad habits. Overeating (especially before bedtime) can also weaken the muscles of the stomach, making an organ particularly vulnerable.

To not have to deal with the problem of how to raise the stomach, it is best prevent development of this disease. Only balanced nutrition, proper lifestyle, regular exercise and no bad habits you can avoid unpleasant health problems that entail serious complications. Moreover, it is understood that the omission of the stomach makes a man's life is incomplete.