All about gastric erosion

Эрозия желудка Erosion of the stomach is a lesion of the walls of the stomach, accompanied by one or more ulcers, or placed on the bottom surfaces of the body, as shown in the photo. Often pathology develops in the process of chronic diseases, for example, such as liver failure. To determine the cause of erosion is possible only if a full diagnostic study.

Environment in the stomach plays a huge role in health and well-being of a man, but its composition is quite aggressive. To protect from it, the body has many resources, but if one of them ceases to function, there are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is because the goal of the gastric juice is very complex and involves the breakdown of food. Often we eat poor quality products, and our stomach: affected mucosa and erosive process occurs in the stomach.

The etiology of the disease

Causes of erosion the following:

  • infection of the mucosa of the stomach by helicobacteria;
  • medication that adversely affect the stomach and destroy its work;
  • poor nutrition poor quality, very hot or cold food;
  • high stress and emotional strain, which affects the functionality of the body;
  • pathology contributing to the increase in the pressure vessels;
  • alcohol abuse for a long time, not only contributes to the development of erosion of the stomach, but can cause such diseases as cirrhosis of the liver;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • malignancy;
  • impact on on toxic substances, affecting the gastric mucosa, such as alkali and others;
  • chronic disease of the respiratory tract, contributing to oxygen starvation of the tissues, which in result weakens the protective ability of the stomach.

Classification of the disease

Erosion of the stomach is of the following types:

  • an independent disease;
  • damage due to concomitant diseases;
  • malignancy.

Схема эрозии The disease has acute or chronic. In chronic course of the disease, there is a likelihood of ulcers mucosa, which may not manifest itself symptomatically, without causing absolutely no pain. The patient may feel pain, nausea, belching, heartburn, however these symptoms are easily removed by a quick medication. While I was still sick and develops, but the patient finds out only when his health deteriorates significantly.

Manifestations of erosive antral mucosa of the stomachcommon disease. For a given lesion characteristic thinning of the epithelium of the gastric mucosa, note the photo. As a rule, the defeat of the antrum occurs in younger individuals who often experience stress.


  • full damage to the antral mucosa – a cone-shaped growths with indentations in the center, as seen in the photo. The mucosa surrounding the lesions in the stomach, can redden and swell or remains unchanged externally;
  • superficial erosions of the mucosa is flat epithelial lesions of the stomach of different configuration and size (indicated on photo). At the edges they are smooth, however, due to hyperemia and swelling of tissues, is formed a narrow rim;
  • hemorrhagic expression of antral represent the little dots on the mucous membranes of the stomach, as shown in the photo. The shade of these points can be bright red or dark cherry. On the edges of erosion occurs bleeding.

What are the symptoms characteristic for the disease?

In most cases, the symptoms of this disease can not be overlooked. This is a severe pain in the stomach, characterized by stability and persistence. To heal the erosion of the stomach not easy, as the damaged portions of the mucosa difficult to resume. To eliminate the pain sometimes takes months.

In the chronic form of the disease, as mentioned above, the symptoms manifest themselves weakly. However, symptoms such as bleeding, indicating a lesion of the duodenal mucosa. Regardless of type, erosion of the stomach requires immediate treatment. Appropriate treatment leads to healing of stomach for the first two weeks. Chronic pathological process may last for several years.

If the pain is bothering at night or if you experience symptoms of anemia, it could also indicate the presence of erosion of the stomach. The disease is successfully cured only when diagnosed in a timely manner. The lack of treatment will cause lesions of the stomach will spread to the related organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to diagnose the disease?

Эндоскопия If you have any symptoms, indicating the erosion, do not delay visit to the doctor, who will prescribe you the correct diagnosis and further treatment. Pathology is diagnosed through endoscopic study and biopsies of the affected part of the mucous membrane of the stomach. This is done in order to exclude a malignant nature of erosion and in case of its determination to assign the appropriate treatment. Only a specialist sets the type of damage.

If the disease is accompanied by internal hemorrhage, in which there is vomiting brown content andindigestion, it indicates the complication of the pathological process, so the treatment should be carried out in time.

Erosive process in the stomach: how to treat?

The treatment of this disease is long, because healing depends on many factors and reasons that caused the erosion. If the disease is not an independent disease, then you need to treat the disease by identifying the causes. As a rule, the erosion develops as a result of liver disease or vascular pathologies. In order to be most effective to treat the disease should be comprehensively together with folk remedies, drug therapy and diet under the regular supervision of a specialist. Drugs such as antibiotics are prescribed if the illness triggered by the infection. Commonly prescribed medications that reduce gastric secretion. In order to eliminate stagnation of food in the stomach, you should take medication that stimulates the motility of the organ. As a rule, the prognosis for this disease is favorable, but there are times when complex treatment is ineffective, then it is the removal of part of the stomach surgically.

Treatment of mucosal erosion medicines will not be effective without compliance with the principles of the diet. You need to ensure that the stomach-sparing mode of operation, otherwise the healing of the mucosa and resume complete its work impossible.

Feeding habits of a gastric erosion

Правильное питание Food should be optimal for stomach: warm, not hot and not cold. Otherwise, it may occur bleeding body, such as the food greatly damages the bottom of the stomach. You should exclude from your daily menu of fatty broth and "aggressive" foods that irritate. Unacceptable use of alcohol, coffee, strong brewed teas, fresh juices.

If you have this disease, it is necessary to use low-fat sour cream, milk and cheese. With the help of these products, there is a rapid healing of the mucosa.

You can treat the erosion of folk remedies?

Erosion of the mucosa can be treated with folk remedies, which have a positive effect on the stomach. However, it should be considered that the therapy of diseases of folk remedies is appropriate only as auxiliary methods in conjunction with medication. Positive action have different herbs.

Recipes of treatment of erosion of folk remedies:

  • unpleasant symptoms are eliminated through the collection of St. John's wort, chamomile, celandine, yarrow. You need to take herbs in the same amount, to insist in a glass of boiled water for about an hour, take up tofood;
  • to treat the disease is possible by means of celandine. Note that the celandine is a rather aggressive plant, so the dosage should be strict. You will need 1 tbsp small leaves of the plant, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for two hours. Eat 60 minutes before meal on a teaspoon in a month;
  • treatment erosion of natural propolis also has a beneficial effect. Consume a tablespoon of the product daily on an empty stomach. Propolis speeds up the healing process of the gastric mucosa and has a positive effect on the immune system of the body;
  • the treatment of the disease infusion of immortelle. Prepare 1 tbsp. l. peppermint leaves crushed, allow to steep in boiling water. Take half a Cup before eating;
  • to treat the disease is possible with the help of sea buckthorn oil. Take a small spoon means before meals. Many doctors prescribe this method as the basic in the treatment folk remedies.

Treatment of folk remedies such as green apples is effective in a disease like erosive process of the stomach. Peel the apples from the skin and grate finely with a grater. Eat as many apples as you wish, but remember that for five hours before and after eating them you can't eat the main food. The course of treatment with apples is 30 days.

A few recommendations for therapy of folk remedies:

  • prepare a glass of juice made from cabbage leaves, preheat and drink half a Cup an hour before meals two times throughout the day;
  • every day drink a little water on an empty stomach to stimulate the stomach;
  • drink 1 tbsp olive oil before the meal. The treatment involves several months.

If you decide to treat erosion of the mucosa additional folk remedies, consult a gastroenterologist, as each individual body and the reaction to certain plants may be different.