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Signs and treatment of erosive bulbit: what to do for anxiety symptoms?

Эрозивный бульбит Erosive bulbit is a precursor to stomach ulcers, because you'll just have this on in the duodenum. Most often the disease is manifested in women. In second place – the children.

The disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane, which lines the inside of the colon. Duodenum are sensitive to high temperature of food and drinks, and stomach acid. While erosive bulbit is seasonal.

It looks like a small erosion, which usually occur in large numbers. Often carries heavy implications for the work of the intestines and stomach.

The causes of the disease

Causes of erosive bulbit can be different factors. The primary is an infectious disease. Among others:

  • Alcohol;
  • The intake of junk food;
  • Fascination with fast food;
  • Stress;
  • The lowered immunity;
  • Smoking;
  • Overeating.

On the occurrence of erosive bulbit can influence genetic predisposition.

Treatment of erosive bulbit need to produce as quickly as possible, so that erosion has not taken a larger portion of the intestine that is very sensitive to different influences.


БольSymptoms of erosive bulbit can be minor or sharp. Since the disease affects the gastrointestinal tract of man, most often a sharp pain occurring in the abdomen. They appear as a result of prolonged lack of food in the body, after the adoption which causes heartburn. This is the second sign of the development of erosive bulbit.

Symptoms of erosive bulbit can closely resemble the signs of occurrence of gastritis. They include a feeling of nausea or vomiting. Most often it is manifested because of the appearance in the stomach of any irritants. Basically these are the products that have corrosive components. An example is alcohol.

You may receive belching, which gives way to an unusual bitterness in the mouth. There it is a result of irritation of the duodenum and stomach acid. These symptoms have become a major bell for seeking medical attention. If treatment is not given on time, you may experience stomach ulcers, and bleeding in it.

Ways to get rid of bulbit

Treatment is based on elimination of the causes of erosive bulbit. Initially prescribed a strict diet, in which out of the ordinary diet of the patient is cleaned of harmful meals. Excludes alcohol. It is desirable that ill quit Smoking, if he had such a habit. If itit will be very difficult, you first need to quit Smoking on an empty stomach.

The requirements of the diet

Not recommended for treating erosive bulbit to eat dry and make harmful body snacks. The meal must be balanced in order to eliminate overeating. After the patient has eaten, it is not recommended to experience a heavy physical load.

The doctors themselves choose a diet, because every body is unique. But it is always removed from the diet salt, strong tea and coffee, which can trigger inflammation. Diet in treating erosive bulbit is a kind of unloading of the body. Therefore, the portion should be small. Sometimes recommend taking olive oil before eating, as it stimulates the stomach, one tablespoon twice a day).Гастроэнтеролог

Medicines and sanatorium treatment

In addition to diet in treating erosive bulbit can be assigned wound healing agents that promote the resorption of erosion as well as drugs that reduce the emission of hydrochloric acid, promotes the formation of ulcers.

The most effective treatment in medical spas. Self-treatment of erosive bulbit is hazardous to health. Consult a doctor is necessary, because the symptoms listed above can cause serious consequences, which will interfere with normal functioning.

Popular recipes

Treatment folk remedies, find effective only in conjunction with prescribed by your doctor. The diet prescribed in treating erosive bulbit, can be supplemented with soups and cereals, cooked using various herbs. A good tool for strengthening the stomach can be tea St. John's wort.

If the pathology was caused by bacteria, it will help to rid the extracts of clove and wormwood. Anti-inflammatory properties are herbs such as chamomile and plantain. Treatment of folk remedies will help to correct the work of the duodenum. You will need to pour a couple of tablespoons of St. John's wort Cup of hot water. To brew the real thing takes no more than 1 hour.

Because the symptoms of erosive bulbit coincide with symptoms of other diseases, at the time of diagnosis the patient will have to undergo laboratory studies that will help in establishing an accurate diagnosis. Full recovery after erosive bulbit as folk and medication requires a lot of patience and regime. In any case, you should not leave the diet according to the menu, which was made by the attending physician. Bad habits also aggravate the situation with erosivethe bulbit.