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The incredible properties of herbs in the treatment of stomach

Травы для желудкаIrregular diet, unhealthy food, constant stress makes the job of the digestive system in the real test. All this for our intestines and stomach not profit, but only poison it. After the stress and trips to fast food, many people begin to suffer various diseases associated with digestion, they go to the pharmacy and begin to absorb a medicine to remove pain. But this approach is also erroneous. Before you begin taking the pill, experts recommend to start taking herbs for the stomach – in 70% of cases they help. The important thing is to consult with your doctor before taking herbs.

Useful herbs

Consider the simple recipes of herbal medicines that will help your stomach to deal with irritation, inflammation or indigestion.

Peppers (red)

Helps with indigestion. If used correctly, no harm to the body it will not cause. The best time to use it – after the next feast with a huge variety of food. It helps the stomach to digest food faster, while person does not feel any discomfort. Red pepper can be consumed even ulcer disease.

  1. Crushed pepper: a pinch of pepper pour 70 ml of water (cold), stir and drink sharply, so as not to burn the esophagus.
  2. Tincture made in the proportion of one to five. You can take 10 drops three times a day.

Recommendation: red pepper flakes can be purchased at the supermarket in the Department of flavor.


Ideal for the intestines. If from time to time to drink a peppermint drink can be quite possible to improve the condition of the digestive system. To use mint, particularly recommended for those who suffer from bloating and indigestion.

  1. Crushed mint: one small spoon of mint in 200 ml of hot water. Wait for a while to the broth cool and strain it. Can this dose be divided into several times.
  2. Tincture to do one-to-five, take five drops daily after a meal. Treatment peppermint infusion is one week.

Normal dandelion

It helps to produce bile, which aims to eliminate constipation. If you have any constipation of the intestine, you can make a decoction of dandelion. In addition, dandelion can treat many of the problems associated with the stomach. For the prevention of diseases of the stomach dandelion is also very good.

The recipe is simple. Take dandelion root (chopped), 1 tsp. and pour a glass of water. Next, this mixture and let it cook gently for on a slow fire for about ten minutes. Allow broth to infuse and cool, then strain it, andyour tea is ready to use!

Make the broth in three steps. If too bitter, add in a drink a little honey or jam.


ТравыA great remedy for stomach pain. It relieves all inflammation it also helps with problems with digestion, and restores a favorable intestinal flora.

Take one teaspoon of crushed marshmallow and mix it with a glass of cold water. Do not cut the tool for the future, because it is very perishable. Should take three times a day one spoon.

Chronic diseases of the stomach

If you have any chronic disease of the stomach or intestines, you will help herbs like:

  • St. John's wort;
  • sage;
  • snake Highlander;
  • cinquefoil.

If you want to use herbs just to prevent disease and stomach, then you will receive the following plants:

  • dill;
  • bow;
  • cumin;
  • thyme;
  • air.

All these herbs possess unique enzymes that greatly affect the secretion of gastric juice. Herbs for the intestines and stomach can be used not only solo, but also together. Such broths have great efficiency, as long as you know what herbs you may exhibit allergic.

What diseases can be cured with herbs

  1. Increased acidity. Some herbs can normalize acid production, additionally, they improve the intestinal flora, gently enveloping him. To get rid of this disease, experts recommend the use of an infusion of dandelion, burdock, or nettle.
  2. Pain in the stomach. With this ailment will best help blueberries and Japanese Sophora, as they tend to regenerate the affected tissue.
  3. A stomach ulcer. In this case, herbs to treat stomach must be used with caution. Therefore, herbal treatment for peptic ulcer disease is best done under the supervision of a specialist. The most useful herbs ulcer are St. John's wort, hops, nettle and plantain. The whole list of plants approved by many doctors, as they can irritate the intestinal lining and stomach.
  4. Insufficiency of the cardia of the stomach. To treat the disease of stomach herbs only as additional measures. In this disease should not self-medicate. Better sign up to the doctor and he will tell you what herbs can be used together with other medicines.
  5. Gastritis. Herbs in this disease, especially, should remove pain and relieve symptoms. Treat gastritis you need tinctures of these herbs: calendula, tarragon, cumin, calamus, a series.


Виды травMany herbs can be used as preventive measures. With daily use of liquors can significantly increase the immune system and heal your body. Herbs can not only treat but also prevent the occurrence of many diseases of the stomach. If do you take the fees yourself, it is very important to collect herbs remote places from the road – then they will bring you only benefits and well-being.

If you have a predisposition to diseases of the stomach and intestines, talk to your doctor about the advisability of the use of the herb.

Treatment of functional changes in the stomach

Functional changes in the stomach is referred psychogenic factors. The reasons for treatment are different psychiatric disorders, stress. Patients respond well to herbal treatments, nevertheless, it is necessary to additionally include in the complex treatment psychotherapy, physiotherapy, diet.

Stomach pain can also remove the herbs, but in this case you need to use vegetable raw materials, operating inhibit gastric secretion. In this case, use the roots of Althea, linseed, mint, Valerian, motherwort.

Make a tincture of 1 tablespoon collection (flax, Valerian, mint, fennel) one Cup hot water, half an hour insist, then strain. Take a quarter Cup three times a day after meals for month.

For reducing the enhanced gastric motility it is necessary to take an infusion of mint – one tablespoon three times a day.

Again please note that any herbal treatment should be agreed with your health care provider. Some herbs have a complex effect. Thus trying to cure the stomach may have a negative impact on the blood pressure level. So some advice is needed.