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Drugs in the acidity of the stomach

Препараты для регулирования кислотности в желудке Gastric secret is one of the most important components in which absorbed all the necessities of life. This component has the ability of splitting even the hardest food in the stomach. However, when the gastric juice begins to be produced in very large numbers, there are certain violations. Levels of gastric secretion in medicine is called acidity. If the acidity of the stomach is exceeded, to reduce its level, used drugs, which lead indicators to normal. Changes in acidity that occur temporarily are considered to be normal for healthy people. If is consistently above normal, then you need to see a doctor, otherwise the patient can develop gastritis and many other diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere.

Causes of increased acidity

The level of acidity of the stomach is disrupted from various reasons. A very important role in this process plays an unbalanced diet. Fried, smoked, spicy is harmful for the stomach. Do not abuse harmful food. Also contributing significantly to the situation of the modern products semi-finished products, fast food, chemical additives. The diet is getting less food, reducing the acidity level of the stomach. Healthy eating is not so much a diet, as in the mode of eating. Food must be taken as Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to fix the problem the acidity of the stomach? This is a very topical issue in the modern world for active people who are used to a busy schedule. Many people snack in a fast food restaurant. Also the impact of stress aggravates the situation.

What to pay attention?

Obvious symptom of hyperacidity is a feeling of fullness. Also a very important signal is the belching and heartburn that occur due to large production of gastric secretion. Mucosa part of the stomach is destroyed by exposure to acid, causing unpleasant symptoms. Violation of the chair also indicates the higher acidity of the stomach. Also pay attention to chest pain and tachycardia.

These symptoms impair quality of life, contribute to the loss of appetite, depression, nervousness. Being in regular discomfort, the patient is looking for methods to alleviate the situation. Perhaps it is a temporary violation of level of acidity in the stomach. In order to start treatment, you must undergo a diagnostic study to identify the levelthe ph of gastric secretion.

What drugs are indicated for treatment?

Препараты для лечения To reduce stomach acidity doctor prescribed drugs antacids. These funds are used for the treatment of numerous pathologies of the gastrointestinal sphere, in which there is excessive production of gastric secretions and affected mucosa of the stomach under the influence of acid. This medication to eliminate such unpleasant symptoms as belching, heartburn, heaviness of the stomach, which are observed at high pH. Drugs are available without a prescription.

Proton pump inhibitors are the strongest drugs that are taken solely for medical purposes.

What should I know about medications that reduce stomach acidity?

  • if you have previously suffered an Allergy to a certain substance, carefully review the composition of the preparation before its application;
  • children under the age of 6 years the drug is prescribed strictly under medical supervision;
  • if the children are of renal disease, you should not give them the preparations containing aluminium and magnesium;
  • medicines containing sodium should not be taken for people suffering from hypertension and heart diseases;
  • in the presence of Alzheimer's disease in elderly individuals do not take antacids.

How to take the medication to decrease the acidity?

If you are taking medication in the form of chewable tablets, you need to first chew the drug, and then swallow. This will help to work much faster. In ulcer of the stomach, the drug is taken one hour before a meal. You should drink plenty of water (2 l) during therapy with antacids. Medicines need to be stored at room temperature in a secluded place. No need to freeze the drug.

Dose of medications will depend on their type. It is necessary to observe recommendations of the doctor. But if you decide to accept funds, lowering the acidity of your own, before applying learn the tips for use that are written in the instructions of your medication.

If you suddenly forgot to take the drug, immediately take it when you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, do not skip this technique. Do not double the dose to compensate missed.

If you decided to take medications at high pH, observe the following guidelines:

  • do not engage in taking drugs for more than 14 days without doctor appointments;
  • if during the process of accepting you are suffering from epigastric pain, visit a specialist to determine the exact factor for the occurrence of the disease;
  • when you are taking medicines containing calcium, eliminate from the dietdairy products. So you eliminate the possibility of occurrence of side effects;
  • drugs to reduce the acidity affect the results of certain studies of diagnosis, so be sure to tell the doctor that you take antacids before testing.

What side effects may occur?

Побочные действия препаратов The possibility of side effects as a result of application of medications in the acidity of the stomach to occur:

  • when medication is produced in large dosage;
  • if the drug is taken for a longer period than was prescribed;
  • if the drug initially is contraindicated for the patient to use.

Side effects:

  • constipation;
  • frequent urination;
  • loss of interest in food;
  • muscle pain;
  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting;
  • lack of energy;
  • anxiety;
  • tachycardia;
  • swelling of the legs.

Features power

At high acidity of gastric secretion is not enough medical treatment. To bring the level of the gastric juice to normal only possible with an integrated approach to solving the problem. Very much depends on dietary habits. From the daily menu should eliminate all unhealthy, fatty, fried, smoked, spicy and all heavy on the stomach food. Instead of the fatty broth is better to cook a puréed soups. Eliminate from the diet coffee, alcoholic drinks. Give preference to weakly brewed tea, fruit drinks, clean drinking water without gas. Drink after meals for hours. At high pH, you should choose vegetables with minimal fiber. Consequently, vegetables with high content of fiber is better to exclude. The ideal solution would be baked or boiled fruit and vegetables. They can be used in paste form. Meat should choose low-fat varieties. It is best to cook them or stew. A very useful action are characterized by porridge, sour curds, and cheese.

To adhere to the principles of this diet very hard. However, in good health small amount of a forbidden food will not hurt.

Medicines that reduce the acidity level during pregnancy

Препараты для беременных Today, in pharmacology, there are drugs that can be used in the time of gestation. Doctors prescribed to pregnant women medications containing magnesium or aluminum. Products only in small amounts absorbed into the blood. Medications do not interfere with the intrauterine development, as studies have shown. Some drugs to reduce the acidity have a laxativeeffect, so they are assigned to patients suffering from constipation. Antacids are able to exclude the likelihood of complications arising in the third trimester.

Antacids with calcium is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the fact that:

  • they are characterized by short duration, which implies a more frequent use;
  • the level of acidity of the stomach, after stopping the use of drugs may increase dramatically;
  • increases the likelihood of milk-alkali syndrome.

Medication to decrease the acidity of the stomach contents of sodium bicarbonate or trisilicate of magnesium is contraindicated in pregnancy, in connection with the probability of violation of exchange processes, increase in pressure, fluid retention.

The use of drugs that reduce stomach acidity during lactation is not prohibited. Certain medications containing magnesium, aluminium or calcium can be used during breastfeeding. They are considered completely safe for the baby.