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What to take for pain in the stomach?

боли в желудке Pain in the stomach, or gastralgia observed in pathologies of the gastro-intestinal sphere and other diseases. This phenomenon is today rather common and every one of us at least once in life experienced stomach pain on yourself. So, what to do when stomach hurts, everyone should know. There are certain measures for the relief of pain, and medication to remove them.

Steps to remove spasms in the stomach depend on the intensity of pain. Some patients plagued by aching pain, other sharp. Pain in the stomach can be caused by different reasons. Before you take action, you need to find out the cause of pain. If the patient has a specific pathology of a chronic nature, he was given a specific diagnosis by the doctor, then unpleasant symptoms can be easily removed independently. If stomach pain is sudden, the patient has not previously undergone diagnostic examination of the gastrointestinal sphere, then he definitely should.

However, there are times when my stomach hurts due to the use of substandard products or overeating. Then, to get rid of pain, should take appropriate measures, then visit the doctor.

What to do for pain in the stomach?

For pain in the stomach helps to do the following:

  • compliance with the principles of diet;
  • if the pain is accompanied by vomiting, it is possible to starve a single day;
  • the use of neutral liquid.

When pain in the stomach, which appeared spontaneously, helps honey. This tool is known for its healing abilities. In order to get rid of the discomfort, the product should be consumed within a week, throwing in a glass of water teaspoon. Drink the medicine before the meal.


In modern pharmacology there are various effective drugs in order to relieve pain in the stomach. They are prescribed based on the patient's diagnosis. In most cases, different diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, appointed agents for the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and medicines to normalize the acidity of gastric secretion.

In the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, was prescribed a special anti-ulcer drugs and gastroprotective. Medication is prescribed the following: Almagel, but-shpa, tagamet, aluminium phosphate gel and many others. These drugs are prescribed by doctors most often and are the most popular. It should be understood that the meds in order to relieve pain in the stomach, not enough, you also need to follow a diet. The importance of nutrition proven scientific research. From the diet should exclude alcoholic drinks, coffee, fresh muffin, sour,fried, smoked, spices. If epigastric pain torment you periodically, you must still follow a diet and prepare food exclusively for a couple better. With proper nutrition you can greatly improve your health, increase vitality.

First aid for stomach pain

Первая помощь Do not panic if the stomach aches. Initially check your condition, few hours, do not eat food. Sometimes pains go away by themselves after a while. Take a horizontal position, legs placed so that they were above his head. All this time is to be calm, as is often the stomach under strong tension. Ice water can relieve the pain, but if that doesn't help, drink it then it is not necessary. Don't overuse tips alternative medicine. Visit the online medical website, containing helpful information.

Sometimes peppermint tea helps to relax the stomach and relieve pain. It also means great fights with digestion. After a certain time, when the soreness has decreased, you can drink chicken broth in a small amount. If the broth causes degradation, then you should immediately stop its use. If unpleasant symptom was bothering you in the night, then take a position in which your legs will be placed above head level. Try to relax for the relief of pain.

Pronounced pain in the stomach

If simple measures to overcome painful sensations in the stomach failed, then resorted to the use of drugs. In order to complete a full course of effective therapy, it is necessary to carry out a diagnostic study. Many people do not go to the doctor because of lack of time and other everyday problems. Must adhere to the further tips:

  • sparing food;
  • it is necessary to take anti-acid medication;
  • to take painkillers.

Food should include light soups, cereals without the addition of spices and seasonings. During therapy it is necessary to abandon dairy products, as they may contribute to irritation. All junk food should be completely excluded from the diet. This has a negative effect on the inflamed stomach.

Because of drugs give preference to those that reduce the production of gastric secretion. Irritation of the gastrointestinal sphere with hydrochloric acid can cause development of various diseases.

In severe condition, when we are talking about diagnoses such as peptic ulcer or gastritis shown medications antacids and adsorbents. Analgesics indicated for strong pain in the stomach, which cannotto endure. In the later pores of these diseases, the patient hospitalization as their condition involves careful monitoring.

Stomach pain during pregnancy

Боли в желудке при беременности At the time of the gestation to happen a certain change, therefore can have pain in the digestive tract. Stomach aches, even in those patients who before pregnancy was not suffering similar symptoms. The problem of treatment lies in the fact that in this period many drugs banned for use. At the time of the study, the doctor eliminates the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease.

Often, pregnant women stomach ache due to the enlarged uterus. Its large size, it presses on the organs, thereby effecting the offset. If you have a stomachache, you should always consult a specialist who will help in the treatment. Expectant mothers often prescribed to drink herbal teas, which reduce the production of stomach secretions. Also a special diet is prescribed. In the treatment of herbs should be careful. Increasing the dose could harm the baby. It is better not to resort to alternative medicine because traditional remedies are not scientifically studied and their effectiveness is not proven. At the time of gestation such funds are unnecessary as there is a threat for the baby.

Pain at night

In some cases, the stomach pain appears only in the night. Throughout the day a patient may feel some discomfort. This character of pain may indicate gastritis. This condition requires immediate doctor visit. Stomach pain occur at night due to the lack of power at this time. The use of food to improve the situation.

When stomach aches at night, you need to take painkillers. But it is worth considering that the elimination of unpleasant symptoms decide on treatment of the disease. To improve the situation, it is very important to adhere to the principles of the diet. The exception to the daily menu of junk food to soothe the digestive tract, helps to relieve inflammation. The menu should consist of low-fat broths, beneficial effect have cereal and boiled dishes.

In this case it is important to consult the doctor. If you postpone the visit, it will exacerbate the problem. To stop the progression of the pathological process without special medicines in this case is impossible.

Methods of alternative medicine

Eliminate the pain in the stomach, which occur with gastritis, helps potato juice. I subscribed to it half a Cup on an empty stomach. Techniques can be increased to 3 times a day if pain is very strong. Improvement occurs immediately.

If stomach pain is accompanied by other unpleasant sensations,such as burp, you can chew dandelion leaves. In order to stop the stomach pain, you need to use aloe Vera juice. The leaves of the plant must be crushed, the juice to squeeze.

Remember that the stomach pain does not occur simply so. It's caused by junk food, stress or even diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the appearance of this signal, be sure to pass the examination in a medical facility, as only a doctor can accurately determine what your trouble is. You can also consult with your doctor directly on our website.