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The technique of gastric intubation

Зондирование желудка Sounding of the stomach is popular technique of diagnosis, which is carried out in the presence of clinical signs of gastritis, ulcers and many other diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere.

Sounding of the stomach is a reliable and effective study, therefore this technique may be assigned to identify many diseases:

  • ulcer;
  • gastritis, reflux;
  • other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the probe is carried out by feeding the sick and doing gastric lavage in intoxication.

This procedure has some contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • bleeding in the stomach;
  • heart disease.

In the presence of these problems is one of the other possible diagnostic procedures. One of them involves the use of special substances for imparting color to the urine. The brighter the shade, the greater the level of acidity of gastric secretion. However, the procedure gives reliable data, so none of the other diagnostic techniques cannot fully replace.

What is the preparation for procedure?

Many patients are afraid of the procedure of sensing. In the distant past, when in medicine when probing the stomach was used a device with a wide diameter, this procedure really was very painful and unpleasant. Today with this purpose, innovative thin probes, the introduction of which does not provoke vomiting. Thus, the probe can remain in the body for about 2.5 hours, without causing discomfort.

The new devices have a camera on the end, making it possible to control the device without the use of x-rays and obtaining additional data. The doctor looks that the equipment is not curled.

Preparation of the patient for the procedure of sensing is that the last intake of food should be completed within 10 hours prior to the event. In all other matters, the training is not required.

Preparation for sensing can be done directly in a medical facility:

  • the patient is placed in bed in a horizontal position on the left side, the abdomen and the chest is placed a special cloth to eliminate dirt things of the patient, since the sensing of the stomach saliva splevyval;
  • in the patient's mouth falls special ring to prevent squeezing of the jaws and damage to the equipment;
  • the mouth is anesthetized with weak anesthesia;
  • when the probe is inserted into the throat, the patient performs swallowing action for the omission of the probe further into the stomach;
  • the length of the room probe all patients are different and depends on growth;
  • that the probe did not pass beyond the stomach,it is fixed on the clothes of the patient;
  • further, the probe with the pump will take the digestive secret.

How long is the event?

The procedure of gastric intubation can be up to two hours, based on the characteristics of application and General condition of the patient. Ways to implement this procedure, there are many, as a rule, the usual technique:Врач и пациент

  • from the stomach gets all of the content;
  • for hours gets gastric secret. For every hour you should get 4 servings of content that is placed in a separate dishes and labeled;
  • next, make the stimulation of gastric juice or Breakfast in order to see the reaction of the body;
  • after 30 minutes takes the samples generated content.

This technique results in content that is laboratory examined, installed, acidity, analyzed the levels of peptides and other impurities. The doctor assesses the appearance, smell and density. The total content also plays an important role.

That shows the procedure?

The procedure is primarily aimed at examination of the stomach. This is a highly informative method for the detection of many diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere:

  • when the normal function of the stomach, his secret is a clear content with a normal ph level;
  • if the tone of the stomach contents is changed, this may indicate the presence of bile or blood;
  • if the fluid was obtained in large volume, it says hypersecretion of gastric contents or remnants of food remain in the stomach;
  • reveal the level of acidity of the stomach;
  • stomach content viscous consistency indicates gastritis;
  • hydrochloric acid reveals the focus of therapy, as well as its production, or limitations.

Gastric lavage

Lavage involves two ways of introducing a probe through the nose and through the mouth. The first method is often used in newborns. The second is required if you want to produce lavage in severe intoxications. Also, this technique is used when you need to make an emergency washing immediately after eating. This applies to a poison control probe, as this technique is applied to the pear, which helps to push the food and to remove residual toxins.

Technique begins with identification of the length of the introduction device. Before the event the device is worn as a funnel or a syringe, the end smeared with vaseline, then the probe is inserted into the esophagus. The funnel is filled up with special washing liquid. The procedure is done as long as it is not possible to achievepure content.

Sounding of the stomach today is a modern painless procedure that gives a minimum of discomfort. Do not abandon this important diagnostic procedure because wholly replace this method at the moment does not exist.