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The methods and procedure for gastric lavage in case of poisoning

Промывание желудкаTo avoid many troubles related to health, it is necessary to know the basic rules of care for various situations. One of the main ways of saving man if poisoning is gastric lavage.

The technique of gastric lavage should be known to everyone, because when you need emergency help, and there's no qualified medical officer with all the necessary tools we need immediate action. But do not think that washing stomach, you must learn the many nuances of this method. Enough to know some basic rules of behavior without fear of the situation to perform them.

How to begin first aid

The idea that people were poisoned, must occur immediately after he had sudden convulsions or confusion. Before gastric lavage in the home, you need to find out what he drank and ate last time if possible. If there are other people, they have to call the doctor or find help if there is no possibility to contact the medical facility.

These are the first steps for the washing of the stomach is necessary because:

  1. Even if there are some accurate knowledge of medicine man, is not engaged in it professionally, can prevent a number of errors or can not cope with the patient's condition due to the lack of necessary tools.
  2. The procedure for rinsing stomach child and adult specialists, as well as other measures if poisoning is required.
  3. Attempts at self-flushing of the stomach lose a lot of time, and lay people do everything with an emotional disturbance. Even a few minutes can cost a poisoned life.

But-if the physician is not expected any time soon, you should make every effort to help the person. Very helpful our site has a free online consultation with a doctor.

Possible ways

To make a gastric lavage without doctors, need to remember even the least of information that is taught in the classroom at school. It is sometimes enough to help someone. There are two ways of flushing the stomach of the child or adult:

  1. A method in which probe was used.
  2. Method that does not involve the use of special devices.

Gastric lavage in children and adults both can be done at home. You need to have a certain amount of fluid and the probe. Assistance two, this process will be more effective.

Method without a probe

This methodflushing of the stomach is used most often in cases where poisoning is easy and the victim is conscious. In addition, it can be applied on himself.

Gastric lavage consists of several stages. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. The victim should drink from five hundred to seven hundred milliliters of liquid. Usually this water is salty, and preferably warm (but not hot).
  2. Then with a spoon or similar object is irritated area of the root of the tongue, causes vomiting when flushing stomach.
  3. The first and the second paragraph is repeated until a while from the stomach not be getting clean water.

Gastric lavage in such a way to see the people who with food has taking any chemicals. But this method cannot be used in cases of poisoning:

  • Gasoline;
  • Turpentine;
  • Alkalis and strong acids.

This is due to the fact that such liquid may be re-damage the esophagus and respiratory system when passing in the opposite direction. After the procedure it is recommended to do it again, but this time through the probe, because the time spent on this procedure, it is enough to call the doctor.

The method using the medical tools

Зонд для промывания желудкаFor rinsing stomach child or adult in this way requires not only equipment, but also special skills. Therefore it is better to call the technician and wait for his arrival, if the poisoned person is unconscious. Do probe washing the stomach, the child may be problematic, therefore it is necessary that the assistant was holding the victim and prevented him from moving.

You can also try to produce gastric lavage alone. It is worth remembering that lavage through the probe is a relatively safe procedure, but in the absence of skills and knowledge is dangerous because of what can happen:

  • The gap of the digestive system;
  • Getting vomit into the trachea, leading to suffocation;
  • The introduction of the probe into the trachea.

Gastric lavage in the home requires special medical equipment – gastric probe. He presented a long rubber tube having a diameter of 1 cm End of the tube is rounded and there are 2 holes.

The execution order of the irrigation probe

Gastric lavage is subject to the following rules:

  1. In this procedure, the person has to be in the sitting position. Often the victim is seated on a chair.
  2. After that, the person needs to tilt his head and move his tongue if he is awake. Otherwise, do the following: insert the teeth of the subject, not allowing jawsspontaneously shrink, and stop the introduction of the fixture.
  3. During the procedure it must be ensured that the probe does not get into the trachea. This may indicate signs that appear during suffocation.
  4. The probe is carefully introduced until until it begins to receive the liquid.
  5. For washing is water.
  6. For one stomach pumped is enough to about seven hundred milliliters.
  7. By pouring in the tube is lowered below its upper opening is below the stomach, and then raise it.
  8. The contents of the merged hole of the tube is again lowered.
  9. The procedure is repeated until then, until the tube starts to appear.

After gastric lavage in case of poisoning, the patient should be placed in the hospital, regardless of how he feels. Usually this algorithm is done by medical workers, but when it comes to human life, then it can be done independently.