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What can I eat after gastric operations

Операция на желудкеDue to the fact that after the implementation of surgical operation on the stomach, lose weight menu should include foods that contain protein. The fats that are easily digested, you can consume approximately 80 grams. Be sure to consider that patients are unable to tolerate fat in its pure form, so, for example, oil is best added to dishes.

Undergoing a surgical operation must comply with physical activity and proper rest. The family of the patient should know that after the surgery the patient may be nervous. Often there may be mood swings, insomnia. To treat such people need special attention and understanding. Done after the surgery, patients need to limit physical activity should not lift heavy objects, to dramatically turn the housing body. With caution should be the load on the oblast press. The lack of mobility is also contraindicated. Therefore, together with the doctor is required to determine the range of physical activities. With this you can enhance metabolism, adjust the breath, blood flow, which will lead to a normal period after surgery on the stomach.

Patients should minimize the use of liquid. Therefore, food implies limitation. The special therapeutic diet should include dense food that is washed down with weak tea or clean drinking water. In the first months after the intervention, the diet should be optimal to ensure the normal work of the stomach. To replenish nutrition, you must be careful, in a satisfactory state of health.

Therapeutic diet: stage

After operations on the stomach, the food should consist of several stages. In the first days, patients are shown a strict diet. In good health, after 14 days, patients can eat pureed food. At this point, the food is based on the sparing of the gastrointestinal tract. In a few months ill move to not pureed food, but with certain restrictions. If the resumption of the gastrointestinal sphere is successful, then a year later, the list of products can be replenished.

Nutrition after surgery: General rules

  • immediately after the implementation of surgical operation in the stomach of the patient can have a little sweetened jelly, drink weak tea and mineral water;
  • you need to eat food in small amounts many times;
  • there should be slowly and carefully;
  • recommended to drink 30 minutes before meals and after;
  • food and drinks should be warm;
  • all dishes should be easy to digest;
  • products that are difficult to digest by the stomach shouldto exclude;
  • spices can be used in dishes. Salt, herbs;
  • the food should be steamed or cooked;
  • bloating to exclude vegetables that increase gas in your stomach;
  • should drink through a straw, talking in the process of eating should be eliminated;
  • chewing gum contributes to bloating, so this process also should be deleted;
  • diarrhea should be excluded from the diet foods enriched with dietary fibre, fatty and fried foods;
  • soda, coffee, energy also contraindicated;
  • you should avoid dairy products;
  • we have to eliminate the foods that lead to intestinal obstruction).
  • if you decide to try something new, you do not need to eat these foods in large portions;
  • constipation or diarrhea, visit the doctor.

Pureed food products

Правильное питаниеIn order to reduce the inflammatory process and to organize the work in the stomach after surgery, the patient shows a special diet. All food should be pureed and cooked in steam or water. You can and should eat food enriched with proteins. You should limit the consumption of carbohydrates and salt.

Diet includes: soups vegetable in mashed form with cereals, boiled chicken, low-fat soups, lean meat, you can cook scrambled eggs or steamed eggs boiled. Rye bread included in the menu is not earlier than a month. Sour cream can be added to dishes as seasoning. Useful consumption of cauliflower, steamed zucchini, other vegetables should be prepared in the form of mashed potatoes, casseroles and slimy porridge. Semolina is ruled out. Oil is used as seasoning for dishes. You can use cheese in grated form. Useful fruit juices, tea without sugar.

The diet eliminates fried, smoked, salted, sausages, sweets, beans, mushrooms, caffeine containing drinks, soda. Sweet drinks are also contraindicated.

Replenishment of the diet diets and meals should occur gradually. During the first two weeks after surgery, you can eat in small amounts. The volume of liquid should not be over 200 ml. to improve the health status of approximately a few months, the patient is transferred to not pureed diet.

The food is not pureed foods

The diet involves eating protein and fat and carbohydrates. All the food was also steamed or boiled, baked, stewed. Diet built on the same principles as the previous one. Allowed to enter into the diet of soup, low-fat meat soup with the addition of rye bread, chicken, lean meat and fish. Vegetables can be eaten as boiled and rawwith the addition of greens and tomatoes. You can eat buckwheat, oats and rice. If the patient has an accompanying pathology of the gastrointestinal sphere, then, the main diet consists of certain amendments. For constipation you need to drink vegetable juice, eat beets boiled and the decoction of prunes.

If gastric surgery was carried out as a result of tumor, should be included in the diet of the diet the patient's products, which include components that block the progression of neoplastic process, such as oil, buckwheat, etc.

After successful gastric surgery, the patient should remember that the primary pathology or its consequences are removed surgically, so drug therapy should not stop under any circumstances for a long time.

This should be done to ensure that in the period after the operation to resume digestion. Due to the fact that patients who had surgery on the stomach may change the esophagus and other related bodies, be sure the sick is systematically several times a year to carry out the treatment at home or in the hospital.