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Current methods of cleaning the stomach

Чистый желудок The food we eat, passing around the body, leaves behind waste that due to incomplete digestion and insufficient cleansing of the digestive system. Stomach is use the body which is responsible for performing several functions. The stomach gathers food, secretes the gastric secret, so that the body is such a process as digestion. In stomach the food is ground, then it turns into content that moves from the stomach into the intestine for the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

The slag which remained after this process, prevent the secretion of gastric secrets for digestion, normal mixing with a new absorb food, resulting in disruption of the normal functioning of the stomach, which greatly lowers the vitality and weakens the immune system. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean the stomach on your own at home.

The waste that leaves the food, bring harm to the body, so to get rid of them. You need to understand that in General, the purification of the stomach for healthy people without serious problems. In the presence of any disease not necessary to produce cleansing the stomach without consulting a doctor. Specialist will develop an effective individual method which will help to clean the stomach.

If you do not suffer any diseases, then no problem will be able to clean the intestines, but still choose to be gentle ways to cleanse.

Let's look at what not to do and why:

  • medicines with laxative effect. Even the most sparing drugs are addictive and the further the chair without the use of these drugs will be impossible. But these medicines are very practical and easy to use. This is a short time. In the future, there may occur unpleasant consequences;
  • enema. This method of cleaning the stomach is also used only in extreme cases. With an enema you can not only clean the stomach, but also disrupt the microflora. If you chose this method of cleansing the stomach. We must note that warm water carries the absorption in the surface of the intestine of toxins, from which one needs to get rid of.

What to do?

  • do not load your body with fatty and fried food;
  • do not drink carbonated drinks, prepared foods, etc.;
  • with a proper diet and drink about 2 liters of water, maybe once in 6 months of preventive considerations to carry out gentle cleaning, using folk remedies.

These actions will be enough to remove slag and to clean the intestine. Bestto clean the intestine after the holidays, implying the use of delicious, but unhealthy food in large quantities. Doctors recommend doing a colon cleanse those who are under the age of 30.

Cleansing at home

The cleansing of the stomach and can easily be produced using traditional methods. Eggplant peel perfectly cleans the stomach and intestines from pathogenic microorganisms. The seeds of this vegetable perfectly cleanse the gastrointestinal sphere from the accumulated slime and worms. Acid, contained in vegetables, perfectly controls fat metabolism. Accordingly, the eggplant is very useful in excess weight. Power lasts a week. From the diet excludes meat eating and milk, bread and cakes. You need to eat only vegetables, most of which should be eggplant. They can be eaten boiled, stewed, with added oil. Chop the vegetables should be diced by inches. Drink clean water at the time of clearing of the stomach, black or green tea without sugar. To make this cleansing the stomach no training required. It can start at any time. Lasts diet to cleanse the stomach for two weeks. After this method you will feel improved health, increased vitality. This catharsis is suitable for frequent use. Best way to do this once in 60 days. SOS

Cleansing honey

Honey is known to possess many useful properties. Inflammatory bowel, or a disease, such as colitis, easily treatable with purgation honey. Dissolve in one glass of water a spoonful of honey and drink before each meal for three glasses. The duration of such cleaning of the intestine is one and a half months. Perform several cycles of cleaning of the intestine during the year.

Milk cleansing

To clean the intestines without the use of enemas and laxatives, with the help of a simple meal. With this aim, we need to take a glass of milk, boil and let it brew for the night. So to defend it in the course of the day. In the resulting soured milk, pour a spoonful of Olii, stir and consume before bedtime. In this case, the tool will give the maximum effect of purification of the intestine.

Cleaning by other means

Every morning before eating, eat a piece of garlic, a couple of apples or a beet salad. All these tools perfectly clean the intestines. You can also have semolina in the morning. Each can independently create a suitable diet for effective bowel cleansing.

Today there are many means of cleaning the stomach at home and how exactly to do it. A wonderful way to cleanse the bowel, is the mess. Take half a Cup of rice and the same of oats, rinse and cook. Pour a mixture of the twocups of water. Eat porridge without butter in the morning and for dinner in a few days, given his health. This method copes with the remnants of undigested food, microorganisms.

A simple method of cleaning the bowel

Following the methodology of bowel cleansing is very easy to use at home. You need to take 0.5 liters of mineral water with one and a half teaspoon of xylitol. To do this cleaning should stomach in the morning. Take 200 ml of mineral water, pour into a glass and warm. Stir in the xylitol into a glass, pour some mineral water and drink. After these actions done, we need to move actively. Then drink another glass just mineral water. After 20 minutes drink 100 grams of hot water.

More details on how to clear your stomach, it can tell the doctor. Keep in mind that it is best to clean the intestines in conjunction with physical activity. With a clean stomach you will get rid of toxins and bring your figure in shape. Remember that a strict diet can bring harm to your organism, as it is often causes a variety of disorders.