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Surgery for gastric banding is an effective method of struggle against excess weight

Бандажирование желудка
An increasing number of people faced with the appearance of extra pounds. Excess weight is eliminated by various methods. One of the most effective modern option is the gastric banding.

The technique

How is the gastric band for effective weight loss? The essence of this way of dealing with obesity is fairly simple, but allows to obtain excellent results. Numerous photos of patients before and after the banding literally shocking to your significant difference. It is worth considering that we are talking not about 5-7 pounds of excess weight. The technique is designed to combat the serious stages of obesity.

Innovative laparoscopic gastric banding is not a big deal. In addition, the approach is characterized by a relatively loyal value. The attractiveness of the method of gastric banding is that the postoperative period is quite short. Set the brace of the stomach through miniature punctures is to cut the abdominal cavity is not necessary. The procedure is performed using General anesthesia. Its duration generally does not exceed 40 minutes.

Features of surgery for banding

What are the other features of this method of weight loss? Narrowing of the stomach is well tolerated by almost 100% of patients. Experts point out that:

  • Upon completion of the banding operation is quickly restored working capacity;
  • Not affected other organs and tissues;
  • Surgically not removed other areas.

Modern gastric banding uses a silicone ring. It is quick and easy. The method of banding is that there is a narrowing upper part of the stomach. This ring is created from safe materials, artificially creates two divisions of the stomach. The result is a banding on an hourglass shape. The first section of the stomach is able to accommodate only 20 ml of food. It provides an almost instantaneous signal to the brain about the saturation. Overeating is simply impossible physically. Not surprisingly, this option is weight loss is very effective.

Why does it work?

This bariatric surgery (aimed at weight loss), offering to perform laparoscopic gastric banding, involves the use of simple details. This latex ring. It forms a new shape and size of the stomach. The photo clearly shows that after the intervention the stomach becomes fundamentally different. Due to this high food absorbed isjust 1 tablespoon of food in a liquid state. Why after banding do not overeat? Because of the overabundance of food the patient is facing:

  • Very unpleasant sensations;
  • Heaviness in the stomach.
  • Discomfort;
  • Vomiting.

The fact that gastric banding has its own characteristics. The procedure for effective weight loss involves proper placement of the ring. Safe narrowing of stomach is provided by the interception of his gatekeeper. It is here put silicone ring. Here there is accumulation of numerous nerve receptors that supply the signals of saturation. It is not surprising that the new food mode makes it easy to say goodbye to excess weight and fat. Photos of patients before and after the banding have a radical difference and surprise with remarkable results.

Persistent weight loss in a few steps

Laparoscopic gastric banding is carried out in several stages. After the first step is a required fixing special port. It is located in the anterior abdominal wall. Do not be afraid of cosmetic defects after the banding – they do. A safe port is completely invisible. However, it is very important. This detail is required for:
Похудение с помощью бандажирования же

  • Normal regulation of the tire;
  • It comfortable fit;
  • Subsequent control eliminate extra pounds.

24 hours after the completion of all necessary manipulations on the installation of specific fragment, which is this ring, the patient can go home. Modern gastric banding does not require that you just operated on the person conducting a special lifestyle. It can do so without any restrictions all the same as the banding. The photo is perfectly visible that the patient is not restricted, and nothing prevents him to lead a normal lifestyle. The main thing – to protect themselves from heavy physical activity and those that are associated with tension of the abdomen for 2-3 months.

Consolidation of results

After the expiration of 4 days after gastric banding is performed the first adjustment of the bandage of the ring. You can adjust its position. Due to this, the ring is not felt, but it still does not allow you to overeat. This procedure takes only about 5 minutes. The port, which was pre-installed on the final step of the operation, introduced a special solution. This manipulation focused on the reduction of the lumen of the stomach with thickening of the ring.

What are the prospects offered topatients gastric banding? The video reveals that the procedure is very effective. After the conference, just a month later, the patient gets rid of the first five extra pounds. Ring of the innovative safe materials helps to release your body from the load that can provoke:

  • More serious disease;
  • A huge load on the legs and the spine;
  • The appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin.

The efficiency of this method of banding

Conducted by professionals of the gastric banding helps you lose weight correctly and safely. This approach rarely causes difficulties in the process of adjusting to a so-called small stomach. The absence of various complications after gastric banding – the key to persistent and steady weight loss.

Used silicone ring does not cause any discomfort, unless, of course, there is overeating and the patient complies with the diet. However, it should be noted that after the gastric banding can be depression, because the person is difficult to get used to the new food regime and strict discipline in eating. Also should be careful with accepting solid food. It should be very thoroughly chewed.

Do not forget that discomfort and overeating often go "out of my head" and due to psychological problems. That is why it should not be naive to believe that the procedure is to get rid of them. Here must try the patient. The best motivation for him will be photos of slim people who always look great and can afford the beautiful outfits.