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Symptoms and treatment of perforated gastric ulcer

Прободная язва A ruptured stomach is a complication of the ulcer, and not a separate disease. As a rule, the symptoms originate from one of three stages: a strong shock in a patient, a slight relief of his condition and the peritonitis. Perforated gastric ulcer is a mucosal lesion through which leaking stomach secret. In General, this condition brings the patient to the shock of the fact that the stomach contents strongly affects the ventral surface. With this period, you start counting the life of the patient, as peritonitis is a serious consequence of ulcers and can lead to disastrous outcome.

Usually, this is due to the fact that during the transition from initial phase to end, there is a phase of minor improvements. The first phase lasts for several hours, and the symptoms of shock is clearly expressed: the patient feels a sharp pain, his skin changes color. The pain is very specific, which makes it possible to distinguish from other pathologies. Sharp, acute pain, appears in the abdominal part and leads to strong tension of the abdominal muscles.

A very dangerous period is a small step to improve the patient's condition. As a rule, the period of time is insignificant and lasts until the moment when the peritonitis will be felt. At the time the patient is able to breathe freely, he is less pain, there is a feeling that all was over. During this period, it is very important not to believe a temporary improvement and in a timely manner to bring the patient to the clinic.

The clinical picture

Perforation of the ulcer, exactly the same as her relapse often occurs during the season of exacerbation of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. A few days before the complications of the patient suffering from pains in the abdomen. Ulcer can occur completely
asymptomatic, and only appeared suddenly, perforation will be the first symptom of a pathology.

The symptoms of perforation of ulcer following:

  • acute pain, which decreases after a few hours;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • low blood pressure;
  • abdominal tenderness and susceptibility;
  • strong tachycardia;
  • sweating;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • the hands and feet of the patient become cold;
  • the patient is very thirsty, he has a strong dry mouth.

Sometimes a perforated ulcer can be accompanied by vomiting. For some time gas formation in the stomach.

How are the symptoms?

Sometimes there is a perforation of acute gastric ulcers that can be caused by the prolonged administration of steroid hormones. Basically, in most patients, the perforation causes the following symptoms: pain, heartburn.

Perforated ulcer causes distinct clinical symptoms.The main sign pointing to the perforated ulcer is pain that occurs very rapidly and spontaneously. In connection with numerous lesions of the nerve endings, patients immediately after a severe pain, take a certain position, which is a bent in the knee joints of the legs connected to the abdomen. Vomiting patients very rarely appears with a perforated ulcer. Pain can radiate into your right arm.

Other clinical symptoms

Симптомы язвы Ulcer perforation may be accompanied by such a sign of just how strong the muscular pressure of abdomen. As a rule, the abdomen of patients with this complication begins to visually resemble a disk, making possible to immediately establish the correct diagnosis to the patient. To reduce pain, the patient holds the body tilted forward. With the advent of peritonitis muscle tension subsides.

Perforation of the ulcer might lead to the surfaces of the bodies through wounds, where undigested food can get into the peritoneum. Very often perforated ulcer is caused by the abuse of alcohol, heavy exercise, of fullness. Very often, the perforation is the first symptom that indicates the presence of ulcers.

Within 48 hours after the onset of complications occurs peritonitis, in the absence of urgent professional care, leads to death of the patient.

The causes of perforation of ulcer

Perforated ulcer can be caused by the following factors:

  • ulcer attack;
  • the sudden increase in pressure in the abdomen that can be caused by strong physical stress;
  • failure to comply with the principles of healthy eating and food abuse;
  • strong mental and mental stress, stress;
  • treatment with products containing salicylic acid.

Diagnostic signs

Symptoms of complications so characteristic that the diagnosis often does not cause difficulties. Slight temporary improvement may be due to the influence of endorphins. Pain is reduced, muscle tension decreases, tension in the right hypochondrium. This condition is temporary and in a few hours, there is a complication with peritonitis.

Perforation bleeding lesions mostly diagnosed at late stage. This state is usually characterized by a latent period, occasionally makes itself felt soreness and increase the pain and minor muscle tension. The persons who are in alcoholic intoxication, to diagnose the perforation is quite difficult.

Sudden occurrence of pain in the abdomen, in which there is strong muscle tension, fixed position of the patient, are an important factor forthe diagnosis of perforation of the ulcer. Laboratory tests may be normal, changes of leukocytes occurs only at the stage of occurrence of peritonitis. X-ray examination reveals excessive accumulation of air under the diaphragm.

Treatment of perforated ulcer

Ulcer perforation requires immediate hospitalization of the patient. No need to give the patient drugs analgesics because they can relieve symptoms of pathology and interfere with diagnosis. When the patient has any symptoms pointing to perforation of the ulcer, it is necessary to examine in peace. After diagnosis, the patient carried out the operation. Early treatment of perforated ulcers was to conduct abdominal surgery. At this point in modern medicine done laparoscopic surgery. Sometimes necessary to make removal of the stomach. Treatment of perforated ulcer is surgical intervention.

Лечение прободной язвы When the patient has completely abandoned the intervention, it is assigned conservative treatment. In this case the patient is administered the probe and the diseased organ is released from content. Then, using a different probe for several days of the affected organ is removed the air. On the stomach of the patient put ice. Treatment includes intravenous feeding. The patient describes treatment with antibiotics, the restoration of water and electrolyte balance. Therapy lasts up to 10 days. Before removing the probe is x-ray using contrast in order to make sure that the hole is healed. This technique is not very effective. Perhaps the patient will need surgery, but will have lost time and surgical treatment may not be effective.

The rehabilitation period

After the implementation of interventions at perforated ulcer the patient should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • from the diet should be excluded food, irritating the mucous membranes of the digestive tract;
  • to eat necessary many times to slightly;
  • the food should be warm;
  • you need to minimize the consumption of salt and spices;
  • from the menu completely excluded fatty meat varieties, fish, pickles, preservatives, meat products, alcoholic drinks.

After surgery, the patient needs therapy antiulcer agents. The first week the patient shows a bed rest, tranquility and sleep. Special nutrition during this period is a crucial factor in improving the condition of the patient. This meal need to be observed for several months after the intervention. With special diet to get rid of the inflammation in the gastrointestinal area. You need to minimize salt intake andfluid. How is improving the patient's condition, the menu expanded, added vegetables, steamed meatballs. All unhealthy food: spicy, salty, fried, greasy, should be excluded completely. For several months diet filled up by different food.

To prevent perforation of the ulcer, it is necessary to produce the treatment of peptic ulcer, and to comply with the principles of nutrition in the presence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal sphere. Keep in mind that the second stage complications gives temporary relief, and then developed peritonitis. In this case, unacceptably self-treatment by the usual drugs against ulcers. Only surgery will help the patient.

Be attentive to their health. Timely recognition of clinical signs of pathology – the key to effective treatment. It is not enough to recognize the disease. To ensure that the recovery was not long in coming, you must comply with all recommendations of the doctor and then a ruptured stomach, you will not appear.