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The symptoms of stomach cancer and the prognosis for treatment

Рак желудка Stomach cancer is a malignancy characterized by uncontrolled growth of formations, originating from the mucosa of the stomach. Education occurs in different parts of the stomach. Normal cells are transformed into malignant ones at the appearance of certain disorders. In a perfectly healthy stomach will never be education. Gastrointestinal areas, such as gastritis or benign tumors are a good medium for rebirth into a cancerous tumor. Mostly affects people in old age, but not eliminated the incidence of cancer in young persons.


Causes of malignancy to date not been fully elucidated. Have only defined the individual reasons for which you should pay attention:

  • excessive consumption of foods that are high in content of fats of animal origin;
  • products with nitrates, stimulating the transformation of cells and their progression. The main products of nitrate are vegetables. A very important method of cultivation, the process of storing water for watering and fertilisers;
  • smoked and cured products, which are also characterised by content of nitrates. The group of these products include alcohol, mushrooms;
  • nicotine and cosmetics;
  • according to studies it is established that alcoholic drinks themselves have a tendency to cause stomach cancer.

The causes of the disease is also a precancerous pathology of which the complications can provoke degeneration into a malignant form. These diseases include gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, benign tumors, low stomach acidity. All this causes of cancer.

Atrophic gastritis may contribute to the malignant disease. This is due to reduced level of acidity of gastric secretion that is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. It is believed that peptic ulcer disease contributes to the degeneration into a malignant character. It is proved that the time of the transition of ulcer into cancer is early gastric cancer.

Early gastric cancer is a phenomenon in which developing vysokomehanizirovannoe education. Early gastric cancer does not always imply benign tumors and ulcers. These phenomena may turn into cancer very rarely, in advanced cases. However, these diseases require a serious relationship and effective treatment.

The clinical picture

Боли при раке желудка The manifestation of cancer in the initial stages are usually asymptomatic. Before always happens malignancy precancerous condition –changes at the cellular level. These symptoms occur in gastritis. At the initial stage the symptoms of stomach cancer are hidden. First signs of stomach cancer – anemia, a strong aversion to protein foods, weight loss, dyspepsia.
The symptoms of the disease, which should consult the doctor the following:

  • unpleasant symptoms and pain in the epigastric part, accompanied with nausea and lack of appetite;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • symptoms such as heaviness in the stomach that occurs when eating small portions of food;
  • weight loss and fatigue;
  • the symptoms of anemia;
  • vomiting with admixture of blood, stools with a peculiar bad smell and dark color.

All of the above symptoms are very serious reason for going to the doctor and disease.

Stage of development

Unfortunately, mostly, at the time of diagnosis, gastric cancer is often already advanced. In this regard, very few people live after diagnosis and according to statistics, out of a hundred patients during the 5 years survival of only 15. How many will live, the patient also depends on his age. In young individuals, the chances of recovery are much higher than in the elderly.

  • cancer the first stage. If you are able to determine raciology at this stage, the chances of survival are much higher than for others;
  • stomach cancer is the second stage. While survival of approximately five patients out of ten;
  • stomach cancer in the third stage. Survival significantly lower than the other stages and is 40%;
  • cancer stage IV is detected in most cases. This suggests that the process progresses metastasis. The survival rate for 5 years is not more than 5%.

How can you recognize?

Due to the fact that the symptoms of the malignant process in the stomach is usually masked and difficult to determine diagnosis of gastric cancer is a separate difficulty. The similarity of the tumors of gastric ulcer also confuses the situation. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy is a diagnostic technique that involves performing a biopsy in conjunction with certain treatment interventions. For example, you want to remove a benign tumor, to stop hemorrhage, to carry out the introduction of the probe. The material undergoes histological analysis, which gives information picture of the disease.

If necessary, should be secondary to the biopsy. However, there are cases in which even these techniques are not determined by cancer of the stomach. For accurate diagnosis of gastric cancer is applied promagistrate in which cells specially painted in different colors with goal differences of healthy cells from the disease. These techniques are very complex and difficult to tolerate by patients, so often doctors are looking for an alternative to these methods. Buttoday, all these methods are considered most susceptible and help to identify cancer at an early stage of development.

Treatment of malignancies of the stomach

Лечение рака The effectiveness of the treatment of the disease will depend on the stage of the cancer, you want to define. The less progressing malignant process, the easier it is to cope with it. The definition of the treatment methods of the disease will depend on many characteristics, from the size of the formation, metastasis, etc. are all causes of the disease in the patient, including comorbidities.For the patient to develop an individual method, including surgical therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Surgery is the most popular and effective method of treatment of the disease. Interventions can be aimed at removal of the organ or to education itself. Palliative operations are performed to compensate for the most complex features of the entities. Based on the prevalence of the process, the decision on intervention. Sometimes the removal of stomach removal of related organs with contact to germinate education.

Today is a very popular laparoscopic surgery, which are performed with a special camera. This significantly reduces pain after surgery and a rehabilitation period tolerated by patients easier.

Chemotherapy is used as an independent treatment education, it is combined with surgical and radiotherapeutic techniques. Chemotherapy may be done before surgery to reduce the size of the formation or the destruction of all malignant cells after surgery. To reduce pain in cancer of the stomach, also use a method of chemotherapy.

Radiotherapy is used in conjunction with surgery. It is aimed at the improvement after the operation.

Prognosis after surgery

All patients and their relatives are interested in the question "how many are living with the disease stomach cancer?". As mentioned above, survival depends on the stage of the disease and of the care that was provided to the patient after surgery on the stomach.

Very dangerous for life are the recurrence of tumors after surgery. This can occur when there is insufficient elimination of the causes of the disease. Relapse can happen after a few months or a few years after surgery. To prevent this, all patients after surgery should be systematically checked by the treating oncologist and to prevent possible causes of relapse.


Активный образ жизниPreventive actions to prevent stomach cancer involve:

  • timely treatment of pathologies of the gastrointestinal environment as the elimination of the causes of cancer;
  • the implementation of gastroscopy patients with gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • surveyed needs of persons in family history where there are relatives with gastric cancer;
  • avoiding harmful habits;
  • sports;
  • compliance with the principles of a healthy balanced diet;
  • the exclusion of foods with nitrate from the diet, and fatty food.

Protective properties are characterized by:

  • fruits and vegetables with vitamin C and many other nutrients;
  • green tea;
  • frozen rather than canned products, which reduces the chances of occurrence of cancer by reducing carcinogens.

It is not necessary to ignore the unpleasant symptoms, because they can indicate the beginning of a pre-cancerous condition of the stomach.Well, if we can identify these important signs on time, because it depends on how many live patients with this diagnosis. How much treatment, what methods of diagnostics is required to pass, one can learn at the doctor, who will prescribe the patient all the necessary arrangements for diagnosis, treatment and provide care in the postoperative period.