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Treatment of gastric cancer: methods of curing diseases

Лечение рака желудка One of the major threats of cancer of the stomach is that the symptoms do not manifest themselves, and the progression of metastasis occurs very quickly. Unfortunately, malignant tumors of the stomach are characterized by unfavorable prognosis and are treated very badly. How to treat malignant tumors in the stomach today, we will discuss in this article.

How to choose a treatment method?

First of all, the patient needs to be unpleasant symptoms. Well, if we can detect the disease at first. You need to pay attention to symptoms such as loss of appetite, aversion to protein-rich foods, weight loss, pale skin. This is often the first signals of cancer.
Determine the tactics of treatment will depend on:

  • localization of education. On this basis, the choice of resection and the volume of the removed portion;
  • metastasis. The prevalence of metastases determines the type of treatment;
  • the size of education reveals the extent to which a malignant process and predicts the outcome of treatment;
  • take into account age and health status of patients.

These factors are decisive in the question of how to treat cancer of the stomach.

Methods of treatment

Treatment can be divided into the following:

  • radical method of treatment aimed at the complete elimination of all malignant cells, the patient's full recovery and prevention of metastasis;
  • palliative method. Unfortunately, in the last degree the elimination of all formations is unrealistic to implement or very difficult. In this situation it is necessary to build treatment strategies aimed at prolonging the patient's life.

Based on the goal, the doctor determines how to treat the tumor of the stomach.

When choosing methods of treatment are taken into account in the following ways:

  • surgery has huge popularity in the treatment of cancer. Discarding it is possible to achieve the best results and reduce the possibility of further exacerbations;
  • chemotherapy is used as a combined method;
  • radiation therapy for stomach cancer is also used together with other methods;
  • additional therapy includes a number of techniques aimed at improving the patient's condition.


Операция на желудок The most effective method of therapy for cancer of the stomach is surgery. Treatment of gastric cancer in Israel in this way has long been practiced. Based on the extent, localization, choose one of the following methods:

  • the endoscopic method is done in that case, if educationnot crossed the border of the stomach. The operation is performed through the esophagus. Skin remain intact after removal. The method is well tolerated patients, the rehabilitation period non-durable. The problem is that the initial stages of the disease are detected mostly at random;
  • incomplete resection of the stomach. Small-sized formation can be removed by partial gastrectomy. Can icecats surface and other parts. That is, the doctor creates a new stomach that will also work as before. Stomach resection, there are certain limitations of the patient;
  • full resection. With full lesions of the stomach, it is possible to facilitate complete resection. The stomach is created from intestinal tissue. The patient's quality of life is deteriorating and will have some difficulties. Food for stomach cancer is little and often. However, this method shows the best results. Treatment of gastric cancer in Israel, according to this method has been used for many years.

If any resection of the stomach necessarily made the elimination of tissues and lymph nodes. It reveals at what stage is the malignant process in the stomach and helps determine how to treat the pathology. The beginning of the prevalence of metastases is established in these parts. After removal significantly reduces the chance of exacerbations. When lesions metastases may be deleted and other gastrointestinal areas.

Palliative methods

  • excision of the entire education or partial destruction with the purpose of improving the functionality of the gastrointestinal region;
  • techniques such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy is used to reduce swelling and help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms;
  • the anastomosis is done at the overlap of the entrance to the stomach education. It helps to improve the passage of food;
  • anaesthesia. Such unpleasant symptoms as pain in Oncology, cropped by a special medication;
  • treatment of folk remedies. Therapy folk remedies useful when complex use in conjunction with the standard techniques. But you should understand that to treat cancer of the stomach alone is a very dangerous occupation and if you have made this decision, be sure to consult a doctor.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer of the stomach, found not very effective ways. They are used for individual purpose in combination with a radical technique. Advantages:

  • prior to treatment, education can be reduced in size;
  • removalsingle cells, which can not be identified by available methods of research. If exposure to radiation is possible to treat only certain areas, the chemotherapy affects the whole body, destroying even secondary education;
  • there are times when from various causes and surgical intervention is contraindicated, then combines chemotherapy and radiation exposure significantly improves the condition of the patient.

What can be complications after surgery?

There may be bleeding, blood clots, lesions related authorities in the process of intervention. Annually treatment usovershenstvuetsya, only 2% of patients die after intervention with cancer of the stomach. After removing all of limfouzel the chances of a fatal outcome after treatment increased, but if the procedure is done by a professional doctor, then the probability of survival is greatly increased.

Sometimes arise after surgery or treatments such as chemotherapy, the following symptoms — heartburn, pain in the epigastrium, lack of vitamins. The stomach is very important organ in the digestive process. After resection doctors usually prescribe vitamin complexes for intravenous administration. Very important diet for stomach cancer after treatment. Patients should consume food in smaller doses, but more often than before. Food for stomach cancer should not include junk food: fried, fatty, heavy on the stomach, you should give up bad habits. Diet for stomach cancer should consist of gentle food. In the diet should prevail fruits and vegetables. Menu before and after the transaction is made by the doctor for the patient. Proper nutrition speeds recovery and rehabilitation period.

Treatment of folk remedies

Лечение народными средствами To treat stomach cancer are different folk remedies, but their effectiveness has not been proven, therefore it is best to apply the treatment folk remedies comprehensively to the basic treatment and consultation with an oncologist. Therapy, for example, baking soda cannot replace such an effective way as chemotherapy. But the solutions with baking soda, which are injected into the formation, as practice shows, give the most interesting results: all patients after a certain time becomes much better. Soda can affect the acidity of the stomach, the reaction, the observed increased production of gastric secretion. Thus, improving the functionality of the gastrointestinal sphere. Moreover, baking soda can eliminate such unpleasant symptoms as heartburn and belching. According to one theory, cancer of the stomach triggeredby the fungus Candida. But these microorganisms are not resistant to exposure to solutions with soda. It is best to use this tool as a preventive measure to prevent cancer. The soda treatment should begin with small doses: the tip of a teaspoon should be a little soda. The soda treatment should be done on an empty stomach and drink should be warm water several times a day. Thus, with the help of a treatment of soda in your stomach will create an unfavorable environment for the breeding of fungi and it means that to start the cancer process likely will not be.

Among treatment of cancer of the stomach folk remedies widely used propolis. This tool works on destroying the tumor, stimulating the growth of normal and healthy cells. You can eat it just without anything, eating 5 grams before a meal.

Celandine is known for its effective impact in the treatment of folk remedies. You need to take the root of the plant, dry it, grind and get the juice. On 0,5 l of juice required to take the same amount of vodka, close tightly and hide in a secluded place for a month. First day to take the drop funds, every day the dosage need to increase one drop. So, for example on the 20th day you should drink 20 drops, etc.

Treatment of gastric cancer in Israel is the most successful at the initial stage. Therapy in the third stage will depend on how the symptoms, the General state of the organism. At the last stage the goal of treatment is to prolong life to the patient. Often in this case are ineffective even proven medical methods such as chemotherapy and others, not to mention the treatment of folk remedies. Do not ignore the unpleasant symptoms of gastro-intestinal areas, because they can indicate the beginning of cancer.