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Symptoms of stomach cancer 4 degree and life expectancy

Рак желудка 4 стадии As you know, stomach cancer has 4 stages of development. In the early stages this disease does not have any obvious signs that causes late detection of the tumor. Cancer of the stomach of 4 degrees, there is a clear clinical symptoms and how the disease progresses depends on the duration of life of patients. At this stage, observed the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the stomach and their propagation throughout the body. In this pathology there is a secondary breeding foci with lesions of the related organs and systems. Stage 4 – the last stage of cancer of the stomach.

The clinical picture

In the process malignant process in the stomach, the patient may experience the following symptoms:

  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal sphere, change in stool, intestinal obstruction;
  • Feeling of fullness of stomach, even with small portions of food;
  • Limfouzly enlarged and sore when pressed;
  • The distribution of metastasis in related organs, the appearance of distant lesions in other organs and systems.

Symptoms for stage 4 depend on how large malignant mass in the stomach and from stomach cancer. The most unfavorable prognosis is infiltrative type of cancer of the stomach. In this type of gastric cancer have such symptoms as severe pain and progressive development of the pathological process. When such a tumor, patients die in six months. In violation of the patency of foods through the stomach, vomiting occurs in the process of each use of food. This, in turn, causes symptoms such as severe weight loss, anemia, fatigue, pale skin.

Clear symptoms of stomach cancer

To the obvious signs of stomach cancer apply the liquid feces of black color and vomiting of the same color. This indicates the presence of hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal field. This determines how many live in stomach cancer. These symptoms may occur due to perforation of the surfaces of the stomach. Acute bowel obstruction is also a serious consequence that can occur when education is the gatekeeper.

Nonspecific symptoms

In the process of metastasis in related organs observed an increase in the abdomen. This can happen in the case of ingrowth of tissue formation in the wall of the peritoneum. If education is located near the liver, there is a yellowness of the skin. You may also experience symptoms of poisoning, which are caused by the decay products of education.

Features power

Правильное питание Treatment of stomach cancer depends in manya lot from the way the patient eats. Malignant tumors in the stomach it is very important to follow a diet. Products in the diet of the patient should be rich in proteins and vitamins. All food should be boiled. The ideal option would be wiped dishes as well as puree, in the form of jelly. Contraindicated fried, spicy, smoked dishes.

As mentioned above, the last stage of stomach cancer detected in the majority of cases, therefore palliative treatment is very important. Stomach cancer is characterized by a more favourable prognosis than cancer of other organs for example the liver or lungs. Stage 4 is diagnosed in the case of the spread of the process on the related organs and lymph nodes and the presence of metastasis in other organs.


At the last stage of stomach cancer this method is not used very often. The palliative treatment method is not aimed at complete cure of the disease, and to improve the lives of the patient and at some point able to stop the rapid development of the pathological process. Surgery are able to resume intestinal permeability. In some cases, a treatment by laser, which affects the formation in the stomach.

Also being used in medicine, creating a surgical path between the stomach and the intestines. Sometimes during the surgery is established a special tube in the stomach for patency of the food. In some cases, is resection of the stomach to prolong the life of the patient. These activities are done, if the education is still not localized in a region of the peritoneum, and metastases did not lead the body to exhaustion, otherwise patient will not survive surgery.

Is also used a method such as gastrostomy – artificial feeding of a patient by using mixtures. This technique requires local anesthesia, because General anesthesia has a greater load on the patient.


Treatment of stomach cancer chemotherapy is directed on improvement of state of health. Chemotherapy is indicated in case of local placement of gastric cancer. In the course of treatment using special preparations cytostatics. Modern medications have less severe side effects. Chemotherapy helps to achieve significant improvement in the health of the patient, if it is combined with radiation exposure. The latter is not practiced if the patient is very depleted, as this may lead to the weakening of the immune system.

Palliative care

In severe cases, patients of gastric cancer treatment drugs for the relief of pain. To reduce the inflammation, carry out intramuscular administration of antibiotics. The treatment of the disease in 4 stagesmay be supplemented by the immunotherapy and treatment of hormonal products. The first method is a new method of treatment of cancer of the stomach, which does not occur in all medical institutions. Today this technique is widely used in European clinics, as well as in Europe. Can be selected complex treatment, for example, surgery, chemotherapy, and therapy folk remedies.

Life expectancy

Активный образ жизни At the last stage of gastric cancer life expectancy depends on many factors:

  • Age category of patient, because the young organism is characterized by a higher resistance;
  • The condition of the body;
  • The appearance of the malignancy. Infiltrative type of cancer is considered the most life-threatening;
  • The progressivity of the process of metastasis;
  • The appropriateness of the therapy, as often, unfortunately, misdiagnosed entail bad consequences;
  • The spiritual condition of the patient also affects how I live with cancer of the stomach. In the provision of professional psychological assistance, is a favorable influence on life expectancy.

With the large volume metastatic lesions, the chances of a successful forecast are very small. Intelligently planned treatment of gastric cancer, and strict adherence to all its principles predicts a five-year life expectancy of approximately 20%.

It is worth noting that in foreign hospitals, the survival rate for stomach cancer is much higher and is about 40%, due to the fact that these clinics practicing modern methods of therapy. Foreign medical facilities guarantee a successful outcome of treatment of gastric cancer even at stage 4.

Therapy of folk remedies

The use of herbs

Is it possible to treat cancer folk remedies? To date, the treatment of malignancies folk remedies quite popular even at the last stage. Herbs are characterized by excellent curative effect and no side effects. Cancer treatment must be aimed at destruction of the cancer cells, which in alternative medicine use poisons of plants. However, they can pose a threat not only to abnormal cells but also damage normal cells. Keep in mind that the use of poisons plants in high content is a danger to the organism as a whole. For the preparation of drugs it is best to consult a doctor. Treatment of folk remedies should be done carefully, starting with one method and gradually adding other tools.

Flowering potatoes

Excellent remedy can be made from flowerspotatoes that you want to obtain the time of their appearance and to dry. To prepare means you need a tablespoon pour boiling water (0.5 l) and leave for a few hours. Next you need to juice flowering. Consume half an hour before meals approximately 150 grams. So you need to do 14 days 7 days rest and again 14 days to accept. Such therapies need to perform six months.

Tincture of walnut

Лечение народными средствами Collect the ripe nuts, with a green rind. Put them in the Bank 3 liters of vodka in the amount of 33 pieces. Bank roll. Leave in a secluded place for 40 days and pour into a dark container.

Drink means: 1 tsp before meals for 30 days. Rest 10 days and again repeat the tincture. The General course of treatment is 4 months. During this period, do not take dairy products, spicy, salty, sour, and meat.


Propolis is known for its healing abilities. Treatment stomach folk remedies with the assistance of propolis protects the body from negative influences. Propolis has a destructive effect on cancer cells and stimulates the growth of normal healthy cells. But the means of propolis need to be able to do. It is not very hot, it is not necessary to make tincture on alcohol. At the same time lost all of the positive potentials of propolis. It is best to dilute it in oil.

When choosing a treatment of folk remedies should remember that self-medication is dangerous for health in such a serious disease. Otherwise, self-medication can lead to death. The main principle of treatment of the popular methods is to combine alternative medicine with traditional.