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Stomach cancer stage 3: causes, characteristics of the disease and prognosis

Рак желудка 3 стадии Stomach cancer is a serious disease characterized by great popularity. Cunning pathology is that the initial stage of the malignant process does not manifest itself. Unfortunately, most often the disease is diagnosed at 3 or 4 degrees, when the process progresses and education extends to the surface of the stomach and related organs. About what is the prognosis and survival rate to the last stages of cancer, we will discuss in this article.

The reasons for the development

First of all, let's talk about what causes stomach cancer. Helicobacter microorganisms are the main factor of occurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere. In this regard, the chances of the appearance of malignant tumors in these patients significantly increased.

A very important role in the emergence of formations is nutrition. With regular consumption of salted, smoked foods, preservatives, risk of morbidity is significantly increased. Experts suggest frozen food instead of canned. To prevent the possibility of cancer, it is recommended to eat more fruit and vegetables without nitrates.

Smoking has a strong influence on the occurrence of gastric cancer. A complete rejection of this harmful habit significantly reduces the risk of malignant tumors.

Other factors

Malignant tumors also arise when:

  • overweight;
  • the presence of surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract in the past;
  • genetic predispositions, if a family history of patients were men with this diagnosis;
  • radioactive area and interaction with radioactive substances.

Stage 3 Oncology: features

At 3 stepenyakh of the stomach is observed, the prevalence of metastasis to lymph nodes and lesions of neighbouring organs and systems. There are also lesions of the esophagus and the small intestine on the basis of their location of education.

Stage 3 is characterized by the following types, depending on the degree of localization of the tumor:

  • 3A stage. Observed prevalence of education on the muscular surface of the stomach with the defeat of at least seven lymph nodes;
  • Stage 3B is characterized by the distribution on the external surface of the stomach with lesions of limfouzel;
  • 3C stage is characterized by progression of the process over the external borders of the stomach with metastases in limfouzel.

The symptoms of cancer of 3 degrees: Желудок

  • weight loss;
  • fatigue and exhaustion;
  • blood in the stool and change its color;
  • nausea, accompanied by vomiting;
  • the lack of interest in food.

Late symptomsOncology:

  • abdominal enlargement as a sign of metastasis ;
  • the yellowness of the skin;
  • strong cough, accompanied by pain in the chest as a manifestation of the beginning of metastasis in the lungs.

For regeneration of ulcer into cancer of the stomach is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • pain that occurs earlier began to change. They have become more prolonged, aching, there is no relationship with eating, most often occur during the night;
  • you have signs of anemia;
  • sudden weight loss, which is with nothing connected;
  • have you lost interest in certain foods that you loved before.

If malignant tumors of the stomach occur due to stomach ulcers, the first manifestation of the beginning of the pathological process is difficult to distinguish from signs of ulcers. So often patients do not consider it a reason for going to the doctor, taking them for the familiar signs of another recurrence of ulcers.

When metastasis observed a variety of unpleasant symptoms, based on the prevalence of the process. Please note, that at presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal sphere and dangerous diseases such as stomach cancer, symptoms to distinguish almost impossible or very difficult. So if you suffer, for example, chronic gastritis, be sure to pass the diagnostic examination and consult a doctor who will help you to identify concealed symptoms of disease.

How to treat stomach cancer grade 3?

Life expectancy in the last stage of the disease will depend on the process of metastasis. By incomplete gastric resection or complete removal with related authorities to stop the malignant process for a long time. If the metastasis has not spread to related agencies and education was successfully removed, a five-year life expectancy is approximately 50%.

Unfortunately, it happens that when 3rd degree fail to affect metastasis and eliminate it. Then, the question is, how many live patients will depend on the form of cancer and the effectiveness of therapy. Overall, life expectancy for 5 years in Oncology 3 stages with metastases 30%.

To give a precise answer to the question, how to live cancer patients diagnosed as gastric cancer, is unrealistic. It all depends on the health of the patient, type of cancer of the stomach his age. In the last stages of cancer infiltrative type, the prognosis is very unfavorable. Death can occur within 6 months. After removal of malignant tumors in the stomach, complicated with bleeding and perforation, life expectancyis approximately 3 years.

The prognosis depends on the treatment strategy, how reasonable she was chosen as well as postoperative rehabilitation. Foreign medical companies usually guarantee a larger percentage of the duration of life even at the last stages.

Лечение рака желудка 3 стадии Surgical path is also selected for the resumption of the gastric cross, when his clearance was blocked by tumor. The removal of the metastasis from the lymph nodes and related organs.

Effective is the technique of chemotherapy through the use of strong drugs. It can be done as after surgical removal of the formation in the stomach, as well as alternative techniques, when stomach cancer is recognised by the doctor as neoparamoeba or the patient refused removal. Often used combined treatment of malignant tumors in the stomach medical drugs. With chemotherapy it is possible for a certain period to stop the growth of education and to eliminate the appearance of metastases. Systematic use of medications causes harm to the body, contributing to the weakening of the immune system. The positive effect is characterized by targeted drugs that impact the formation in the stomach at a cellular level and practically not affecting normal cells.

Widely used as a method of radiation together with chemotherapy, or as an independent therapeutic method. Modern medical facilities are using new technology, with which it is possible to influence directly on education itself, which prevents the underlying tissue from radiation and increases the survival rate of patients after treatment.

So, we can conclude that the prognosis of malignancies of the stomach will depend on the following nuances:

  • how much the cancer has spread, the stomach to the surface of the body;
  • the presence of metastasis in the lymph nodes and related organs.

All this can be identified during the diagnostic survey, the results of which set the stage of the malignant process. The prognosis of highly differentiated types of malignancy is more favorable than the prognosis of nizkoeffektivnyj types of cancer. How much is a certain type of stomach cancer can be found directly in the medical clinic. After a complete examination, the stage of the process is determined by the method of treatment that will be most effective. The forecast for recovery from stomach cancerestablishes a qualified doctor but an oncologist.