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All of the polyps in the stomach: diagnosis, causes, symptoms and treatment

Полипы в желудке Polyps in the stomach are entities of benign character, which appear on the mucosa of the stomach. Also polyps can appear on other organs. To establish the diagnosis of polyposis of the stomach quite hard, because at the initial stage of their occurrence, the patient may not have any symptoms. Sometimes a patient plagued by pain that occurs after eating. They may be given in the lumbar area or the back. When polyps arise unpleasant symptoms which we will discuss in detail in this article.

The danger of polyps is that they can regenerate in malignant education. The patient will feel well, not knowing about the changes in your body. It is not necessary to establish the diagnosis and to self-medicate because the symptoms of polyposis of the stomach similar to clinical manifestations of many diseases, for example, such as gastritis, ulcers and to determine their can only be a qualified doctor by means of special diagnostic procedures, so if you have any such symptoms, contact your specialist. It is important to detect polyps in the stomach, and get rid of them.

The etiology of polyposis

Polyposis of the stomach occurs when:

  • a genetic inclination;
  • long or regular inflammation of the lining pieces;
  • the presence in the stomach microorganisms Helicobacter.

Classification of polyps

On the basis of the further malignization of polyps, they are divided into:

  • neoplasticskie education, which transformirovalsya in Oncology;
  • education, which have nothing to do with neoplasia.

The first category includes adenomatous and glandular formation. The first usually arise in the output part of the stomach. Particularly insidious are large polyps of adenomatous type, in fact, 40% of them may turn into cancer. Glandular formation is created from the glandular cells that are present in the stomach.

Polyps in the stomach, which have nothing to do with the neoplasia is divided into non-associated and associated with polyposis.

The clinical picture

In General, polyps in the stomach symptomatically do not manifest themselves Sometimes patients complain of pain in the epigastrium. Dull pain is often associated with the appearance of erosions and inflammation of the formations. Strong sharp pain – symptoms of polyp on a long stalk. Huge polyps can significantly disrupt the functionality of the output part of the stomach. If you have large entities are experiencing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting of undigested food contents, the overflow in the stomach, halitosis.

How identify polyps?

alt="Endoscopy"> Usual doctor's examination, when polyps do not give results. An experienced specialist will be able to identify some symptoms, namely the characteristic pigmentation of the lips, mouth and hands in the presence of obrazovni in the stomach. Laboratory methods also in this case will be ineffective.

Decisive role in the diagnosis plays a fibrogastroscopy with the further conduct of histology and Cytology. In the endoscopic examination can identify polyps, to determine their size, localization, type, to establish important characteristics for effective treatment. At the same time must be biopsied. The fence material is from the education or from mucous membrane, where it is located. If the size of polyp is small, then the education is completely removed during the biopsy. In this diagnostic study is an effective treatment procedure. The resulting material is evaluated for the presence of malignancy. All of these activities reveal precancerous features, polyps.

Standard fibrogastroscopy can be supplemented with ultrasound device, allowing to distinguish polyps from neoplastic process that occurs in the deepest parts of the stomach. Big education cannot determine due to the implementation of an x-ray of the stomach with the use of a contrast agent and computed tomography. However, these methods can not become an alternative to unpleasant for patients endoscopic examination.

Treatment formations

Polyp of the stomach, which treatment involves complete excision of education, does not require any special diet or treatment drugs. In some cases, doctors give patients medications to combat unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes it is recommended that wait-and-see strategy, which is appropriate in the presence of hyperplastic polyps are very small in size. Sometimes such entities as the polyps are eliminated after successful deliverance of the stomach from the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

Other cases involve fully getting rid of the polyps. As a rule, is a therapeutic endoscopic techniques, which are:

  • excision of formations by means of hinges;
  • removal of polyps in the stomach by conducting multiple biopsies;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • resection of mucosa parts together with the polyp.

Лечение полипов Excision of formations can be complete and partial. When polyps require multiple additional activities. After the operation, relapse of the gastric mucosa for two months. If the polyps regularly aggravated, there is a total losemucous membrane, there is a real danger of degeneration into a malignant process. This requires radical treatment formations surgically. Depending on the situation, patients need to do the following:

  • removal of part of the stomach;
  • complete removal of the stomach.

Due to the fact that the polyps can form in the stomach again, patients should systematically control fibrogastroscopy.

It is very important to clean your body, in order to avoid such problems. Even in the presence of polyps, it will be very useful. For that you need the tools that are available in any pharmacy. It is important to adhere to the principles of healthy eating. Treatment of gastric polyps folk remedies in some cases it is advisable. Useful for patients will not be prolonged starvation. Treatment formations fasting should not last more than three days. Fasting should be gradual, starting with 36 hours. Keep in mind that this treatment is appropriate to be done only once a month.

Treatment alternative medicine

  • take a small spoon celandine herbs and pour half a liter of boiling water, leave for two hours. Eat a spoonful several times a day for a month. Make a break for 7 days and start again. Be careful with the grass, as excess dosage can contribute to serious violations;
  • replace tea with fir branches collected in early autumn. Take a tablespoon and pour boiling water;
  • take approximately 20 walnuts, put them in a separate half liter container and pour in vodka. Securely seal the contents and leave for a week in a secluded place, sometimes shake. Use the tool on two large tablespoons on an empty stomach;
  • cook 7 boiled yolks of eggs, 600 ml of oil, 6 tbsp of pumpkin seeds. Yolks and seeds should be finely crushed. All components to mix. Put the dishes on water bath for half an hour. In a cool place keep and use every day by the spoonful throughout the week. After a week break again, repeat everything done. So treatment and breaks should be alternated until the medicine is over.

Eating habits when polyps

Диета при полипах в желудке The products should help improve the condition of the patient with polyps. Very useful in these formations is carrot juice, which is filtered through gauze. Among vegetables it is better to choose Kale, turnips, pumpkin. Indispensable for polyps is wheat, as it improves digestion. When polyps do not eat dairy products, sugar, flour. You should minimize the use of protein foods,to exclude from the menu preservatives, refined foods, sweets, foods with artificial flavorings. Salt is better to replace laminaria. The food temperature should not be above body temperature. Food should be warm.

Do not forget about your spiritual condition. At constant stresses and worries, the treatment will not be effective. You have to believe in recovery and to set a positive setting.

Prevention of appearance of formations

To date, there is no specific measures to prevent the occurrence of polyps in the stomach. These actions can be aimed at the exception of the appearance of gastritis, as the disease contributes to the development of polyposis of the stomach. The main preventive actions for the prevention of pathologies of the stomach are: a balanced diet control and medication.

Patients with a diagnosis of polyposis in the stomach should adhere to the principles of limited supply of products that affect the mucous membranes of the stomach. Alcoholic drinks and Smoking should be eliminated completely, since alcohol affects the stomach, causing you may erodirovannoj. Nicotine adversely affects the lining of the stomach, reducing its protective abilities and resulting in an increase production of gastric secretion. Non-steroidal means patients with masses in the stomach is contraindicated.

If it fails to produce the excision of polyps, get rid of complications of the pathological process. However, even after removal of the formations, probably their secondary appearance. With regular monitoring you can determine the worsening quickly and to carry out the removal of formations in the stomach by painless methods.